Humanities Fellows Part 2

Humanities Fellows Part 2

Hi, my name is Faye Zhang. My name is Erica Eisen. My name is Adela Kim. My name is Andrés Álvarez Dávila. My name is Michael Kennedy-Yoon. My name is Abby Westover and I am a Humanities Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks. I was working with education and outreach and what that entails is we would take scientific cases that come into the museum. For instance, forensic anthropology, oceanology, or geology cases and walk kids through them in the ways that the scientists would walk through them and then relate that back to their understanding of the world. I have been working at the National Gallery of Art in the department of photographs. I’m working on an exhibition with curator Andrea Nelson, going up in 2020, called ‘The New Woman Behind the Camera’. It’s an exhibition that chose female photographers who were active between 1920 to 1950, around the world. I was a fellow at the Smithsonian Folkways, which is part of the Smithsonian’s Institute for Folklife and Cultural Heritage and my job involved design, artwork, and video editing. So in terms of design and artwork I made a series of comics that represented Folkways history and I also did a design for the new 2018 album releases that are coming out. Right now, I’m working on a video tour of the Ralph Rinzler Archive. I did research for an exhibition about printed images in the age of Shakespeare called ‘Beyond Words.’ For the second half of my time at the Folger Shakespeare, I’ve been compiling a list of titles of Spanish books in their collections to give a general view of that collection to curators and acquisitions. At the Folger, I got to work with the library and acquisitions departments, so I was doing a lot of cataloging work, data research, communication with vendors, financial sheets, that sort of thing, but I also got to do a lot of work on the more curatorial side. I got to curate a pop-up exhibition with the other fellow who is at the Dumbarton Oaks, that we got to do that for the staff. I also got to help the head of conservation in her curation of an exhibit on books, so I got to do research for her and get a look into the process of creating a full exhibition for a professional museum, which was cool. One thing that’s special about working at two institutions is that you sort of get to dive into very different things at each. So here, I might be researching objects that come from Byzantium, whereas when I’m working at the Textile Museum, my partner institution, I might be researching objects from ethnic minorities in China, from Central Asia, from really different regions and so it’s allowed me to explore and learn about really different things at the same time, which is really interesting.

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