Human rights and business

Human rights and business

Human rights are universal and help to protect people’s dignity and ensure freedom and respect. It’s not just the human rights of people in countries many thousands of miles away that matter… …but the rights of people working and living in Britain too. We look to government to protect our human rights but business has a responsibility too. Companies have a powerful influence on all our lives, as employees… …as customers and as citizens sharing our cities and towns. Human rights help protect your privacy.. …ensure a safe working environment ..eliminate discrimination put and end to forced labour ensure people receive an appropriate level of care. and protect people’s right to join a trade union. Where business have not considered their impact on human rights they have suffered negative consequences… ..often affecting the bottom line and in some cases causing them to close. However, business that respect human rights can see their reputation enhanced… …and become an organisation people want to work for and invest in. The UK Government says the promotion of business and respect for human rights should go hand in hand. To help businesses the UN Guiding Principles set out the three main things that businesses need to do. 1. Make a public commitment to respect human rights. 2. Identify and address your human rights impacts across your business, including your supply chain. 3. Put things right and provide a remedy when things go wrong. Visit our website to find useful resources explaining how to respect human rights and help ensure human rights risks don’t become business risks.

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