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  1. Gabby , Monday is my busiest day of the week or one of them , today the Ministry of music We'll play in the Church , it's our day , I have 2 friends , they're servers in the Prayer's Group too , and they told me now that , they won't do their tasks because something not so good happened to them so …

    I'll play the songs , also I'll speech the Holy Gospel , ask to the Holly Spirit , come 😀

    It'd be easier to tell you that , I just won't do our first moment which is , thanksgivings to God for everything He did , does and will do for us

    but Gabby , I wrote it for you just to explain that this today's video gave me a lotta ideas hahaha and because of my today's tasks I'm not writing you this email today lol

    Wait for my email tomorrow , unfortunately I'll wrote a lot for you , I'm inspired by you and it's tots your fault ♥️😀 , Miss Wallace I love you !!!
    Hey different style huh !? Fancy , elegant , charming , I really appreciated it , you're … ok I've gotta run lol I'll let you know in tomorrow's email what you're …

  2. Thanks a lot! Nice lesson!
    BTW, you look great as always!

    Dear Gabby, why we never saw you in your full tall? 🙂 Please, appear…

  3. Hey again gabby Wallace
    I am extremely proud of you because of your genius! Because of your fascinating lessons! Because of your style of teaching! Best of all the way you connect your ideas! Super important female coach.
    My beloved English coach!

  4. Hi, gabby
    Those who love you have become so many students that I am one of them to the point that I watch your videos at least 4-5 times a day.
    And if it shows something, it shows what you have.
    I sincerely pray for the success of your life. 😍

  5. Hello Gabby! Nice to see you! It was a very useful and coming in time lesson for me. The most of your tips from this video, they don't depend on the language and are just needed for everyday life. Thank you very very much for the lesson and cheat sheet!

  6. Hi Gabby,
    you again amazing women in you explain, thank you millions time for you.
    Best Regards,

  7. Dear Mr. Prof., Sir,


    KAUST Admissions, at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology,
    Graduate Affairs, Office of Admissions,
    Thuwal, Jeddah,
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    I hope you are, always, fine.

    My name is Murtada Abdulraqeb Abdulwahid Al Manifi, a Yemeni citizen.

    I am writing this email to you looking forward to hearing from you soon that if I can get a chance to acquire a fully funded scholarship as per the subject above. Hence, I have finished my Master Degree in English Language (literature), and it was done fully just last year, Art College, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, KSA. Most of my updated information, about the same, were all sent to you, previously, in the same email; (Mostly, most of my related required documents).

    I have a strong will to join your excellent university and be part of it for a Ph., D Program.
    For any further information please visit my published researches at ResearchGate website.

    Thanks so much in advance, still remain.

    Your faithfully,

    Murtada Al Manifi.

    Jeddah, KSA.


    Dear Gabby,

    That was, just, a real sample.

  8. Thanks a lot Gaby for share your knowledge. I downloaded the document and it's great. Greetings from Colombia.

  9. Thank u gabby about this intense lesson and especially about ur great gift. .I consider it as a gift ..I'm talking about the bdf u had attached in the info box … u can't imagine how useful to me

  10. My english has improved a lot since I started watching your classes. Your the best teacher ever. Thank you ver much indeed.

  11. Thanks Gabby ! It’s been really interesting even if I already knew some of the advices, I picked up a couple new ones that could help me in my future emails. Have a good one ! Steve

  12. You are dressed as a businesswoman, it would be easy to do business with this business, without any second steps, but it's beautiful.

  13. I learned a lot from this. I teach business English for my korean student so this is really helpful. Thanks! 💕

  14. Thank you so much Gabby for helping me. I really appreciate it ; if you have any 'English business lessons' please upload them because i really need improvement in that area. Thank you💟🌹🌺🌼🌈

  15. Gracias Gabby, por compartir valiosa information. Solo quiero reconoser Tambien que tu vestimenta la convinaste muy bien de acuerdo al tema, o al consejo. Eres gran maestra y gran persona.

  16. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for sharing all this information, very helpful 🙂

    It is ok to start an email with “Hello everyone or hello everybody” ? specially when the email is for employees.


  17. Hi Gabby,
    In short, you’re great intelligent teacher.
    I’m so lucky to be one of your faithful followers.

  18. Hi Gabby, thank you for your awesome video, that's cool. I firmly argue you are the best English teacher I had seen. Thanks a lot, have a great day.

  19. Thanks Gabby, really usefull lesson for us, actually our expectation from you this kind of lessons. Best Wishes

  20. Thank u Gabby

    Hello all Im Ali im lebanese and syrian ,i have 27 I would like to improve my english and i will be glad if we do it together to benefit each other
    Im elementary
    My skype is jawad9121
    Feel free to contact me
    Thanks 🖐

  21. Hi everyone, I want to improve my english skill because it's really low. So, I thought that I write it out on this comment section and ask from you, does anyone want to chat with me? I offten read english news and we can talk about that. If you to be interested in this than send me a text and we can continue on Instagram (on this beacuse it's my only social site). I wish to you a happy day and a good luck if you write this. Bye!:)

  22. Hi Gabby ! How are you ? I really did appreciate this new lesson because I was very curious how I could do that. Thank you very much for the learning material.

  23. WOW, This video is a gem! I really loved it. It's like a treasure to me. Exactly what I wanted!! Thank You So Much, Gabby!

  24. Good morning teacher 👩‍🏫 thank you I learning a lot with your English class, have a great weekend!! today is Saturday 10/12/19 😀

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