How To Use YouTube To Promote Your Business (3 Simple Steps)

Yep. Quality content. I bet you hear
that a lot as a superstar entrepreneur or amazing business boss with amazing
things to share with the world and depending on what platform you’ve chosen to grow your audience with quality content is defined in completely
different ways. I get asked a lot how to utilize YouTube to promote your business
for superstar entrepreneurs and amazing business bosses with super targeted
clients, future customers and raving fans who will have found you right here on
YouTube if you’re doing it right. Stay tuned. If you’re new here, my name is Kate
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Oh and before I forget there’s not a great deal of use me sharing with you
how to use YouTube to promote your business if your channel isn’t properly
set up and prize to success. So allow me to save you a few headaches there. I’ve
created a free checklist teaching you eight simple steps to create your
YouTube channel and make it a place where people want to come back time and
time again so it sings to your ideal clients and raving fans. The link is
below in the description so be sure to go and get yours. So in this video I’m
going to teach you three super simple steps to help you skyrocket your
business using YouTube so that you never I repeat never have to hunt for
clients or customers again because they are literally searching for what you
have and they are looking for you. Please note: I said simple not easy. This
works if you do so let’s dive right in. So step one. Take action. I know that that
sounds super obvious but I get countless questions from superstar entrepreneurs
and amazing business bosses every single day around the best ways to get started
and nothing frustrates me more than what I’m about to say. Now this more than
anything in this video I feel called to say because there are superstar
entrepreneurs and amazing business bosses out there right now just like you
you absolutely need to hear it. Just take action. Nobody cares what camera you’re
using or even what lighting. Absolutely nobody cares if you can put together and
edit the perfect video. Nobody cares if you fumble your words and if you wrote
the perfect script. Now let’s take a minute to reframe this for you by giving
a brief nod to the era of information overload. The era of information overload
is happening right now. We’re living in a time where there is so much information
out there and a topic that’s getting a lot of airtime in the entrepreneurial
space right now it’s how there’s so much information out there. We’re so busy
consuming that information but there remains a massive deficit in
implementation of that information and ultimately execution. And actually to
share a personal story one message that rang true with me that I got actually
from a mentor that I’ve been working with is that I do not need more
information. I have an abundance of information that I take for granted I do
every single day but that’s absolutely mind-blowing knowledge for others. All I
needed to do was take that information and implement it and ultimately package
it. If you can relate to this let me know in the comments because it’s something
that I see time and time again and if you’re serious about making an impact and
growing your influence and authority and ultimately income using the power of
YouTube you need to take action and show up
where your people are already searching for you. Right now that could be as
fundamentally simple as creating your first video. Don’t forget this all starts
with a channel that is set up for success so go and download my free
youtube channel checklist and start creating your channel like the prime
piece of real estate that it is and get started.
Done is better than perfect so just take action. Alright
step two. Research. Yes research. I have said it before and I’ll say it again and
I will probably say it until I’m blue in the face because I absolutely cannot
stress how important research is when you’re starting out your YouTube channel
and throughout your entire journey. As a superstar entrepreneur, an amazing
business boss, you have to really think about who your channel is for and
ultimately create content that your ideal clients care about and are
actually searching for, and also as superstar entrepreneurs and amazing
business owners regardless of niche, irrespective of industry we all have
amazing things to share with the world be they products or services. But before
you can even consider putting out content that aligns with what you have
to offer, the value that you have to bring to the table, you have to make
doubly sure that your people are actually searching for what you have. Let
me just interject with a quick reassuring newsflash.
There is something like 1.5 billion active daily users on this amazing
platform so you can bet your right arm that your future customers, raving fans
and ideal clients are absolutely active on YouTube. So your ability to research
and research thoroughly is what will make or break your strategy to get your
videos right in front of them. So a big part of this is putting yourself in
their shoes and conducting your research around what your ideal fans, raving
customers and future clients would actually be searching for. In that
research lies the clues for what you need to think about and create your
value based content around. Now I have mentioned these tools in previous videos
that will make your research process considerably easier but just in case
you’re new here or you’ve been here a while and you need a refresher you need
to check into tube buddy and keywords everywhere. I have put the link to both
of these tools in the description. Comment below with action taker
superstar entrepreneurs and amazing business owners if this is resonating
with you so far and also comment below with how your journey in YouTube for
business is going so far. Okay so on to step 3.
Start with how to. So start especially at the beginning of your YouTube journey
for your business with videos that teach your audience something. You have
knowledge and skills and superpowers that you’ll be utilizing and I imagine
under estimating every single day but someone somewhere does not have this
information or it doesn’t come as naturally to them as it does to you
and somehow in their life whether it’s personal or professional they’re going
to feel increased upon having that information. So I was at a business
networking event recently and I got chatting with a few other entrepreneurs
and business owners and we actually tapped on this during a conversation.
The vast majority of the business owners and entrepreneurs that I got to speak to
that day had been considering starting their YouTube channels or addressing
their video marketing strategies and they all had equal concerns that what
they did in their mind was pretty mundane day-to-day stuff and that what
they have to say isn’t somehow going to be interesting enough to include in
video marketing or start on YouTube. Now let’s put it this way after a
conversation with me they left the building with a slightly altered
perspective which I’d like to share with you. Yeah and I feel it’s important to
touch on this because I come across this issue a lot and it’s quite simply not true
because what we as superstar entrepreneurs and amazing business
owners will do every day that we will often underestimate is actually mind
blowing information that someone out there needs to know right now.
So just to recap quickly. Take action number one. Do your research and then
package your pearly nuggets of wisdom and put them into videos. Show your
audience why they need to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel and
trust me this will elevate your efforts to market your business using YouTube. So
now you have the three simple steps it takes to utilize your YouTube channel to
market your business but what if like the two fellas I met at the business
breakfast you’re a little concerned because you feel like what you have to
offer or say isn’t necessarily all that interesting and you’re feeling a bit
uncertain about starting a YouTube channel. Well I think you knew what I was
going to say. I’ve got you covered there. I created a video that breaks down
simple steps to how to create your YouTube channel and get started without
the fear. The link is below in the description and also in the cards on
this video. And also if you’d like to learn how to position your YouTube
videos and turn them into mini marketing machines make sure that you pop back for
next week’s video where we’ll be talking about how to build your email list
directly from your YouTube videos. You do not want to miss this. This is a video
you absolutely do not want to miss because while there is so much that goes
into building your community on YouTube you really want to start getting
intentional about taking that conversation off of YouTube inviting
your subscribers and viewers into your world and ecosystem increasing your
impact, influence and income and building a digital asset that will grow and grow
and grow. So if you like this video make sure you let me know by hitting the big
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then implement into your own YouTube efforts for business.
Take care until the next time. I will see you on the next video. While building a
digital ????????

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