HSE: The Waking World – Lands, Consorts & Denizens

HSE: The Waking World – Lands, Consorts & Denizens

Hey chums! OD here, and today we’re exploring the lands of Sburb’s waking worlds. As we discussed during our video on the Medium, each planet follows a naming structure composed of two nouns. The nouns give us an idea as to the contents and feel of the planet, and often include references to the hero’s aspect. The nouns used are highly variable, and to some extent reflect the player’s mindset and worldview. There are a few hard rules for the planets to follow, but there are some extra for players with the two mandatory aspects for a successful game of Sburb: Space and Time. Every land of a Hero of Space will contain the word “frogs,” as it is part of the space player’s quest to breed the Genesis Frog. These lands will also contain a massive volcano that the game dubs the Forge. Time players don’t have a consistent noun, but they do have a scratch construct somewhere on their planet that is similarly critical to a stable session. Each land also has an associated item its underlings are made of. While Homestuck only shows us the completion of one personal quest all the way through, they generally seem to involve this associated item clogging or poisoning land in some way, and require somehow terraforming the planet. Finally, the lands of any given session might have a unifying theme. For example, the beta kids’ session is themed around the four classical elements: wind, water, fire, and earth. The alpha kids’ session is themed around four scientific elements from the periodic table, four of the noble gases: helium, neon, xenon, and krypton. Beyond the specifics of noun and aesthetic however, the lands function pretty similarly: as sorts of psychic landscapes reflecting the character’s identities, worldviews, and relationships to reality. Some characters have an obvious affinity for their lands, just as many regard theirs as mockeries of their feelings, and just as many still have more nebulous or abstract connections to theirs. But all their lands have a challenge that will be presented through their consorts and resolved with their denizens. Consorts are amphibious residents of the land in vague need of rescuing from whatever has gone wrong there. They’re nonhostile NPCs who worship the players of the session, much the like Prospitians. The Prospitians and Dersites recognize their heroes and hold information about the broader lore of the game. In contrast, the consorts will generally treat the hero as a nobody, even though their knowledge pertains specifically to the lore of their player’s land and hero title. In the Seven Sermons of the Dead, in keeping with Abraxas’ depiction as a being of married opposites and duality, Jung wrote: “It is the lord of the toads and frogs, which live in the water and go up on the land.” Perhaps because of this amphibious connection, the players’ consorts will be reptilian or amphibious in nature, each race of consort originating in a different player’s planet. And speaking of Abraxas brings us to the denizens.. These are the lords of each planet, who cause the land’s woe and commission its underlings on Derse’s behalf. Though we only see a few denizens, we see their iconography both in the lands and as each player’s browser icon. The denizen will also have the browser’s name, all references to mythological gods or monsters. The denizens we see in the story all seem to be half snake monsters with blindingly bright heads, evoking a common depiction of Yaldabaoth as a snake with the Sun for a head. Fittingly, the denizens are built up as tyrants of the land, oppressing their subjects through might. As such, they act as final bosses for each player’s personal quest. Dealing with the denizen in some way is a prerequisite for completing the game, and that can certainly be resolved by killing. But it’s not necessary, since they’re built up as evil oppressors as a trick on the game’s part. They speak in an incomprehensible language only their player can understand, though in some cases a player of the same aspect may suffice. If a player listens to them, they may find it possible to fix whatever ails the land without killing the denizen, which would come in handy, because the denizens are much more useful if one takes the time to speak with them. The denizens’ dreams draw on the same pool of possibility as Skaia, and so they act as sources of light. In that sense, they’re essentially multiversal internet browsers, connecting players to their massive multiversal context just as Chrome or Firefox connect us to our relatively puny global context. Their serpent forms take on different implications in this reading. They can also be seen as depictions of the snake from the book of Genesis, specifically in the Gnostic tradition which considered the snake a heroic figure, helping humans ascend to the light by giving them access to the world of ideas. This means the denizens are wells of deep existential insight, and a willing player may benefit from that insight in the form of The Choice. In most cases, the choice seems to involve facing one’s mortality, and even choosing death, but unlike the Horrorterrors whose influence seems to lead players to embrace death for its own sake, a denizen demands that a hero be willing to sacrifice for something greater than themselves. They may also demand tasks that seem outright impossible, but if a player refuses The Choice, the denizen will demand a battle to the death. If the player lives, they’ll achieve the basic requirement for completing the game regardless. All they have to lose is the denizen’s guidance and advice. But the denizens’ final and perhaps most interesting use is as symbols for their heroes rather than guides. Cetis, the denizen for Rose and Vriska, has some strong void coding. She’s a sea monster hiding in the darkness and causing absence or misfortune on the lands she rules over. Fittingly, both heroes of light start their lives surrounded by void. Rose in the form of literal darkness and the incomprehensibility of her mother’s actions, Vriska in the form of bad luck. Both players’ journeys involved rising above the darkness of their early lives to find the light within their worlds and themselves. Echidna, the denizen assigned to Space players, is named as the mother of all monsters, and every player that agrees to her terms is at some point linked to the creation of a monster themselves. Jade and Calliope in particular are both linked to the creation of invincible demons. Yaldabaoth is the denizen given to Caliborn, the character who eventually becomes Lord English. The denizen Yaldabaoth is used as a symbol, serving to mark the central antagonist of the story as a demiurge. Like Yaldabaoth, Caliborn’s path to godhood is caused by a Sophia figure, and born from the void or nothingness of a black hole. Caliborn’s journey even leads him to warping his eyes, echoing Yaldabaoth as a blind god. Like Yaldabaoth, Caliborn is a flawed creator who creates flawed worlds. He’s a tortured artist, convinced of his own misunderstood greatness even though pretty much everything he makes is absolute garbage that makes everyone exposed to it miserable, including the reality of Homestuck itself. And most importantly, Yaldabaoth ultimately owes his existence to Abraxas, the true God of Gnostic spirituality and embodiment of the Gnostic pleroma. Similarly, Caliborn owes a large part of his identity as Lord English to the representative of Abraxas, Jake English, from whom Lord English takes his name. Abraxas is a denizen we never actually see. Instead its importance to the story is largely symbolic, perhaps fitting for a god who mythologically resides only in the world of ideas. In Jung’s Seven Sermons, Abraxas is described as a coiled knot of winged serpents and Jake is known to manifest an orb that emanates winged snakes called angels. He also comes to rule a kingdom of the consorts, marking him as a lord of frogs and toads himself. Reflecting Abraxas’ connection to the process and interconnectedness of all things, Jake is implied to have a subconscious understanding of Homestuck’s events far beyond what should be humanly possible. And reflecting the two snakes making up Abraxas’ legs, Jake is connected to a pair of snake-like aliens, which brings us back to Caliborn and his sister Calliope. We’ve discussed the two different interpretations of denizens in Sburb’s mythology. We can understand them as versions of Yaldabaoth, or we can understand them as snakes of gnosis. The two cherubs each take one of these interpretations for themselves. Caliborn is a depiction of the former, his sister Calliope is a depiction of the latter. She loves and is loved by her human friends, and gives them knowledge and guidance at every opportunity. But both cherub siblings craft parts of their identities from the mold of Jake English. We established Lord English’s connection to Jake, but Calliope speaks in a faux British accent, echoing the English surname in her manner of speaking. On top of that, Jake’s shirt icon is a skull with black eyes, echoing Calliope’s ghost form. These two characters define absolutely every single event in Homestuck, beginning to end, so the fact that they’re both so strongly influenced by Jake speaks to his far-reaching symbolic importance. For now, I think that about does it on the lands, consorts and denizens. If you have an idea for what nouns your planets would be named after, or what your consorts or denizen would be, let’s jam about it in the comments. I hope you came away with a deeper understanding of Homestuck, or at the very least that you had some fun following along. This video exists thanks to the support of my wise cohort of patrons. if you’d like to summon more videos like this onto your screen, then you can join them. Also make sure to like share and subscribe, and hit the bell icon so you never miss another video. That’s all for now. Until next time… Keep rising.

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  1. Wasn't Dirk's Denizen Yaldaboth as well? i don't remember if that was officaly confirmed or not but i recall the iconogrophy on his planet was similar enough? I would postulate that Yaldaboth is given to players with highly destructive tendencies and Combat ability. Beta timeline Dirk has mildly psychotic tendencies which are also mirroed through the A.R. Alpha timeline Dirk was thankfully able to manage these feelings in a much healthier way and is much better off for it. But on the flip side Dirk is tied into Lord English so the mark of an antagonist is there as well

  2. Could I get some help with mine? Though Im not entirely sure what my classpect is.. I know its either Page of Space or Thief of Heart.. Though the new official test that popped up on the hiveswap page claims Im a breath player

  3. as a mage of time, i like the idea of a land of fractals and metronomes– one thing you left out is that time players actually often do have a component of clocks in their land title, dave has clockwork, aradia has quartz (like in a quartz clock)

  4. I'm a Prince of Light :/
    Since Vriska and Rose had to find their light in some way, I think I'd have to find knowledge. Which is what you find when you "shed light" on something. Mostly because I'm tortured by school and would definitely be outside of my comfort zone.

    Maybe "The Land of Brains and Storms"????

  5. mine would probably be called the land of stars and grass,it would essentially be a sort of forest world locked in prepetual night,i dont know how it would connect to my aspect as prince of doom but…

  6. An interesting fact about the land naming system, the nouns used in the lands name actually follows different rules when in a different type of session like a void session or dead session. In a void session, for example, instead of the normal structure of one noun relating to player's interests or aspect – second noun relating to player's interests or aspect, it's instead first noun some synonym of grave – second noun noble gas. the grave synonym is to reflect that the session itself, along with any consorts that were there at any point in time, is either doomed or already dead. the noble gas is a reflection of how the session is very uneventful, as noble gasses cant react with any other chemical, thus, is very uneventful in nature.

  7. wait, jake makes angles, eridans consorts were angles, they're both hope players
    and i believe that eridan killing angles probably symbolises the fact that he is the prince of hope or "one who destroys/destroys through hope" since it is implied that are supposed to represent the aspect hope with jakes giant hope orb creating them, which is why i believe that all hope players consorts are supposed to be angles

  8. Im a Sylph of Void, a Derse dreamer, and is in the Land of Darkness and Silence.

    My quest revolves around accepting the misfortune, the emptiness, the feeling of lacking something. I dont know which deity to have as a denizen, i was thinking one about silence, emptiness, void, or illusions, i found some but none really hit home

  9. I am the Sylph of Life

    My planet is the “Land of Sheet Music and Rapids”

    Got no idea who my Denizen would be.

  10. I am a Heir of Life, and my planet would probably be something like; the Land of Crosses And Gardens (Locag) or something similar. Land of Crosses because of how big a part of my life christianity is and Gardens both as a tie in to the life aspect and as a representation of the life I have because of Christ.

    My consorts would probably be turtles, because turtles are cute. As for my denizen I'm not entirely certain, but it would probably be Hemera, the same as Jane because I just assume that Life players will usually receive the same denizen. Though I don't know enough about the different individual denizens to know for certain though.

  11. (Sorry my bad english)Me,being a siphils of blood,idk how to pronunce siphils, im not so sure how my land would be or my consorts or even my strifekind or all those other things,may you could help me whit that?, im a big fan of homestuck but dont have all the time i would like.

  12. You say we'll discuss our planet's names, as a Rogue of Life, im kind of understanding my apsect, but i'd like more info on it as well as what name would my planet be, as well as it's consorts

  13. Let's see, I am a Sylph of Hope so my land would probably be called Land of Feathers and Scrolls or something along the lines of that. I am going to go come up with other names now and see which one resonates with me the most.

  14. I messed up, I named my land The land of Midnight and Goliaths for an oceanic planet with small floating islands on the surface, goliaths for the giant frogs that dwell there. I like the sound of the planet Lomag but with your input, I feel compelled to make it Lomaf idk what to do sos Mage of hope from a Rogue of space 😛 (Also idk what to do for concorts I was gonna do insects but now I see that is unfitting seeing as they don't match the patterns we have been shown)

  15. My land would be Land Of Forests And Frogs (Lofaf) because im a night of space. I think the cosorts would be snakes.

  16. You are an embodiment of what I like about homestuck : getting really far into the analysis. Real work done here.

    Nothing really tangible to say, I just wanted to throw you flowers.

  17. I would like the Land Of Mindlessness And Weave. (LOMAW)

    It would be paradoxical in shape, and I’d have to master my aspect to ‘unweave’ the planet and reach my denizen, returning it to a standard sphere shape in the process.

    My consorts would be serpents due to their similarity in shape to threads, and their tendency to instill ‘mindless fear’ on those who fear them. It would force me to swallow a fear of mine in order to have assistance.

  18. Read EVERY DAMN Comment, for the most, and hadn't seen a Hope player….
    I am a Thief of Hope
    Land of Angels and Glass
    But I am lost on the quest that would be involved.
    And since the Denizen is Abraxas I also am at a loss for how to make them in the world. I already know that fighting him is suicidal, but how does one talk to the denizen of Hope, Ideas and fate and faith and positive emotion as that's what Hope is aspect over. So how the heck do I make that a thing, as well as what quest or choice would it give my character

  19. I am a Page of Mind, and My land would be know as LoMaI, or Land of Moonlight and Insight. It relatively empty making it a bit safer than other lands, and what few consorts there would be, would all be in hiding or hibernating. The land would be primarily made of crystalline oceans, And mostly be covered by plains of wavy dark green grass with snarling black treed forests with dark green leaves matching the grass. It would seemingly be cloaked in a sorta Moonlight across the entire surface. Seemingly ancient ruins (kinda like the deadric ruins in Morrowind) would also dot the landscape, which would contain lore about my lands history, and information on the game. While mostly empty, a threat would still be looming over my land and I would have to stop it one way or another.

  20. A time player would not really be nescassary, but it would be super hard, as the time player 's job is to help the frog breeding, and their planet houses the scratch construct,

    Having no time player means that
    1. You can't initiate the scratch, which means there will be no new incipishere. And no chances of creating a new universe there
    2. The space player's job would be WAY harder, or another player would need to take that place.

  21. You said you would help with planets so ill just leave this here and hopefully you see it.

    I am the Knight of Hope, in a session with me I have 11 friends. But I won't post them so you don't have a headache. But if you would help me that would be great. Thank you.

  22. Actually, the lands and their connection to the titles is my favorite part of Homestuck, and when i wrote a fanfic (https://ficbook.net/readfic/7097520 Unfortunately, it is in Russian) this was the main topic. The lands (+characters, titles, denizens, and quests) are:
    (this is a very weird session, in which the players, instead of being friends, are people from completely different worlds and stories).
    Clare (from power rangers mystic force) – was originally the gate(of the abyss)keeper, powered by the moon. In The Game she is knight of space, living in the land of moon and gates. Her planet is the only one that has a moon. And is full with doors and gates. Everyone teleporting to some places on the planet or the whole session. She needs to learn navigating this gates to teleport. Until reaching godtier, when she can teleport by herself. Her denizen is Yog-Sothoth (which is the gate and the key! And also some pictures of him are pretty similar to the snake like look of the Homestuck denizens). Her quest is to create a huge portal to the moon (because her planet is the only one that has a moon) for to consorts (i have no idea who they are). The first plan is to use Yog-Sothtoth's dead body, because he literally IS THE GATE, but at the end she sacrifices herself. And resurrected, because having a friend with resurrection powers is cool.

    (this is really long so i will post the characters separately).

  23. Which denizen would a Knight of Doom have to deal with? What about their consorts? I'm chomping at the bits to know.

  24. I’m a maid of life and I don’t know what my land would be it could be the same as Jane because she is also a maid of life

  25. I think I am a Knight of Hope and my world would be called land of lies and something if someone can help my denizen I forgot their name but they're from Egyptian mythology the evil snake

  26. So for my fantrolls, the space player has a really strong moiraillgence with a troll named aaajjj spaget (I let my brother name him) so I named her land Land of Amphibians and Justice (LOAAJ). Would that count for the frog rule?

  27. as a Thief of Blood, my planet would be LOSAL Land of Smoke and Lightning, my consorts would be Mudpuppies and my denizen would likely be the default for blood players

  28. Jake- the character that both Calliope and Caliborn, two insanely powerful people in their own right, base themselves off. yet he still has self-esteem issues. makes logical sense.

  29. I'm a maid of heart and the current title for my land is "Land Of Fluff and Empathy" mainly bc of the Fae pun for the fairy archetype ngl

  30. i like to think that whatever my land would be called, it would include some kind of challenge to make me be more assertive. like… i always end up with active roles, being a derse dreamer and a witch class, but i dont feel like i really am that "active". land of…. mazes and fans maybe?? idk :3 this stuff is so fun to think about!!

  31. My hero title is the Bard of Void, I personally think my land is the Land of NIght and Song. but my other friends disagree haha

  32. I need some help with my land name all got is the frog part(obviously)
    But i don't know what the first noun thing would be (ima page o space o), i was thinking maybe someth like dragons and frogs, cuz i REALLY love dragons. I also like other things but Dragons would be the most interesting but i want some opinions. :l

  33. I currently am making a homestuck comic called homestuck other story about another group of players playing spurb. My land is the land of shade and mist. Because I am the prince of void. In the comic I end up killing my denizin. In the comic I kill it because he was feeding of the planets core. Wich caused suffering to the consorts. By order of the consorts I reached god tier and killed the denizen. Do you think it sounds good so far? I would love to see your opinion! I really admire you, and the fact you are trying to make homestuck popular again! Homestuck is very precious to me and I feel amazing seeing your videos, bringing back homestuck to its former glory!! Please keep doing what your doing! I 100% support you and hope you continue to become a very well known YouTuber as the revivement of homestuck!! Thank you for making these amazing videos!!!


  34. EK: 1 th1nk m1 plan3t w9uld b3 cal3d L9CAT(Land 9f Crystals And Th1nk1ng)…
    EK: Cuz 1 am a S33r 9f M1nd!…
    EK: S33r w9uld b33 r3pr3s3nt3d by th3 crystals that can chang3 th3 way l1ght pass by th3m sh9w1ng d1f3r3nt v3rs19ns 9f th3 sam3 th1ng cr3at1ng a 3v3r-chang1ng 3nv1ronm3nt!…
    EK: and M1nd w9uld b3 r3pr3s3nt3d by th1nk1ng cuz 1t w9uld g1v3 shap3 t9 th3 l1ght that pass3s by th3 crystals…
    EK: and…
    EK: M1nd=Th1nk1ng Duh!…
    EK: 1 am just n9t sur3 1f th1s 1s h9w 1t w9rks…
    EK: als9…
    EK: 1 d9n't kn9w wh9 w9uld b3 my d3n1z3n…

  35. My planet is the Land of Coreopsis and Mendacity. The goverment is a hegemonic, cult-like theocracy based in the worship of the denizen, Macaria. The law of the land is that every citizen should be cheerful, placid, and complicit, and showing "negative" emotion is punished with death. However, the social system is corrupt, and the upper class of those with high positions in the church oppress the working class. As a Knight of Rage, my quest is to lead a revolt, show the people that anger, sadness, and annoyance are natural and healthy, and to face my denizen. A lot of the world is based on our society's views on depression and anger, and how it perpetuates the idea that you should either always be happy or "fake it till you make it."

  36. Why did I never think about the British connection btw Calliope and Jake?? That's so obvious and at the same time so non intrusive.

  37. as i am a mage of hope, this fits my land well.
    Land of chains and stardust
    representing the chains that brought me down and filled me with rage, to soon glow and be replaced by hope and stardust is coming from the light that i stand for.
    i have 2 denizens, one evil, one good.
    the good denizen is Anubis, the god of embalming
    and my evil denizen is kuchisake onna, the onryo that asks those if she is pretty, you can escape by confusing her, but if you say yes or no, she kills you.
    my consorts are bakenekos, which are cats with a the end of their tail split. there are flowers that spread non allergenic pollen in my land, keeping me free of allergies and hay fever, instead of fireflies or hummingbirds, i have butterflies as the animals in the sky with a few that lay on my body once i die on my quest bed, here is my land:
    (the pastel yellow rectangle in the middle is my quest bed)

  38. Technically we all have the Land of Stumps and Dismay as we are the Reader depicted in the friendsim

  39. I'm late to the party, but, eh, now or never, I suppose.
    So I'm a Mage of Light, or at-least that's what I've inferred after several bouts of research and lots of re-taking quizzes. My land, from what I've gathered, is either supposed to reflect or hinder/challenge me in some way, and based on my own personality, which is… eclectically and sporadically intelligent (or that's essentially what I've been told, and intelligence seems to be tailored to/for Light players), we'll say, and the nature of the game to sometimes take your aspect to a literal level, I would say the first part would have to be Lightning. Loud, thunderous, unpredictable, and, quite literally, a bolt of light.
    Taking into account the experiences that have shaped who I am, which are barren and quite fruitless and lifeless (tragic backstory must be level 100 to unlock) and also is actually technically where I live now, I would say a desert would be quite fitting for the second part. Void of anything fruitful, yet also where I am most comfortable. So, the Land of Lightning and Desert it is.
    I'd imagine the landscape would be a bare and fairly lonely area, with sinkholes everywhere and a noticable lack of water and plant life. Maybe there's a crater where an oasis (supposedly) used to be. The goal could probably be to make those lightning clouds actually produce liquid, and bring life back into the planet. That, or the water could be buried deep underground, and the lightning could maybe be controlled in a way that could strike the spot it resides in. Maybe I could get lucky and have a Breath player in my circle, who could help by using their windy magic to transport it back to the surface.
    Either way works, in my opinion.
    Now, then, as for reptiles and amphibious consorts… a snake would be the obvious choice, but that complicates things with the cherubs, so maybe either a thorny devil or a horned lizard. A sharp and uninviting creature that can survive without lots of water sounds perfect for a planet comprised of desert sand and uncontrollable lightning storms, in my opinion.
    Well… that was that, I suppose. ^v^ How fun.

  40. Holy Christ my friend is doing this DND thing with this stuff, I’ve never read Homestuck, all of this is way too much.

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