Huckabee: The leadership on the coronavirus has been the right tone

mike huckabee’s with this former Arkansas governor and Fox News contributor governor a lot of states still have bars open and this is st. Patrick’s Day do you think that’s responsible not really Stuart and unless they can prove that alcohol cures the virus I think it’s a very irresponsible thing because people are going to be touching glasses they’re going to be touching counters and doorknobs and it seems like that if McDonald’s is closing I mean this is a sort of America’s premier institution then I can’t imagine that there’s some healthy decision to keep bars open but I do think one of the things we’re seeing is these are decisions largely being made by local authorities and that’s the right thing to do to keep it local closest to the people and then we’ll see how these decisions work out and we’ll have a real clear model for what what is and what isn’t the right way to go about it governor we seem to be moving very rapidly towards more and more restrictions placed on meetings and individual contact with each other it seems like we’re getting much more restrictive by the day I don’t see that retur I don’t see that turning around at all do you I do not and I think it’s necessary because we don’t have a cure we don’t have a vaccine we don’t know where it’s going I don’t think it’s peaked out that’s what the medical professionals are telling us and when you have a pandemic the only way you can contain it is to keep it from spreading by keeping people from each other who are strangers and who maybe unintentionally affecting others and infecting them that’s why these very harsh measures are in place nobody likes them it’s very awkward for us as Americans who love our freedom and liberty and ability to travel about to be told we can’t do things go places and all of our institutions are closing including sports but if we don’t do it the consequences may be worse I think the leadership on this has been exactly the right tone yet that’s interesting because I watched the president’s performance yesterday his tone was much more firm and he seemed to be trying to get out in front of this with more restrictions I mean he’s he’s saying look avoid groups of people or more for 15 days and it may last through July and August and he’s more out front with it now he is he’s setting the template but he’s also letting the governors of the individual states make a lot of the detail decisions about schools and about specific institutions most governor’s have already practiced what would be called tabletop exercises of what to do with the pandemic which roads to close if they have to seal off their states how do they do that what how many people does it take to get that done these are things that are planned years in advance so the plan is in place it’s a matter of activating it and I think states have to make that determination how bad is our situation here but let those decisions be made closest to the people being affected and that’s a better model and it’s exactly what the president is doing and I think that kind of leadership is the right approach a governor I believe that you’re in Florida right now and there will be a primary in Florida and also one in Arizona later on today now I think the results of that primary have to be skewed because the turnout is not going to be that strong especially amongst older people a lot of older people in Florida and in Arizona the results have to be skewed in other words the virus is right in the middle of this election isn’t it well it is and you know if I were old I would probably be more worried about it I’m being obviously facetious there but I do think it’s it’s may be necessary to rethink the whole idea of anything that requires people to go out I’d be honest with you I’m thinking whether or not I’ll even go vote I’ve never not voted but you know is it that big a deal for me to go and to risk the social contact maybe not so I haven’t decided just yet oh there’s a decision of which each of us has to make you’ve got to be responsible I guess that’s that’s the whole point down it you have a responsibility to the community governor thank you very much for joining us this morning

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