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  1. President Trump unleash the power of the United States of America Justice Department on the Democrate crime's! Justice will prevail! Shàlom

  2. The EU continues to toss Iran a lifeline. This could work just as the last sanctions could have. It's past time we re-evaluated any relationships with other nations. Most important is tech and information sharing. This financial thing is important but considering the behaviors we can't trust them with even the little stuff.

  3. 🇺🇸 I say: Re-Elect President Donald J. Trump 2020 🇺🇸
    There is an obvious problem & difficult situation now that people do not want to talk about – Trump Derangement Syndrome & the Trump Hate Left Dem cult members may one day assassinate 🇺🇸 President Donald Trump 🇺🇸

  4. Your move Iranian people. suggestion: rise up, rid yourselves of the religious dictators. Decent, peace loving Iranians deserve better!


  6. Sanctions will not work, have not worked. Why? Because the EU and members are honoring a nuclear deal treaty. In order for sanctions to work, there has to be in consensus with allied nation of the west. However, the US administration is no longer aligned with the nations that made sanctions work possible. The leader of the US has made global trading mistakes. Ignoring WTO trade laws. In addition, the leader of United states of America has been acting as, if colonialism is not over.

  7. Make them start it when they get desperate, and the US and middle eastern allies will Finnish it. Most of the middle East does not like the Ayatollah, his own people as well.

  8. Those days when allied nations worked together to bring other nation to their knees is over. The trump administration has delusional problems of protectionism and working alone.
    When your military forces are stationed on another nation, they have to pay rent. Thus to call these rent payments aid, is ludicrous. In addition, these nation, don't want any foreign troops in their land anymore. The cold war was over in 1991. The presence of US troops in foreign nation is the goal of the USA to have an edge against either China or Russia, not to defend other nations. Crimea, Ukraine and Georgia, argentina were not defended. Thus when a nation begins to place sanctions every were is just an act of desperation of decline. So unless, we replace today's administration with another republican or Democrat with global political, economical and diplomatic knowledge the USA is going the way Rome, Persians and ottoman empires went.

  9. Hmm..trump there needa sanctions on why "special books by special kids" you tube video guy with brown hair looks like a clone of the fast and furious twins the guy that died in a car crash in real life…hmm….the world is full of lies…why duplications and look alikes ……..Depopulate

  10. Idiots are in charge. Sanctions hurt the people, not the governments. It actually makes the people support the government more. Duh

  11. its so nice to see our president not taking BS from other nations and being bullied at every turn like Obama was. these sanctions need to keep coming until Iran stops funding terrorism plain and simple no stupid hollow deals to save face evil cant be appeased we need to put our best interest first.

  12. We all know where this is going . Trump willing to start a war just deflect attention away from his misdeeds only this narcissistic sociopath is willing to risk the lives of young Americans in order to do it. Par for the course though because he would even throw his own kids under the bus to avoid prosecution

  13. So trump ended up using American tax dollars to back the king of Arabia the wealthiest regime of the world and send troops to frighten Iran? Didn't this racist say that he would not be the police of the world? Is this why you wanted to end the Obamacare? to save some money for a war to protect your personal patrons and sponsors? would you re elect America"s greatest embarrassment ? The world is watching how stupid Americans are….

  14. Who cares. What they do. There just thugs trying to threaten the world. Could you imagine if they get there hands on a nuclear weapon. They will either use it against Israel or they will sell it to dangerous terrorist groups. Either way they keep pissing off the world they are going to get punished. No one is threatening there sovereignty so keep that in mind when they are still continue enriching uranium. It's very clear to the future of this planet those weapons don't belong in the hands of dangerous governments or terrorist organization.

  15. Will this closing. Iran banks Hurt our soldiers over.their & Got our Soldiers back will this make alfalfa STOP growing their cells to harm the UDA later ?

  16. I think I've heard him before. Intelligent, articulate and an amazing knowledge base beyond that of most. He tells of a bigger picture when it comes to these geopolitical conflicts of this terror war and how they affect not only the soldiers, but politicians superpowers and now banks as well. he is well informed and anyone would do well to take council from him before moving with haste on a battlefield or warzone, you could find him on the streets in any part of town in a tee shirt and jeans just as quick as on the news, with apparent soldiering under his belt to go with it.

  17. You people stop sanction Iran we that no reason the only what me no that he can surf problem between this people is that any Iranian citizens who come abroad UN stop accommodate them if is not government send them come abroad depot them suppose to be deported them back there not suppose to join them together with any Arab citizens he fun Dow inside house not only prison because there not a family and Saudi also no the government way there practices in Iran because there the one get the government ooo because if them carry book of there law coming out to judge there self you people we no that Saudi are the one get the government way there practices ooo

  18. he makes the term proxy war make sense when he referred to us and Russia butting heads in Syria, and I doubt it would sound completely different in a place like Iran. It wouldn't from me.

  19. Mr. Trump's construct against Iran is opening all of the parasitic nature of US, predatory capitalism at its best, but, watch out, this will end, now everybody in the world knows the end game if he is not showing all imaginable servitude. Quality of the ruling elites in many countries has been dramatically decreasing.

  20. As much as the Iranian regime must be sanctioned, Iranians must be supported to overthrow their radical and terrorist government

  21. Iran is our enemy and a friend to crooked fake obama. He betrayed America with the $$$$$$$$$$$ he gave them. My president is right to stand up to coward barbaric terrorist. And Omar should be stone by her own people. That’s another traitor.😡👹🦂

  22. Chinese is using Iran oil to globalize chinese yuan and take down US dollar. I don’t believe America is fighting the right war to protect its solvency. The longer you wait the closer you will lose the real war once for all. Cutting the nutrients supply so they can only print waste paper not money to challenge US dollar. Hope you wake up to realize it.


  24. Once again a fine example of how the American President puts the American people first and the people of the rest of the world we can't allow these people to carry on financing terrorism and the Promotion of the ideology of a more extreme view that they promote across the West that has to be someone who's willing to stop them with their agenda of genocide against those who oppose them

  25. "Donald Trump is not a conservative.
    He’s not a traditionalist, institutionalist, or incrementalist. He’s not a free-trader.
    He’s openly hostile to meritocracy, accountability, and the rule of law.
    He does not advocate for smaller government or smaller deficits.
    His views on free expression, privacy, and due process are frighteningly authoritarian.

    “we have to clear the ground and remove this awful presence from our lives.” – George Will

  26. Economic sanctions will in all likelyhood only go so far in getting Iran to change its destabilizing behavior in the Middle East. Until their provocations are responded to via significant substantial military reprisals- they are likely to continue lashing out at western intetests with increased ferocity- taking advantage of our passivism to the max.

  27. Sins are all over the planet and they will have to be dealt with by God. It's sad to see every government is a crooked government but Pres Trump is an anomaly. You cannot trust man to rule man because man is greedy. Everything we are looking at today is setting the stage for the seals mentioned in the book of Revelation to be unsealed by Christ Jesus.

  28. So much of the blame for Iran's current status falls on Jimmy Carter……and obama heaped tons of cash on Iran…….exactly, who's side were they on??

  29. How do you keep bitcoin from getting into Iran's hand?

    Look into apps that let people cash out with real money and their operations/usage in Iran.

  30. Man you people are stupid for words. Iran is not using the international markets to sell or buy their goods. They're trading with Russia, China and India among other countries for the goods by using their own currency that's how they circumvent the system. So impose all the sanctions you want they will sell their goods and still get goods, end of story.

  31. iran is living under sanctions for several decades now, how is it different now when they have allies in tech and food supply and business is as usual with china and russia? they trade in their own currency and not in dollar, what is so big about that, the only thing that will affect them is with other countries that pay in dollar, food basket of the world now is russia and industrial tech hub is china now , america can't even blockage their oil when it is escorted by china warships, the insinuation is unbelievable

  32. Hey Qtip! Go to your local ATM and see if it will give you money for food? Any bet's it will read… sorry your account is locked and blocked! Reading from your overseers… United States of America!…Ps it will get Worse! Shàlom🇺🇸


  34. I know the answer of this question better!
    My dearest friend died because of the lack of the cancer medicine that was sanctioned by the US and Europe to reach iran:,( that's it! we are losing our family and friends!

  35. It wont phase them. They are used to it by now. If they were balls deep in American aid or trade they might think twice but you cant take away something from people who have nothing.

  36. Oil price increased by Iranian attacked on the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. Iranian Leaders try to attack the international economic by increasing the inflation on the oil price.
    Obama made wrong agreement with Iranian leaders as he gives the Iranian power, their GDP increased by the international trade and they used all revenues to attack others.

  37. I am the balance hold the USA Congress white house US Supreme Court to the truth England Russian France Spain and 160 Countries we represent here in America one Nation Under God what do have loss? Just your soul😍😘🤣😂😂

  38. The Iran central banking system is a funnel to terrorist financing . Through accounts of businesses owned by the IRGC and oil revenue flows into those accounts . Also into accounts in UAE and then the money comes back from UAE in US dollars to buy weapons etc.

    Also profits from the businesses owned by the IRGC goes to funding their operations directly . IRGC own the Shar bank and the Parsian bank and there is a large group of companies and people above that including the Mellat Bank that feed down to IRGC owned companies and they feed money back to IRGC directly . Companies like Shar Bank , Parsian Bank , Parsian Catalyst chemical company , Bandar Abbas Zinc , Qeshm Zinc Smelting , Zanjan Acid Production . It's called the Bonyad support network .

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