[How To] Use Snapchat’s NEW Feature To Market Your Business (July 2017)

[How To] Use Snapchat’s NEW Feature To Market Your Business (July 2017)

– Hi, it’s Greg from Ranger MediaLab and today I’m gonna show you how you can generate some additional business, some sales, from the brand
new Snapchat feature, which is the Geo Maps they recently added. (upbeat music) So Snapchat just released a new feature called Geo Maps. It allows you to go across the world and to see what’s happening. So basically, there’s like hot zones like the red areas, basically it’s a heat map and when you actually click
on it with your phone, you can see the snaps that are happening at that specific location. So you don’t even need to be friends with the people taking the snaps. You can just explore cities via snaps on the maps, which is pretty cool. So on the left here, we have Ottawa downtown and on the right we have New York City. So you can see there’s a
lot of stuff happening. So when you start to see
a little bit of blue, it means there’s a couple snaps and then as more snaps get added, it becomes yellow and then red. So how can we use this for business? Basically, you can take your phone, take a snap of your
product or your business and post it to the our story section. So you have my story up here, which is like your personal Snapchat, and then the our story is like the global Snapchat slash map section. So when you post there, there’s a chance that
your post might show up on that map. To increase those chances, what you need to do is
you need to be in an area where it’s already getting hot and then when you take a snap and you post to the our story section, it has a higher likelihood of
getting viewed and picked up. So in this case, I did a post. I was in a restaurant
called Shawarma Castle. Basically, they sell shawarmas, or for people that don’t
know what a shawarma is, it’s a chicken wrap, essentially. And basically, 334 people viewed my snaps. As you can see, some of them don’t hit, so I was downtown and I
took a couple other snaps and only got eight, nine, and eight views here. So, so yeah, so basically what you want to
do is go to a hot zone here, take a snap of your food, of your restaurant, of your signs, et cetera. If you’re at a clothing store, you can show your t-shirts,
your shoes, et cetera in a video snap or just
in a still picture. And then this is actually the example with the shawarma shop. So it’s a video, this
is why it was blurry, but essentially I took a video. I said, “Shawarma Castle is the best.” And then like at that point
when I took a screenshot, I had 295, and when I took this I had 334 views. These are all views of
people checking out the map, the Geo Map and just
like viewing your snaps, so they’re not my friends, they’re not on my personal story. They’re just like random people in, either in the city itself, in this case Ottawa, or across the world
checking out those snaps. This is another example. This one got like 586 views. So as you can see, this
is all free, right. So you can take a picture
of your business, post it, do it a couple times a day and then eventually it’ll like, it will get picked up in this, by the system, specifically if you’re in a hot area. Now the concern is well what if you’re not in a hot zone? What if your office is not downtown? It’s far and there’s
not much stuff happening in terms of like heat zone. Let’s say you’re around here, nothing’s happening on
that edge physically. So what you could do is
you can actually walk to or drive to a hot zone and bring a business card. So you could go downtown, you could go at a concert, where it’s hot, and then you take a video, and then in this case what we did is we took a video. We were downtown, and then we took a closeup
of the business card. So that’s some free marketing. I think this snap got around
like 900 or 800 views, something like that. So I hope that makes sense. Just to recap, basically
you want to first of all go to an area that has a buzz already. You can use the map itself to see. You want to take a snap of
your product or your business. You want to write a little bit of text, AKA, best pizza, best shawarma or, “Come check out our new shoes.” You want to post to our story and you want to post two
to three times a day, so eventually Snapchat picks it up and it gets featured on the map itself, and you’re gonna start racking up views, and hopefully that leads
to more foot traffic, more business, people will
know a little bit more about your product. So if you typed in best pizza, and people are checking
their snaps, they’re hungry, they might swing by your place. So hopefully that makes sense, and have a great day. Cheers. Also, if you’re watching this on YouTube, please subscribe to my channel, and if you’re on Facebook, please like and share this
video if you enjoyed it, if you got some value out of it. (upbeat music)

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