All right, let’s go into this. Okay? I’m so excited to talk to you about this business
plan because I was going through old notebooks a couple of weeks ago. I actually completely cleaned out my house
and was minimizing and all that good stuff. And I found a notebook that had my very first
business plan in it ever. And it was so funny to look back on because
I had no idea what I was doing. So I recently made a video on eleven most
profitable business idea for 2020 and you loved it. So I wanted to make a follow-up on that, on
actually how to create a plan for your business based on the fact that I obviously now know
how to create a business plan. And I built myself a business from the ground
up. So just a couple of years ago I didn’t have
an online business, and I didn’t even really know what an online business consisted of
or how to build one. And today I’m super proud because we’ve gone
from no revenue a couple years ago, no business a couple years ago to generating six figures,
multiple six figures a month in the business. So this is going to be more particular to
online businesses, particularly digital course businesses and consulting and coaching businesses. However, it will apply across the board because
there are just what I like to call business basics that apply to everybody. So if you’re trying to figure out how in the
world to organize your thoughts around creating your business in 2020, I got you. If you’re excited about this, give this video
a like. Hit that subscribe button. Make sure to hit the bell to get notified
every single time I post a new video and let’s get to it. Okay? So first things first is you want to grab
this. So I had all these like notes of how I compile
a business plan and I work with people on this all the time, but I wanted to put something
together for you no matter what stage of your business you’re in. Maybe you don’t even have a business, you’re
just trying to figure out how the heck to get it organized and all the pieces of the
puzzle. I put together a workbook for you. You can grab it below this video. Even if you want to pause the video right
now, go and grab it. And then you can actually work on this with
me as we go through this whole video. So this is your profitable business plan. This is based on years of experience, growing
a couple of different kinds of businesses, having a couple of different iterations of
businesses, and knowing exactly what works to build a profitable specifically online
business. But again, this applies across the board. So this is your profitable business plan. So instead of sharing my chicken scratch of
how I usually do this, I wanted to make it look a little prettier. So the entire workbook is really well organized
and will be very easy to follow. Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, I don’t
even know where to start, I’m so overwhelmed with my business, that is so normal. And to have a lack of clarity at this place
in your business is again very normal. So that’s why I’ve been there. I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it feels like. So that’s why I wanted to make this video
to make it easy for you. So the first thing we’re going to go through
is what I like to call the online business flywheel. So this is the online business flywheel, and
really what it shows you is that there’s just four factors to making a business grow online. And again, this does apply to most businesses
outside of just online businesses as well. So first thing is your offer. What are you selling? If you don’t know what you’re selling and
you’re not clear on what you’re selling, then it’s pretty hard to make money. So you have to have an offer. The offer has to be good and it has to create
a transformation. Does it need to be perfect and the most beautiful
thing on the market? Absolutely not. And the best way to approach building any
kind of business is understanding that the best businesses are you treat them as prototypes. That’s what I always say. So you basically are treating them as you
have a preliminary model of your offer that you know you can always improve, but even
as it’s very first iteration of the offer, it’s still something that’s going to create
a good result for your client, and it’s going to create the transformation that they’re
looking for, the outcome they’re looking for. Which brings me to the next piece of the flywheel. So you go from offer to getting sales and
enrolling people into whatever your offer is. Once you enroll them, you create some kind
of customer transformation. You give them the emotion that they’re looking
for, the outcome that they’re looking for, the desired feeling that they’re looking for,
the transformation that they’re looking for, which really, truly, honestly, is what most
people are trying to buy anyways. We’re not buying time. We don’t need to trade time for dollars. People want true transformation. So you’re taking them through your customer
transformation. And then the final thing is when you do that,
when you have a good offer that actually creates results then you build an entire squad of
ambassadors. These people will sell your product for you
because they’re going to say, “That is the best product, or service, or person I’ve ever
worked with when it comes to X”, whatever your business is about. So this is really, honestly, business is simple. The work is hard. I always say that because it’s true. The whole functionality of how business works
and what pieces of the puzzle there are pretty much stay the same. It’s just nailing them and understanding that
these are the main things to focus on. So that’s the online business flywheel. Now the next thing is how do you actually
understand what pieces to focus on? So again, this is all in the workbook that
you can do. That’s the download, and you can download
below this video. But these are the six pillars of your business. You’ve probably heard me mention this concept
before of the six pillars because I follow it religiously. So you have your product at the top, whatever
you’re selling, you have your sales, marketing, finance, operations, fulfillment, and team. And if you’re just starting out and you’re
like, I’m not even close to hiring somebody, that’s okay. You still want to think about team right now,
and I’ll show you exactly how you can fast track the process to getting help in your
business when we get to talking about team at the end. So these six pillars are the most important
part of any business. So we’re going to go through each of them
right now. So the first pillar of your business, we’re
going to dive into it in just a second, which is sales. Like I said, that’s the most important thing. But before you even get to sales, you need
to understand who you’re selling to, who you’re not selling to, and why you’re selling. So a lot of times people will be like, “I
just want to start a business. I’m going to make something.” Instead of saying that, you kind of want to
think more in terms of what do people want? What is there a need for? What is there a market for? That is where you find a very profitable business
topic. So the business basics, who do and don’t you
serve? These are all the business basics and like
I said, this is all the workbook, but who do and don’t you serve? You want to figure out based on demographics
and psychographics. Demographics are things like location, age,
gender, education, income, even religion. Those are demographics. That means out of all the people in the world,
the billions of people in the world, who are you trying to target? Because if you don’t know and you’re trying
to sell to everyone or be everything to everyone, you’re going to be nothing to no one realistically. So figuring out those demographics and then
the psychographic are so important. What is the pain of your ideal client? What keeps them up at night? What’s their core desire? What are their beliefs in the world? A really good little example of this is are
they somebody who is a bargain hunter or are they somebody who appreciates luxury? If they appreciate luxury, you can charge
a higher price point and they’re going to be looking for something that is a luxury
label or brand or the best in the business to work with. If they’re a bargain hunter, they’re going
to be looking for a deal. They’re going to be looking for a cheap, quick
hit results in cash. So that’s kind of how you break down the psychographics. You also include things like what are their
values, their belief systems, their personality, what kind of lifestyle they have, what kind
of house do they live in? Opinions and interests. This is all of this information helps you
gather exactly who you’re speaking to. And I will tell you the biggest thing about
business is the better you know your client, the more intimately know them, the more you’re
able to actually reach them. If you don’t know who you’re speaking to,
how are you going to find them? So this is really, really important. The next thing is what problem do you solve? What problem do you solve in your business? Where are your clients located? When do they need you? So at what point in their journey do they
need you? Prime example of our business: we serve people
who are experts, but they just have no visibility, and they have no idea how to monetize their
business. If somebody’s in that position we’re your
people. So you don’t have to serve everybody. You want to figure out when do they need you
and that’s when you’re going to be able to target them. And then why do you do what you do? So a lot of people talk about having a mission
behind your business and full transparency. In the beginning you’re just trying to figure
out how to make your business work and how to make a dollar. So you’re not thinking what’s the grand mission
behind this? That kind of comes in once you’ve actually
started making money. So the bigger question to ask yourself is
why? Why are you doing this? Is it a problem that you’re trying to solve
for other people that you solved for yourself? Is it very close to your heart because of
that? Did you go through your own transformation
that changed your life or your business? That’s what you want to help other people
with. That becomes your why. And when you have a strong why, the how behind
your business becomes so much easier. All of the little tactics and all of the little
step by step things you need to do become a lot easier when you have a very, very strong
why. All right, so the next thing after your business
basics, and after you go through that exercise in the workbook, we’re going to go into the
most important part of any business: sales. If you don’t have sales, you don’t have a
business. So what are you selling? What is your price point? How are you selling it? What is your sales process? What tools are required to sell your offer? And those are the main questions. So when you’re thinking about what are you
selling, if you are in an online business and you want to create an online product like
a course or something like that, how are you going to first start selling it? And in order to sell it, what do you need
as far as tools go? So when I first started my business as a coaching
consultant, all I did was use Google Docs or Word documents to store info about my clients,
and then I would use Calendly to set up meetings with them, and I would use Zoom to do my calls
and consult with them or I would consult in real life. So my costs were very low. You want to keep it as low as possible until
you get to a point where you’re making money and then you can reinvest that money back
in the business. The reason I’m talking about building a profitable
business is because so many businesses just break even, and their costs are as high as
their cashflow or their income. And that means that they don’t have much cashflow
leftover to actually reinvest back into the business, so they hit a ceiling and they’re
not able to continue to grow. If you’re in that position, or you know what
that means, and you know that feels like, let me know in the comments below. So what are you selling? What are you selling? What is your price point? And your price point, I’m going to make a
whole other video on how to price your products and services later on. But it’s really important to understand the
value of what you’re providing your customer or client. It’s not about charging for your time because
your time is irrelevant. People don’t pay for time. Time is the greatest currency. So people want fast results more than ever
today. So they don’t care how much time they’re paying
for. They care about the potency and the value
of the outcome. So for example, if you’re a dating coach,
you potentially, the value of what you’re helping your clients with is finding their
soulmate. It’s pretty hard to put even a price on that,
but people will pay a lot of money for that. So understanding that your price isn’t based
just on time and work, it’s based on value. So again, if this is feeling overwhelming
or do you feel like you don’t have clarity, this is a workbook. So just keep going through it. You can keep watching this video and keep
working on this workbook. So how are you selling it? So are you selling it over the phone, which
honestly is the easiest way to start selling anything. And it’s the best way. Because like I said earlier, the more you
know your customers and your clients, even if they don’t hire you right away, the more
you’re able to message to them, market to them and clarify your message to them to attract
more of them. So you need to intimately know your customers
and clients. One of the biggest mistakes people make as
they grow a business is they stop talking to their customers and clients, and then they
get so out of touch that their marketing falls off. They don’t even know what they’re trying to
do anymore as a business. They forget their why and they go like that. So you have to know your customers and clients. And then the tools. So what tools are you going to require, are
you required to use to make this business work? Next thing is your marketing. So a big thing with marketing is playing to
your strengths. So what platforms are you going to use? The reason that I chose YouTube to market
my business is because it’s a search engine owned by the largest search engine in the
world, so it makes it really easy for your customers and clients to find you. Which tools did I use? I used iMovie to edit my videos. I used my webcam on my computer to start filming
them, and I used my window for natural light, and I used all the other social platforms,
free social platforms. I’m actually going to make a whole video on
how I started my business for less than $100 because you totally can, and I did. But just understanding like which platforms
are you going to use? How do they play to your strengths? If you’re not great on video and you don’t
love it, that’s fine. Choose blogging, choose Instagram, choose
another platform that plays to your strengths. You want to think every time you’re trying
to start a business, the least amount of friction wins. So if you’re trying and you hate video, but
yet you’re like, you know what a really need to do YouTube, you’re creating so much friction
for yourself because it’s a hard thing for you to master if you hate video. So play to your strengths. It’s the biggest piece of advice I can give
you, especially as a solopreneur in the beginning of starting your business. Equipment. What kind of equipment do you need? So that is things like, do you need camera
gear? Do you need lighting? Do you need any of that stuff to get started? And a lot of times in the beginning you don’t,
you just use what you have. Frequency for marketing. So creating a calendar for yourself to be
like, okay, I’m going to post once a week and this is what I’m going to post that one
time a week. And that will be my main piece of marketing. And the main platform I use. I always recommend starting with one platform
to focus on because that really will grow everything else. And then your process. So writing down your process of, okay, if
I’m going to market my business, what do I need to be doing every day to achieve that
goal? To make sure that every day I’m talking about
my business and I’m trying to get new clients in the door. Because if you remember, that is the biggest
part of making your business grow. You have your offer. You need to get people enrolled, and then
once you get them enrolled, you create a transformation. And then they become your ambassadors and
then they get more people to your offer. So you have to remember this whole flywheel
in order to make your business grow. So that’s what you need to remember about
marketing. And remember all this is in the workbook. You’re going to work through it and you can
always come back to it. When the first time I tried to write a business
plan, like I said, it was brutal. I hated it. It felt like it the most painful experience
in my entire life. But because I’d been in business for a long
time now, and I’ve had a couple different styles of businesses and types of businesses,
I’ve gotten really good at creating a very clear business plan and model. Now your finance. So this is based on your income goals. What is the amount of income that you want
to be making per month. Maybe in the beginning it’s just like $2,000
a month would be amazing. Then it’s $10,000, then it’s $20,000, then
it’s $100,000, then it’s a couple hundred thousand, then it’s a million a month. Those things do matter because the more you’re
clear on your financial goals, the more you’re able to actually attain them. A lot of people fly by the seat of their pants. I totally did in the beginning and I was like,
yay, I got a client. Now what? And didn’t really think about anything else. So how many units do you need to sell of your
program every single month or every single week to hit your goals and hit your monthly
revenue that you want to achieve? So unit would be if you have a course, or
you’re selling one-on-one, or you have a physical product, how many units of those products,
so one unit equals one product or one unit equals one course, how many units do you need
to sell weekly, monthly to achieve those goals? So you want to base your financial goals off
of your total revenue and then your total profit. So your revenue is how much money your business
makes, period, end of story. And then your profit is minussing any expenses
out of the equation. Then your profit’s what is leftover. So you want to keep your profit as high as
possible, which is why I always talk about starting as lean as possible, which you totally
can do when you have an online business. So you want to have weekly, monthly, quarterly,
and yearly goals for your financials. Now operations. The reality is in the beginning of starting
your business as a solopreneur, your operations are not the biggest priority because you’re
just trying to keep your head above water and you’re just trying to get started. I remember that feeling very well. So the only thing that I recommend when you
are working on operations in the beginning of your business is what tools does your business
need to run and some systems and processes. So let’s say it’s even, you’re posting one
YouTube video a week. What’s the entire process start to finish
of filming the video, editing the video, and getting it up on YouTube and distributing
it? Writing down every little step, housing those
documents somewhere and saving them so that people can go back when you do hire someone
and be like, “Oh, I know exactly what to do now.” So your operations will be very minimal in
the beginning. But just try and write down any processes
that are consistent and you do on a regular basis because it’s going to make it way easier
when you do hire any kind of a team. The next thing is fulfillment. So how do you deliver to your customer or
client? So the fulfillment basically means when you
have an offer, how are you actually getting that offer into the hands of whoever wants
it? So let’s say you have something like a Shopify
store. What is the process from somebody placing
an order and then actually getting that order to your client? What does that look like? Every single step in that process. So if you have a coaching or a consulting
business, someone enrolls, they need to receive a welcome email. They need to figure out how they actually
communicate with you and then you’d have a Zoom link or a Skype handle so they can talk
to you. You need to have set times you’re going to
speak to them. So that’s how you fulfill on your promise
when somebody actually pays you. So what’s required for that? How quickly are you delivering to your clients? Do you have a master process for all of this,
which you totally should start working on regardless of the size of your business. And how and where are you handling customer
service? Because customer service is just a part of
any business and you need to pay attention to it. So starting a little extra email account for
just customer service is a really easy way to stay on top of it and not get so overwhelmed
with your own inbox, which is going to have a bunch of other things filling it outside
of customer service. So making sure that you’re taking care of
your customers because again, I’m going to go back to the same thing I was just talking
about. If you’re not taking care of your customers
then they’re not going to become ambassadors for you, and they’re not going to want to
tell other people to go and buy your offers. Taking care of your customers is very, very
important. So how and where are you handling customer
service? It won’t be crazy in the beginning, but customer
service becomes a big part of your business as you grow. So it’s something to think about first. Now team. This is such a big question that I get asked
all the time, and I kind of pared down my whole process for hiring a team into the most
beneficial thing that you can do, especially as a solopreneur. Especially when you’re first starting a business. So it’s this little graph and like I said,
this is going to be in your workbook, but it basically is your task, the owner of the
task, the future of the task, and is it in your genius zone? Because I can tell you the fastest way to
build your business and build a team is understanding what is in your genius zone and what is not
in your genius zone. For so long I was doing so many things that
I should not have been doing, like bookkeeping. That it’s not in my genius zone. It’s totally painful for me. I need to know the finances of my business,
but I shouldn’t have been doing all of that myself for as long as I was. So writing down something like bookkeeping,
or writing down something like posting to LinkedIn. Do you need to be doing that yourself or could
you hire somebody to help with that? Blogging. If your main platform is, let’s say Instagram
or YouTube, maybe you could hire a ghost writer or a copywriter to help you with writing your
content if that’s not in your genius zone. So writing down the task and just doing this
on a daily and weekly basis to keep track of what it is that you are doing, and what’s
taking the most time, and what’s causing the most friction for you because it’s not easy
for you. And then figuring out, okay, I am the owner
currently, but eventually I want this to be a copywriter. I want to give this to a graphic designer. I want to hire a VA to take on this task. Then you can start to see, okay, who should
my first hire be? And generally in every business, the first
hires are customer service and having some kind of bookkeeper, financial person to take
that off of your hands as well. Because for the most part, that’s not something
that’s a huge genius zone for a lot of people. Unless it is, then congratulations to you. And then yeah, figuring out if it’s in your
genius zone or not. So this little graph, like I said, is in your
workbook and it’s going to be so helpful for you in building out your business plan. So let me know if this was something that
was helpful for you and make sure that you do grab that download below this because I
know that once you start to write these thoughts down… When you’re starting a business, it feels
like it’s all in your head. And even when you’re years into having a business,
it still feels like it’s all in your head. So getting in the practice of writing this
information down and really getting a clear picture of who you’re trying to attract, who
you’re not trying to attract, what you’re selling, how many units you need to sell,
that helps you. Once you know better, you just do better. That’s a Maya Angelou quote and I live by
it. So the more you can get it out down on paper,
the more you can see clearly the whole plan in front of you, the faster you’re going to
grow. So I really, really hope this was super helpful
for you. If you haven’t watched this video yet on the
11 profitable business ideas for 2020, make sure you watch that next. Give it a like, if you liked it. Subscribe to the bell to be notified every
single time I post a new video, and I will see you in the next one. Bye bye.

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