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  1. Lol. But trump isn’t doing anything like improving minimum wage etc. Lol that’s a joke if they think this is preventing that from happening. He did something very wrong on so many levels. What is he allowed to do that and not be reprimanded like everything else he does wrong ?
    Besides the ones that will be running against him dont care about The impeachment they care about things like minimum-wage healthcare etc.
    The ones saying this doesn’t effect how they feel about him. Well they need to seek help stat

  2. Hi Americans, if you against Donald Trump, you been just brainwashed! It's the Rockefellers, Rothschilds,…..who rule the world!

  3. Fake impeachment the cover up for their own crimes.
    we all know hi is doing a great job because the media dislikes this guy and we the people Love him .

  4. Watch Tommy Robinsons newest speech given in Denmark today after winning a free speech prize on rebel media's YouTube channel. Watch Tommy Robinsons Oxford speech and then his banned speech on the police state. Tommy is the truth

  5. If Ohio wants to see change, they voted for the wrong guy. His mission has been to make the rich even richer. Strip away healthcare so the elite continue to profit from your poor health. I'd like to say I'm surprised but having lived next door and watching your state…No. You continue being the sheep.

  6. Trump is an immoral criminal who locks up infants and kids in concrete cells some dying from neglect due to flu. He is a POS and so are his supporters

  7. He has brought daily scandal to the White House. What he did in Ukraine is impeachable in my opinion. I do think he will be re elected because his base is tight. Sorry for the United States of America.

  8. Am wondering just how many people will vote for ANYONE this time around. This whole episode is showing people that all of Washington is broken not just the Trump administration. What would happen if election day came and went without anyone showing up at the polls?

  9. The people who are unhappy with Donald Trump aren't going to see anything better from the runners up. Biden has been caught with his hands in the money jar, Warren has been caught lying again, Bernie is completely spineless…. Tulsi has the best shot but I doubt she's going to make it to the first Primary before dropping out.

  10. Everyone is white commentary on Trump supporters this what I hate it just makes things worst this kind reporting. Why CBS is airing this obvious show of division We who are people of color have no voice on CBS and I believe CBS is showing fake news when it reported everywhere that 70% of voters are supporting removal of Trump. He is disaster and CBS continue to they racist viewpoint that only white voters matter. We paid taxes too and are not going to be voiceless. Those days are over. Either CBS start acknowledging us people of color or we will boycott the CBS affiliates.

  11. I'm literally exhausted and suffering from a case of the swooning vapors from the unceasing exhilaration of all this YUGE WINNING which our esteemed President has brought us since being elected in 2016. A President who IS NOT an incoherent blithering blob of Lardsquirt and a petty geriatric Drama Queen. NO SIREEEE ! ! ! And he wasn't elected because states in the US of Amaralago which have more tumbleweed than people are disproportionately represented in that Electrical College Thing ! ! ! And Coal ! ! is CLEAN and BEAUTIFUL. Certainly, being the Stable Genius that he is, and knowing all the best words, he is Chosen and Divine. Besides, if there was an economic downturn here in the United States of Amaralago it would no doubt actually the result of a butterfly in Africa flapping its wings back in January, 2009 in joyous celebration of a Kenyan named O'Bummer taking the Oath of Office, and exacerbated further when Russia lost control of the House of Representatives in 2018 because of a bunch of libtard child molesters who congregate in the basements of pizza restaurants that don't have basements and vaccinate the children after molesting them. After all, the "J" between "Donald" and "Trump" doesn't stand for "Jenius" for nothing. Gubble Blubble Derp. Spittle Spattle WOOSH ! !   /s /s /s /s Repeat.: /s /s /s

  12. Why go ask a bunch of people that can hardly read their opinion? 😂😂 i get it now!! Ask morons why they support a moron 😂

  13. The house Democrats have passed OVER 400 BILLS, many of them BIPARTISAN, which Mitch McConnell WON'T ALLOW the Senate take a VOTE on!!! WTF does she mean that the Democrats have to show that they're doing something other than the impeachment??! WTF🤦🏾‍♂️🙄

  14. This impeachment is causing climate change, oh my, I need my safe space in a gun free zone, or better yet call me a wambulance. Sanders/Cortez 2020 (sarcasm).

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