hey I’m Maurice Jager and I’m here with
Thomas and in this video we’re gonna talk about how you as a solo
entrepreneur are gonna get your foot into bigger corporations like because
I’m a photographer and I shoot a lot of corporate gigs and I shoot like a lot
of like big clients and big corporations and shoot all their head shots and do
all the portrait work and their branding and all their like marketing photography
but you’re not a big company but I’m not a big company I’m just like me and my
assistant so it’s it’s always like I got a lot of questions asked like ok but how
do you get all these jobs and what do you do to like get your foot in the door for me like linkedin is very important
for me and being atomic always on top of mine in my community and reaching out to
the shot-callers and businesses and pretty much sweet-talk them into getting
them to know me yeah and that’s kind of like what like propels stuff so usually
it’s like I usually don’t even sell myself or my services I just talk to
them and ask about their problems and ask about what solutions that they would
like for situations that they get into and at some point it comes to a point
where they go like okay I have this thing okay
who’s who do I know that can solve this for me and then because I’m always on
LinkedIn and all the other social platforms then I’m the person that comes
to mind but like from your point of view as like the video and from the HR and
from the inside point of view like what would you say like how do you look at it
from like the opposite side of the spectrum well for my viewers okay
present yourself for looking for a job or present yourself looking for a new
gig is no difference you’ve got to present yourself and the
why if you can present yourself who you are and why you do stuff people get a
certain feeling with you we’re like 20 years ago you could say oh I’m the best
photographer in my business and yeah yeah well I am but that doesn’t give me any
job exactly 20 years ago you could say if you put on your name and the best
photographer or people we like oh yeah but this is the best photographer but now it
doesn’t work that way anymore they want to know okay why do you do your stuff
what is your motivation behind do I get who is Maurice instead of who is the
company and I think one of the advantages of solo entrepreneur is
you’re a lot more flexible because you don’t tend to do one job you tend to do
a lot of jobs and the things you don’t know you you try to find people who can
solve it for you but you constantly busy like with the complete
how would you say it’s not a standard package you give and a bigger company
would have a standard package you have the small/medium extra large packets and
you can be like okay what do you know what do you want I’m gonna make it for
you small bag it doesn’t need you and you’re
like you are way more adjustable than a bigger company can we say that as a solo
entrepreneur you’re more on the forefront of what’s next because you’re
always paying attention to the next biggest thing and corporations in
general are more in a mindset of okay I wanted to be proven technology first and
then at some point I want to jump on to that kind of technology and then they go
that okay who can do this and then as a as a entrepreneur and as a single
working professional you already jump on these things because it’s developed
flexibility you’re already busy with like okay how can I solve problems and
then automatically you’re going to look in the future I’m like okay ahead
looking ahead okay what are the problems laying in the future and that’s a
short-term shorten thing it’s more long-term thinking because you have to
because you have to not think about next year but the year after next year so you
got to keep developing it especially when you’re solo entrepreneur you have a
lot of people who like for example the last 10 years they build websites and
they find themselves now competing with people with the one-stop shops for one
on zero do-it-yourself websites yeah and they should have changed their
business already four or five years ago and the engines they kept doing what
they were doing yeah and then they end up being sounds harsh irrelevant or at
least irrelevant to the markets what what the market is asking now so as a
sole entrepreneur are you more inclined to look at future advancements and how
can you work with them already yeah yeah what I did with my Instagram like I got
that thing up to like 50,000 people and like I have like three kid sisters
they’re like teens so at that four years ago they jumped on like the instagrams
and they pretty much abandoned Facebook and all the other stuff and they don’t
even know about Hyves so like back in the day and so
when they started doing that I started to like develop my thing because these
kids grow up and when they’re in this platform as a teens they’re gonna stay
there while they grow up so that’s what like this old daddy on the dance floor
on Facebook is like people start to jump on Facebook like 30s and 20s and now
they’re going into their 40s and they’re still there so the demographic changes
by the platform and as a corporation I think you if your target audience is
like 20 year olds you want to know where these people are going to be in a year
from now because you want to schedule your campaigns and do all this branding
and make sure that you have something set when people hit it and I think
that’s something that’s really valuable for a lot of people to make pay
attention to what the people are doing like two years before they hit your
target audience but this I think one of the advantages of being a single
entrepreneur or a small team-based entrepreneur you you you it’s in one
side you have to but because you have to you better with it yeah you’re quicker –
with adjustments and Fountain Square where the corporation have like
everything already in the process yeah this this way and is how we do it yes
yeah when you when you’re a sole entrepreneur or when you’re like with a
small team you more inclined to deliver handmade work lifelike this is custom
fit and is a good fit for your company while bigger company cannot
be that custom fit or not as much as they’d like to yeah so the flexibility
is one of the biggest points and again likely the topic we mentioned how to get
your foot in with a big corporation I think showing us entrepreneur where your
flexibility lays and your personality why you use the stuff feels a lot
stronger than the corporates nameless company or for example in your case it’s your real name is your company name yes so there’s a lot more personal then
yeah a corporation I mean yeah exactly but but who’s who is maurice why do you
do stuff and this is what i as if I wonder if I’m a customer of yours I want
to know why it doesn’t matter he’s do his thing for example I was developing a
website plenty website people who make I was looking for someone who said your
idea I want to build a website for it yeah I’m looking for that specific
person and not for a person who can build my website because I’m not
interested in that I want to be someone who’s be like your product this is what
I yeah leaving the product let me work for it I am looking forward to the fall
so like but when I still work corporate years ago we have like decisions made by
CEOs like deals made on golf courses yeah it’s like why the hell would we
want this as a company and then like one CEO talk to the next CEO at like hole
9 and they made a deal and that’s based on personal rapport and because
they liked each other and they had some sort of rapport and they felt like okay
I like what you’re doing I think it’s a fit let’s go for it yeah and I think
that’s a mighty formal right not not reform or like strategy and my business
plan you know you’re like I like your as a guy
the way you you handle things I could be you could do this product for me yeah
yeah and I think that works the same way as an entrepreneur being because you
have your interest and everybody who’s a shot-caller at a bigger business has a
personal life too and his own personal interest so if you can find something
that matches or aligns you with said person then you’re already halfway there
I think in that aspect the most important thing is to don’t be arrogant
but be self secure and know what you do right be like hey I’m good at this you
don’t have to sell it you just have to believe it yourself and tell about your
products or what are you doing with a lot of enthusiasm enthusiastics you know
tell people while you do it people see the twinkle in your eye and
they’re like hey I believe this guy or girl can do my can do this assignment
yeah so don’t be afraid to put yourself some qualities I’m like yeah fish won’t
think oh I’m very good at swimming no especially why that that’s human it’s
even trade be like okay I’m good at this because my environment says I’m good at
this take it for granted literally take it for granted be like okay I’m good
with this this this and I should not worry about it
yeah it’s a conference and yeah definitely yeah alright openness get
yourself out there on video just do it yeah just get your face in front of a
camera and just and I’m not even a camera but just tell the story you want
to tell and there’s going to there’s going to be people that are gonna listen
and those are the people you want to reach many people gonna watch it and I
don’t like it well that’s good you don’t need those people and I don’t give a %$#@ and on that f-bomb was
shutting down this video Thank You Thomas for your 2 cents on this whole
topic we took it a little longer than a couple of minutes but who gives it you
know what we’ll see you on the next video bye for now you

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