Humanities Fellows Part 1 Intro

Humanities Fellows Part 1 Intro

Hi, my name is Faye Zhang. My name is Erica Eisen. My name is Adela Kim. My name is Andrés Álvarez Dávila.My name
is Michael Kennedy-Yoon. My name is Abby Westover and I am a Humanities
Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks. I studied history and literature in undergrad
and I first learned about Dumbarton Oaks when I was a junior and I was applying for summer
opportunities and I heard that students could intern here. I got to see how a place like this functions
and works and it really sparked that further interest in me to pursue it later on and so
then of course, when I knew about the Humanities fellowship I very much wanted to apply. I wanted to come back here. I was going to receive a degree in Visual
and Environmental Studies and then I was gonna go to medical school and spend the rest of
my life doing science, which is definitely definitely my calling, you know. I feel very passionate about science and I
feel very passionate about medicine. But I also feel very passionate about art
and I wasn’t really ready to quite give up art just yet and so this humanities fellowship
has been this wonderful way for me to connect my interest with art and my interest with
working with people and helping with outreach that I think really drives me In medicine,
as well. For me, I saw it as an opportunity to take
a year and consider what career path I wanted to do, so, it was a time during which I gained
concrete experience working in a cultural institution and concrete skills for a humanities
or arts career. What is really special about the program is
that the people who are at Dumbarton Oaks and at your partner institutions are really
invested in you and helping you gain new skills and move forward for the future, so this opportunity
is a really great stepping stone for people who want careers in the humanities or who
are artists themselves. For me was really about having the opportunity
to both engage in really research driven work, but also receiving professional development,
which is to say in my college career, I’ve been so focused on academia and research
and I wanted to explore other options as well. I always thought you go into academia or you
go into professional settings which, for me, will be in a museum setting. But I realized through this opportunity that
you can really bridge the two together. So before coming here, I was fairly certain
that I would be applying to a graduate architecture and historic preservation program. But I think during my time here, I became
more certain of what I wanted to do and I think Dumbarton Oaks really gave me the time
and and the space to come to that conclusion.

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