Humphrey Fellows and Voices From The Global South

Humphrey Fellows and Voices From The Global South

So why we still need to promote gender equality
in the world? Sometimes it seems to us that we don’t need
to promote equality between men and women because women are in the workplace, women are participating in the political processes as parliament members, as presidents, and
women have equal rights according to the written laws of most of the countries in the world. However, according to UN Women, one third of women worldwide have experienced physical
or sexual violence in their lives and two in three victims of intimate partner or family
related homicide are women. According to UNDP, wars, conflict, and disasters
weaken systems of protection, security, and justice and have the potential to increase women’s vulnerability to
gender based violence and sexual harassment. We initiated the idea of the Gender Equality:
Voices from the Global South conference because we believe that the Global South has to
be heard and that solidarity and cooperation are key values for promoting gender equality
in the Global South. What happened during the conference was quite
extraordinary. While listening to the different presentations, we recognized that despite
the culture, the colors, the shape, the geographic locations, the same thing was happening all around the
world. Maybe the dynamics were different, maybe the names were different, maybe it was
described in a different way, but we all realized that in the different regions, the same discrimination
and violence against women and all oppressed groups was happening. So then we realized
that gender inequality was not a cultural problem, it was a human problem.
So first of all, we’re going to create a vision and mission regarding the fight against
gender inequality and the establishment of the principle that we are all equal. We’re going
to establish a charter of rights in which we believe in and to which we are committed. And we’re going to map all of our resources. We’re going to identify our skills, our
talents, our potentialities, in order to make it work as a fantastic network of collaboration
in order to advance gender equality and be able to make people understand and comprehend
the fantastic consequences it brings to men, to women, and in the end, to all of us humans.

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