How to Use Your Fitness Passion to Grow A Business With CKO Kickboxing Franchise Opportunity

How to Use Your Fitness Passion to Grow A Business With CKO Kickboxing Franchise Opportunity

bjbj Interviewer: Joseph Andreula, always
had a passion for kickboxing? Interviewee: I decided to leave high school and go ahead
and train, and I learned as much as I could. Interviewer: And he knew that he wanted to
share it with others. Interviewee: This is the workout I did since I was a kid in my
basement. Listen to music, relieve stress at a heavy bag. And I thought that other people
who want to do it, they would make the impact on their life that they made on mine. Interviewer:
But getting his idea of fitness kickboxing off the ground wasn t easy. Interviewee: I
went to the owner of the factory where I was working at, and asked him, if I can use a
storage room to use for my kickboxing idea. And he said that this was an arts building
and it was artist here and writers and it s not for fitness. So, this is some different
to gym, and I told them I was a marshal artist in that, I have a dream just like everybody
else has a dream in his building. Interviewer: That s when his idea became a reality. Interviewee:
The first one, it took me four years to get it open with no money. Interviewer: Flash
forward, a decade later and CKO Kickboxing is a success. In 2008, Joe turned into a franchise
and there are now 23 locations in New York and New Jersey, at least 3 more opening later
this year. Lisa Michaels was a member for two and half years and is now an instructor.
Lisa Michaels: That was the only workout in my entire life that I ever did. We are actually
stuck with it, and to this day I actually take about 3, 4 classes a week. It was something
different that I had never done before, I ve lost 70 pounds. Interviewer: Joe says his
1 hour classes are unique and his clients work at their own pace. Memberships range
from $59 to $80 a month. Darlene and Joe Pallay, took out a loan to open their own franchise.
Darlene: We have a great time doing it, it s a low maintenance. We are giving back to
the community, we do a lot of fundraising, we definitely have touched people s lives,
I mean, I have a lot of people that have come in, loss weight, gain confidence, love the
workout and are committed to their health. Interviewer: When asked, why his small idea
has turned into such a big success, Joe says. Interviewee: The person is the driving force
behind it, the franchisee, the manager, the head trainer, and there the person is going
to drive everybody in a gym. I am not the only person that could buy heavy bags at this
point. Interviewer: In January, Entrepreneur Magazine included CKO Kickboxing in its Franchise
500 in New York, Heather Childers, Fox News. To learn more about CKO Kickboxing, visit
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    I'm a mountain biker & Rock climber ……since I start with kickboxing I improve my sports….thanks

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