Hunter Joe Biden Speaks Out About Ukraine Business Dealings For First Time | NBC Nightly News

Hunter Joe Biden Speaks Out About Ukraine Business Dealings For First Time | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Joe Biden has got to be the dumbest politician ever, he literally set himself and family up with millions of dollars, all he had to do was retire into the sunset but people like him get greedy, they think their untouchable, hey let's run for president, good thinking Joe ! Now everyone knows that he was a crook all along , Obama taught him well ;

  2. “I did nothing wrong and my son did nothing wrong.” Says the guy who was busted for plagiarism and that same son was kicked out of the Navy for cocaine abuse. Does Crazy Uncle Joe think we are all stupid out here? Basically, Democrats have the following choice: Lying Joe, Fake Indian Pocohantas, a 78 year old dude who just had a heart attack, or a homosexual. I wonder why everyone is going to vote for Trump again?

  3. Biden—“You’re not getting the billion dollars” “if the prosecutor’s not fired you’re not getting the money”
    Trump— “I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine”
    Obviously Biden threatened to withhold funds, and Trump did not.
    Fake news says it’s the other way around but we HAVE THE TRANSCRIPT

  4. The average person in Ukraine makes about $25,000 per year. Hunter Biden was paid $600,000 per year by a company that received US tax money from the Obama admin … and Hunter Biden didn't even actually work at the company. All he did was collect a check. It may not be illegal but, we know know it should be.

  5. There’s a second amendment and the media is trying to take it away. It’s time to rise up America. We live in a society

  6. Remember when we blamed George W Bush (POTUS # 43) for having used his poppy's position as POTUS (#41) to make money for himself? Here's another loser (and cocaine addict) called Hunter Biden doing practically the same thing. Joe Biden owes us an explanation.

  7. Totally off topic here, but I’ve got to say it. Do you know what else Hunter should regret? Those God awful veneers that no self respecting dentist would agree to make. Chiclet teeth. Being a long term druggy probably ruined his choppers.

  8. For those who believe the lies of the left about Biden's public admission that he threatened to withhold $1Billion from Ukraine if that President didn't fire that prosecutor investigating corruption in Biden's son's firm! The leftist news sources are trying to suggest that the video was doctored. Watch the video straight from the horse's mouth…that Council of Foreign Relations youtube site. Go to 52:10

  9. Was this a debate or a campaign commercial for the democrats? Talk about soft ball questions…wow, that's called debating?

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