How to verify your business on Google

How to verify your business on Google

[MUSIC PLAYING] So you’ve claimed your
business on Google. Great! Next, we’ll ask you to
verify your business to make sure that you are
the best person to manage this business on Google. You’ll need to complete
the verification process to be able to manage
your business’s information on Google. The verification
method available to you will depend on the type
of business you manage. The most common way to verify
your business is by postcard. We’ll send a postcard
with a unique verification code to the business
address you provided as soon as you request a verification. Make sure that
the address you’ve entered with your
business details is accurate and complies
with our guidelines, including entering a complete
and exact street address, only including information that is
part of your official address. Including information
like cross streets or nearby landmarks
when they are not part of your
official address may make it more
difficult to determine your location on Google maps. Add suite or office numbers
in address line two, separately from your
street name and number. And make sure to include
a city, state, zip, and country in your address. If you need to
correct your address before requesting verification,
click Verify Later. It can take one to two weeks
for the postcard to arrive. While you’re waiting, don’t edit
your business name, address, or category, or
request a new code. Doing so may delay the
verification process. Once you’ve received the
verification postcard in the mail and entered
the verification code into your Google My
Business account, you’ll be able to edit
your business information. If it’s been more than two
weeks since you requested your verification
postcard, please contact us so that we can look
into it for you. Click this link to get started. Some businesses will have the
option to verify by phone. If you see the phone
verification option, we recommend using it, since
it’s the fastest way to verify. We’ll call you at the business
number listed to confirm that your details are correct. If you don’t see this option
when you try to verify, please request a
postcard instead. If you’ve already verified
your business’s website with Google Search
Console, we may be able to instantly verify you. Just make sure that you’re
signed into Google My Business with the
same account you used to verify your site
on Google Search Console. Finally, if you manage
10 or more locations for the same business, you
may be eligible to verify them in bulk. There are specific requirements
for bulk verification. Click this button
for more information. Make sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. And while you’re there,
you can get all the latest Google My Business videos. And if you have
any questions, you can post them in the
Comments section. Thanks so much for watching. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. We verified and the mail / postcard went to the right address, but the map locator (red icon) went to a totally different suburb.

    Then we went to correct and rectify the address back to our correct Sydney CBD address, and it is now asking us to verify again via postcard.

    We saw an option about instant verification and we have added and verified that we own the website inside search console but cannot locate where to instantly verify it again?

    Please help

  2. I have been at this for about an hour now… I'm going in circles and it is the most difficult task to get in contact with google support. I have completed the form to verify the business and keep getting a notification "we couldn't submit your form yet. Please fix the fields above." But when I scroll above, nothing is highlighted and I don't know what needs fixing. Can you please direct me to a contact number of email I can reach out to, to verify a business.Thank you

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  5. I requested a verification code and I received the mail postcard, but when I click on button verify, it redirects me to page, where I should choose way to verificate my business. I don't see where to enter this code. Please help!

  6. I have received the post card and verified the business immediately but it has been more than 3 months and my verification is still pending and it says it will be verified within 3 days.. I am not getting the phone number or email ID of customer care tro call and sort out the issue.

  7. can u help me anyone ,, i have a receive postcard on the time we are out of station so it returns back now what i am going to do

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  9. Not Helpful. Why does Google use the US Postal Service for Verification? Why can you not verify by email (GMAIL) or phone. Google uses the mail? Send it out, hope you get the info this month or not. This makes no sense. This is not a concern for Google, apparently spending more time and effort on other things, not small Business.

  10. I can help business owners that dont have a physical address to verify there google places listing. I can verify your business without any phone verification and postcard skype me at mapmakerexperts

  11. This is the most complicated process I have ever encountered! Where is the phone number to contact customer service?

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    if you want to verify your business and don't know the steps you can use this for your reference purpose.

  15. I submit "Verify Now" button, but the error "Your business info currently has errors. To be able to verify your listing, take a few minutes to correct it." displays although I entered all information

  16. Hey Google
    Can I request the verification code to other address and
    Change the address when the business is verified

  17. I have not got any postcard.please sand me. My name is Nirmalson sangma
    P.O: Dainadubi
    District: North Garo Hills
    State: Meghalaya
    Pin no-794110

  18. Hello, I verified my business 5 days ago, but it is still 'pending' how long it will take more until this is complete and online. Thanks.

  19. To contact with Google my business support phone number you can use this medium:

  20. im waiting so long for postcard . can google give options about to tracking postcard status . im not sure when will get and same time ,there is no any other way for verifications


  22. Google My Business Support Google Business Customer Service Phone Number
    Website Source:

    Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. By verifying and editing your business information, you can both help customers find you and tell them the story of your business.

  23. with kindly request please re-generate india Packers and movers map on google

    India Packers and Movers
    Shop no. 10/12 Madhav Apartment Hirapur,Dhanbad Jharkhand india.

  24. Hello. Can I list and verify my business on google if I don't have address? For example I work via Internet and don't need to have street address. So if it's possible can you tell me please how?. Thanks beforehand.

  25. I verified with my code, I have a live site. But there is no One at the wheel inside google. They have not set up mp business to be searchable. nor does the location red arrow locator show in searches. And Even my Address shows up two lots over. I have contacted Google maps 10 times in 18 months to make this simple adjustment. I have never been responded to. Nor can I get in touch with any one in any way to communicate the issue to a live human being. How ever, go to Mapquest submit info and I got a same day reply and modifications to the Mapquest search only took one week. How on earth is Google Dominating when there is NO tech support Presence???

  26. I have verified the google business and My business is not live on google maps.
    It shows only we search the name of my business.How to solve this?

  27. It says I need to reverify… I keep receiving new number and when I copy paste the link on my post card it says business is already verified. This is ridiculous no way out!!!

  28. Instantly Verified Google Local Listings! Anywhere In your City! Skype Us Today

    We are able to create instantly verified GMB listings in bulk – for any business name and location. Skype us at: mapmakerexpert

  29. I already got my post card but i keep getting this message Your business is verified. Listings may be reviewed for quality and can take up to 3 days to be published. Is almost 8 days and still no doing nothing 😡😡😡😡

  30. You can consider my statement as an official claim to the Google division in Russia. Your employees send a verification code for Google business in a regular letter that simply does not reach me. an attempt to prove that my company exists ended in nothing – your employees were too lazy to check the information. I am your client id 115-276-8833 and you get money from me, but you don’t want to work. that's the whole level of an international company – the absolute laziness of employees

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  32. I created a business page, received the verification code, put it in and my account still shows suspended. I do not understand why. Yes, I have read everything.

  33. hello dear a have a questions about google my business in case i work with this apps like build website also on the maps i want to work like maps build and grow the maps so i do not just for me even fo each other such as like my business and i dont know if i can earn money from the website like in the click pls if you can help my give my answer dear thanks very

  34. I have a problem with Google My Business support website. On support website Google have to call me by phone to identify me. I have to enter my phone number for that, but Google forgot to enter my country/state – Lithuania – in the contry list to select from. Now I can not enter my phone, and can not get My Business support. I saw that there are no Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in the country list too. What has happend, why Google forgot to enter 3 Europian Union states in the list?

  35. 1. There is no phone verification method for my business. But I have mobile phone for my business.

    2. My business place is a workshop in the building of the old factory warehouse yard. There are many warehouse buildings with out any official addresses asignet to them. There are many businesses there who rent or own these old warehouses. So I can not enter oficial address, building number and post code. This is why I can not get a paper mail with post card from Google there too.

    3. Email verification method is odd too. I can not enter my Google email address, because Google have decided to enter email domain (which I do no have) for me. See for yourself – I do not have an email with domain I am using Gmail insted, but I can not enter it. I can not verify my own business on Google, because of stupid verification methods.

  36. We verified our business a very long time ago and it was suspended due to "quality" issues. We've tried numerous times contacting GMB but have never received a response. We don't understand why we were suspended and we can't get anyone from Google to help us. This is a heartwrenching experience. Please provide better customer service and tech support to resolve these issues. Would be nice if we received an email or a phone call.

  37. Hey google if i verify my business than can i get blue tik on my Instagram that is llinked to that business??

  38. I can't get verified and I don't know why. I didn't got my mail and I re did the process of verification. Can anyone help me?

  39. Old employee created the Google my business account But now i want to edit the name and number They have forgot Google my business account credential But is there any possible to change?

  40. Google, Why don't you connect up with government agencies responsible for registering businesses and link up with their business ID system to verify a business. For example – if I'm in Australia you could link up with the ABR to ask for ABN number as a verification option – then you would check the ABN and name against the system and confirm with ABR that the address registered for the listing is correct.

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