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familiar with the web and we all use it every day in our life. But many people don’t know how simple
the basics of making a web page can be. HTML5 is a straightforward language
and it’s very easy to learn. During this course, you will
learn the basics of HTML5 as well have some
simple features of CSS. These are two important standard
technologies that will help you create and style a web page
just the way you want. By the end of this course, you will
understand all the fundamental elements of HTML5 and CSS including images,
links, headers, and sidebars. We are going to build a
framework for your own website. Whether you are using it
at your job, as a hobby, or just want to learn this
course will introduce you to the fundamentals of
modern web technology. So join this course and
become a web developer. [MUSIC CONTINUES]

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