Huckabee says Kelly and Tillerson were ‘constitutionally wrong’

Huckabee says Kelly and Tillerson were ‘constitutionally wrong’

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  1. The illegimate putin implantation will be impeached, and the American people will remove him and then the Rule of Law will imprison him where the traitor will remain until he croaks.

  2. Not surprising given Tillerson's corporate seat on the Council of Foreign Relations similarly with Kelly. One world government puppets…endless war to cull the population and making fossil fuels scarce to make more money on a basic human requirement for life on this planet. Evil people.

  3. The countless sexist comments at the Democrats’ media prove how sick the Democrats are. Two swampmen were intimidating Haley in order to make her betray the American people. According to DemocRats she should have obeyed the men. That’s why the Rats should never run the country again. They are a danger for society and especiallly for women. Like ABC and NBC the Democrats will always defend people like Epstein and Weinstein, who sponsor these media. That’s why these media won’t listen to abused women or children.

  4. Yes the libral view, there are 2 types of people. Those who know whats best and your vote doesnt count, anf those that are dependant on the system for there survival. There is no in between with them. Thats why they hate the middle class. They either think they should be incharge and at the top. Or they are happy suckling from your tax money and are content being a low life.

  5. Trump is draining the swamp. There is nothing more dangerous than a denizen out of his element! They are vicious and venomous.

  6. I noticed when gov huckadummy talked about bidens remarks he didnt mention the prosecutor was not going after corruption and biden said the US was not giving them aid untill they got a prosecutor that would go after corruption. I also noticed he didn't say hunter biden nor the company he worked for was not being investigated and there was no reason to do so. He also didn't tell you guys the bulk of their talking points against the impeachment trials are over very similar rules the republicans made in the impeachment of clinton. Sounds pretty dishonest to me

  7. Mike Mike Mike… call it what it is..> TREASONIST, not insubordinate and NOT Constitutionally Wrong…. That is like saying a guy who gets his arm cut off had suffered a would to his arm.

  8. General Smedly Butler 2.0. a repeat of a 1930's attempted Coup involving the. (d)elites of the day. The above mentioned General had been approached by the traitors who wanted Smedly to use his position to control the army. The General was a true Patriot and exposed the plot. GOD BLESS ALL IF OUR VETERANS.

  9. That must be what most people missed. Trump really only had one request, in the grey. Hard to excel an executor mind. Wonder the % that know what a fiduciary, duty actual means. Yet, he asked for great ideas, no. So is it fair to weight between {exported and denied} to {asset loss}. Fact check?

  10. This is treasonous and should have No consideration of prior service.
    Deeper is the fact that the military industrial complex makes millionaires.

  11. Kelly and Tillerson were the adults in the room. Nobody left but spineless handmaids now. So Haley was there to serve the President; NOT the country.

  12. Kelly & Rex already plotting a coup inside WH like traitor Bannon – neither was she the first nor the last one to be asked ????????

  13. Huckabee is wrong idont care I Kelly has four stars he deßerve to be hung for reason those stars shpuld be taken away and he and his family be disgraced and he needs to be hung and his family sent to a communist country. Or send him and his family to a communist country and exile them from the United States. We neeß to start hanging anyone who commits treason I os constitutional. Its like people who ignore the old testament because it offends modern sences. Sorry but Huckabee thinks a guy who commits treason is a Good Man what does that say about Huckabee?

  14. It is at times rather difficult to trust what our fore fathers gave us in what I consider the most difficult test of our constitutional republic. We are going to win this.

  15. I believe Kelly did that, as an officer he must have kept the long military officer tradition of being a pompous self promoter! Most NCOs after an officer speaks to our troops, say, forget everything that idiot said!

  16. Kelly and Tillerson didn’t have policy differences.. They were plants!! Tillerson claims “ people are going to die”?? who is going to die? They approached Nikki like she was an infant. Shocking and sad!

  17. Swalwell for some reason doesn't make sense. I am sure he has seen the Biden tape bragging calling SOB firing Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the corrupt Burisma company Hunter is on the payroll. Stupid Congressman. Covering up a crooked vice president corruption and real quid pro quo.

  18. Why are men like Tillerson and Kelly still walking around? These men are traitors. They think that the people's decision to elect trump was a mistake or they know better than we do? They should be in JAIL!!!!

  19. Swallwel must be a pathological liar, and stupid as the evidence of the Biden quid pro quo is readily available for anyone to see.

  20. Eric Swalwell is the most intelligent, clever and creative men can be found on planet
    Earth. The reason he is in the squad of presidents, he is always ready for whatever Pelosi put forth for him. He will do immediately then, he may asks, what the hell was the button he just has pushed? Then Pelosi would honestly answer; I don't know neither.

  21. Fun fact: Trump is really wearing a diaper since being elected!! Check out all his photos by air force one and some golfing photos!!! Check it out for yourself!!!??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  22. "Undermine."
    "Secretly confide."
    "Try to enlist."
    "Unconstitutional methods."
    Put them together and what do you get?
    It's the ugly words, that HAPPEN TO BE OUR REALITY!

  23. Tillerson met The Obumr's at the Plane in Africa. There's a Pic of them together. He must have been trying to Undermine our President. Trump.

  24. A coup is TREASON! Undermining is just another version of a coup, time to start arresting and trying them as criminals!!!

  25. Swallowswell doesn’t care about evidence. He is modeling himself after his hero, Adam Schitt. It’s best to throw these criminals behind bars, along with the Bidens & others, and start over.

  26. No wonder the Dems are resisting almost all Rep witnesses… they are scared. And they should be!
    Time to finally clean our house of the generations of corruption of the Democrat plantation owners.

  27. Is Nikki Haley a RAT? Who's going to support that propaganda BS book! Nikki Haley is looking to replace VP Mike Pence for 2020!

  28. So What? The question is Constitutional….whether the President illegally stopped/interferred in Congressional appropriations to Ukraine for his own personal and political gain.
    Whether Trump has internal problems in managing his own staff is irrelevant.

  29. President Trump Is The One That Saving T he Country. From The Bottom Of My Heart, I Am Not Listening To No One. For God Sake Stop

  30. Dios mío ?!! ??de que cosas me entero aquí!!! Los canales e español estoy cansada de tanta mentira y manipulación!!!???‍♀️?‍♀️

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