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  1. I’ve spoken with the board of a state association and they offered to help promote and sell my book to other professionals and members at conferences.

  2. The more I learn about your company, Julie, the more excited I am about it! Every video you make has amazing ideas, info and insight. Thank you for everything you do and creating such a wonderful self-publishing company.

  3. You found food 😅 I call my mustache a "food saver." Unfortunately, it works that way sometimes. But winter is over and the epic goatee is gone til next year. As for audiobooks, I'll be recording my own. It'll be around five hours, so I'll be saving a lot of money.

  4. I'm definitely creating an audiobook version, I used to do voice overs so getting back into the studio in this way excites me 😉

  5. Fantastic video, as always! Good point about, "Ooh, you self-published." When I started self-publishing in 2012, I received a little of that pushback. Today, I just get, "Ooh, you published!"

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