How To Write The Perfect Business Instagram Bio

How To Write The Perfect Business Instagram Bio

– Does your brand have the
perfect Instagram bio yet? No? Well, let’s fix that, shall we? (calm music) Your Instagram bio is a great opportunity to make a great first impression and a key place to
feature a clickable link to drive traffic to your
website, social media or blog. So we put together a few tips to make the most out of
your 150 character bio with some of the best
examples we could find. First up, the name. Now, obviously, this is where
you include your brand’s name but with 30 characters
to play around with, some businesses and companies like to include keywords as well. You see, the name section
of your Instagram bio is what pops up in search results. So by including your name
and a relevant keyword, you’re sure to be found by
people searching for you. In this example for
instance, the brand Naked will appear in searches for its name and for the term fitness
tracker which is very handy. Just be sure not to go too overboard. Stuffing keywords in for the
sake of it will result in a, well, let’s say less than
perfect Instagram bio. Your username is your
identity on Instagram. Most brands will simply
opt to use their name as the username itself. Of course, that is if it’s available. Keep in mind that when people
are tagging you on Instagram, it’s this username that they’ll use. So don’t make it overly complicated and also maybe try to keep it the same as other social media usernames so the people can find you
on different platforms. Next up, the link. Ah, yes, this is the part that we like. While this section of your Instagram bio actually says website, it really means you can include a link to anywhere that you like. Now, rather than using
a generic URL shortener for this section, we recommend
you use a branded link with your brand’s name on it. These links are on brand and memorable and they’re more trusted
than generic short URLs which can often be associated with spam. As well as this, branded
links come with the ability to customize the keyword after the slash which gives brands the ability
to feature a call to action directly in their Instagram bio as a link. Check out this example from Panda Express. They really win with the
lovely description of food and then their link straight
away tells you to order now. I can confirm food always
works on me anyway. Now, you can change
your Instagram bio link as often as you want. Many vloggers and bloggers often change it to update to their most
recent post or video but what you can do with branded links is have the same link remain
on your Instagram bio, never touch it and then in
the Link Management dashboard, you can edit the link there. Honestly, it’s just very easier that way. It means you never have to change the link in the Instagram bio itself. Instagram is all about
appealing to consumers with slick visuals. So of course it can be tough to pick a photo for your account. You want to be sure
that your profile image is representative of your business. Now, major brands will
often use their logo but smaller businesses
might want to use a picture of their storefront or their team. It’s up to you. Whatever you choose, make
sure viewers will be able to see it clearly on any size of screen. It’s no use having a
low res bunch of pixels representing your company
unless your company specializes in low res bunches of pixels. In that case, more power to you. So we finally arrived at the
heart of your Instagram bio, the 150 characters. Here, you need to explain
who you are, what you do and show off your brand personality. Be sure to use well thought out language and a tone that speaks
directly to your audience. Let customers know and possible customers that they have come to the right place. Look, to sum it all up, Instagram provides you
with a great opportunity to really inject some
personality into your brand and show consumers what you’re all about. Hopefully this guide has
gotten you started on the path towards creating the perfect
Instagram bio for your brand. Don’t forget to experiment
a bit with your bio and change things up. So hopefully you can hone your message and truly create a perfect Instagram bio. Hi, everyone, hope you found that helpful. We here at Rebrandly are
big fans of Instagram so we thought we’d just put that together to give everyone a hand. If you enjoyed it, please be sure to let us
know in the comments below and give us a like and a subscribe as well and until next time, take care.

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  1. First off great video! How can I add a clickable location to my Instagram business bio? I haven't seen any videos on that as I've scoured the internet for it.

  2. What is a tone that speaks directly to your audience that’s why I listened to your video was to try and figure that out

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