How will the phase one China deal impact US farmers?

How will the phase one China deal impact US farmers?

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  1. Farmers need to replace corn with hemp. It is a much better plant and is useful in so many ways. Corn is useless. Corn oil is out. It's fattening. And ethanol ruins motors. School me if you can. But ethanol is worthless.

  2. You don't have to worry about a cat taking your stuff to the pawnshop. They might spit all over your cat toys, but your guitar and socket set are safe unless you leave them out. China's methanol and ethanol methods are worth study. White sugar is bad for you but great to make ethanol for your scooter.


  4. Nobody cares about impeachment. It's so rediculous. The man who he had the phone conversation with said he wasnt pressured to do anything and was no tit for that but the dems refuse to hear this and continue. Why? Desperation

  5. And Phase 2 part of the deal, every American should line up with the president and follow his policy, it works, don't let the fake news agencies fool you about the president's policies

  6. I'm gonna have to wait and see if this trade deal will actually bring good for not only US and china but also the world because last time i my country and a lot of other countries suffer from their trade war. i hope it's truly gonna be good

  7. As long as the farmers were getting what they wanted they didn't care about the trade deal. It's about time America put a stop to unreal trade deals and started standing for America. Trump 2020

  8. we understand that china will buy agricultural products worth in 200 billions USD , but how about the commodity price
    for example 200 billion to how much quantity of soy beans

  9. The U.S. corn is not edible it is GMO poison the only use is ethanol. Stop the GMO poisoning of the human race.

  10. Now all those disgusting farmers who have leeched off U. S. taxpayers for $28 billion (2018 and 2019) can finally be happy and stop crying, hopefully.

  11. They have huge shortage of meat in China, and its gonna be on for a decade at the least. That's where they should concentrate in Iowa. Found more pig farms and get busy.

  12. How much could be accomplished without the bs that the Democrats keep throwing up at every turn ? Potus is a dynamo wonder . The strain is starting to show on him a little I think but God willing he will be here for us a second term.

  13. I'm so Happy for President Trump caring about his people in the United States our Farmers are Fantastic people are getting back to work having a High paying Wage Jobs for themselves So no more Americans can be Homeless again.

  14. 2 Timothy Chapter 3
     But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

    God warned us about evil Republicans like Bernie Sanders. The above warning from God was about Sanders I am sure of it. Certainly not about Trump


  15. Farmers beware what happens when China stops buying from the US. Do not go in debt to produce for China. Look at the toppling of Thailand Government when China stoped buying rice

  16. It's not just Iowa farmers that have been ripped off by china. My Aunt is the top corn producer in Michigan (obviosly a smaller scale than Iowa ) and they would place orders that had to be honored by my Aunt, regardless of whether she wanted to or not, then they would cancel the order.Every time that happened it cost my Aunt a hundred grand. They did that on more than a few occasions. Well now they can't do that, and it is about time.

  17. Remember Trump is doing all of this without being paid a salary, that speaks volumes and tells you about his intention i.e. MAGA. He has the American people and their well being on his mind & in his heart it's plain to see.

  18. It just sunk in, for the first time, truly, that presidents of the past simply were not working very hard. That's all there is to it.

  19. Who cares! The American farmer is the most highly subsidized form of employment on the planet!

    The taxpayer's will bail them out like we do every time a bean doesn't sprout or a drop of rain doesn't fall exsactly in the right spot.

    Modern day farmer is no better than a welfare bum, hand is always out for a freebie!

  20. Phase 0……….Trump:.Let’s put a tariff on Chinese imports. A tariff is a TAX on importers ( read Americans). Rake in $45 billion. Give $28 billion to the farmers. The rest goes to reduce the impact of the tax cut on the rich.
    Phase 1………….let’s reduce the tariff somewhat. Say we collect $30 billion from the taxpayer.
    The Chinese buy more soya from the farmers, but not as much as they used to. The farmers is screwed, and don’t receive any subsidy.
    Phase 2…………..There is no Phase 2. China has had enough of the hypocrisy and the nonsense. Trump wants to keep the tariffs. Hopefully, the taxpayers will wise-up.

  21. Mr. President I apologize to you for doubting your great leadership and I wish you many many years of helping us cuz we need you and I also apologize to Jessie hannity and Tucker 2 for wagging my tongue at them cuz they're pretty darn good reporters had a pain in my heart and that was my pain not yours but I do want to give a shout out to watters world why think back when Waters came about good O'Reilly found that guy but that's the American dream is within Jesse if you think about it he started out that little guy out there talking to people and he's got such good segments now and he's got probably the best segments and the best show on Fox news but I still do want to apologize to the young man because I think he's a very good Republican and I know I think whenever he started out he was kind of like a liberal but as the liberals turn way radical he bailed and he's about the best Republican and I'll use Trump's word jesse you're the best Republican money could buy

  22. Under no circumstances should COMMUNISTS EVER be permitted in our markets. EVER.
    We shouldn't even be talking to them until they are willing to give up Communism.

  23. Farmers is about food crops.
    Farmers is about meat crops.
    Farmers is about seed vault storage for millennaires who will die and will be manufactured in nuclear ware houses.

  24. With the arrival of the Eddy Minimum food will become more difficult to grow. In order to fill treaty obligations exports will cause domestic shortages driving up food prices. Learn to grow your own food. Switch over to meat rabbits. Become self sufficient. We are in for a tuff decade or two.

  25. as a consumer YOU WANT THE FARMERS TO STARVE………high farm prices cost grocery shoppers big bux,,,,,screw the farmers they live better than you ever will.

  26. Cavuto is such a traitor. He's one of those weasels that snitches on everything and everyone. I just want to punch him in the face.

  27. With great respect and love President're the best and love this country more and have done more for America than any other president!!

  28. Trump works for the people, works harder then any President I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen 12 in my lifetime.
    Impeachment is a political ploy by the democrats, nothing more. TRUMP2020🇺🇸

  29. OMG! OMG! Did you all seem this? BREAKING NEWS ALERT FROM CNN: President Trump's salt and pepper shakers on the table before him are twice as big as those in front of the Chinese Vice Premier! CNN expert foreign relations analysis: The President is purposefully belittling his Chinese guest – rubbing salt and pepper from his large and powerful shakers into the psychological wound imposed by the once-again omnipotent USA upon the Chinese, whose former egregious behavior toward the US is now being successfully throttled by the Big Bad Orange Man! How dare he commit this terrible act against the timid, peace-loving people of China? This will be the lead story on Humpty Dumpy's upcoming new Reliable Sources / HBO special on the origins and rise of fake news in the media!

  30. They useluy get 16.00 a bushel now they get 8.00 .They cannot survive on this
    Get out of trade deal. Or you'll lose farm.


  32. How about addressing the much larger issue of what new farm aid package is unveiled – given the myriad price supports, peanut quotas and ethanol welfare plans are already in place for farmers!
    Tell us, for western owned companies operating in China, can we FINALLY remove our earnings FROM China?????????? In fact, how many know that money earned inChina CANNOT be legally removed from China except by smuggling?

  33. China has one objective and that is to overthrow the United States of America and the rest of the world. We are at war with China whether you are perceptive to it or not. Look closer

  34. Community are liars all the time .just like it American libraries do that , liar ! And Nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and Adam shift and jerry nadir and Hillary Clinton and Obama legacy deep state swamp food stamps leadership are all pigs all fake news! !!

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