How to use MATTERPORT with a One X or Z1

How to use MATTERPORT with a One X or Z1

Today I’m shooting a virtual
tour for a real paid client, and thought it’d be cool
to bring you guys along. I’ve also discovered an
awesome virtual tool software that I’m sure you’ve heard of. It’s called Matterport. And it used to be exclusive software only for those expensive
matterport cameras. But recently, they’ve
opened it up for other point and shoot 360 cameras, like the Insta360 ONE X and Theta Z1. So today I’ll be putting it to the test, on a real paid shoot. The client is F45 who
are a major gym chain here in Australia and I noticed
they had a Sydney branch, right around the corner from me. So I pitched them the idea
by email and they said yes. It’s only a small, one-room
business as you can see, but I think a virtual tour is just the kind of
marketing material they need. Because from browsing
through their Instagram, I had no idea what the
space actually looked like. It was hard to tell from all
of those fixed perspectives. So even though it’s a
physically small business, I want to help them display it
in the best light possible and help get more
customers through the door. And I know a virtual tour will be a great tool to help achieve that. – So F45, it’s functional fitness, it’s really effective from training. You come in 45 minutes session
everything’s set up for you. You come in the door, we’ll explain it, we’ll demonstrate everything, we’ll get you started with
a warm up to work out, you always get a different workout. – Okay, that’s the sound
of a shot being taken. Now let’s edit, and the first thing I
like about this workflow is when I was on set, I just hit the upload
button within the app and within the next few hours
it processed in the cloud, it sent me an email saying
it was ready and here we go. It’s F45 Mascot ready to edit. So now let’s take a look at the tour and the editing interface. So here we have it, we
can go explore 3D space, and straight away it’s connected
all the photos together into our virtual tour. That first viewpoint was really cool. That’s what we call a dollhouse, and yeah, it’s exactly like a dollhouse. So this gives you an awesome
3D bird’s eye view point of the entire space. So you can move around like this. It is very addictive,
I have to warn you now. This is without a doubt one of the selling points of Matterpot, is this unique viewpoint. It’s not the only software that can do it, but no question it does one
of the better renderings of the dollhouse. Now we just click to go back to the tour. So firstly up the top left here, we’re gonna switch from
viewing mode to editing mode, and this is it. This is the Matterport editor. I know you are probably thinking
something super complex, with hundreds of menus and
buttons and options, but no, it’s just what we’ve got on
the right hand side here. This is so easy to use that, I dare say, a complete beginner, could
become a master of Matterport within an hour or two. Down the bottom left, we
have our various viewpoints, so we’ve got the Dollhouse,
we’ve got View Mesh and View Floor Plan. The Floor Plan mode is a good way to get a sense of the space
so you can see exactly where you’ve taken your shot. And clearly, I’ve got too many here, so I need to get rid of some of these. The reason I took so many was so I could get more
detail within the 3D render. But I don’t want my viewers to be taking like 15 steps
around this location, I just want to give them
three or four options max. So what I’m gonna do is
hover over a view point and click Hide, and this now removes
these navigation points. I’m gonna get rid of a few more and now when I go back to preview mode, I’ve only got three options
for places I can move. Now going back to the editor, again, we can change our
view point at any point, let’s add a start location and I wanna start at the front door, front door’s here and I
wanna look into the gym from a zoomed out perspective. So I think this is good, I only click Set. When someone opens this
tour for the first time, It’ll start with the dollhouse, and then it will go into this perspective. Next under 3D scans, we have
a list of all their photos. So I have about 13 as you can see here, if I wanna see one at any point, I just click on it, and
it’ll take me to that scan. Next, you got an option
to take a screenshot, I don’t really see why you’d need this, but there you go, you’ve got it. If you want it, there’s a
tool here to measure things. So because it’s capturing a 3D mesh, it’s capturing depth information. So it knows exactly how far everything is
away from everything else. Next, are Mattertags. and these are essentially graphics or text that we can add within the
image to create hotspots, drawing the audience’s
attention to certain things. So say I wanna add one to this bike. I’ll go Add, and I’m gonna place it here. I’m gonna give it a
title, bike description. We can choose the color, and the stem. This refers to how far this point is gonna just stick it
out from that object. And when we get back into the viewer, when we hover over, there we go, we got information about what it is. Then as you move around the tour, you can still see it
there and hover over it. So now I’m going to add another one to the Free weights over here, but this time, I’m going
to add a link to a photo. Here’s a photo of some
weights I found on Google. Now when I hover over the hotspot, there we go, we’ve got a
title, a subtitle in our photo. The next one down on the right hand side is a highlight reel. And this is essentially going to the highlights to the space. So what are the best
bits of your location? you wanna add them here because this is going to be added to the carousel at the bottom that people will easily be able to click and navigate between. I’m going to start at these
weights and go Add View. Now I’m going to move over
to something else important like these bikes, Add View, and there its
added to the bottom. One more, let’s say these
exercise balls here, Add view. Now we have a carousel down the bottom you can add as many of these as you want. And not only are they simple highlights, where it takes you to the photo, it positions you the way
you want your viewers to be positioned. But you can also edit the transitions to then Auto play. So it will go from one photo
to the other to the other, and I think this is
going to blow your mind. So what I’m gonna do
is select Walkthrough, and make sure that on each transition, now you can see this little
man has confirmed it. Now I wanna get back to my first photo, let’s hit the Play button
and see what happens. So it automatically
moves between the photos, is when I prepared earlier. (upbeat music) Now find me on the right hand side, we have a VR icon and this is our VR path. So if people are looking
at this new headset, this is the path they can take. If I wanna exclude certain
hotspots, I can it’s easy, just Click them like that,
and click to re add them. At the top left, Matterport also offers
different kinds of media, so here are screenshots
that we took earlier. If you wanna access just one single photo, you can download these here
and save to your computer. Also, this one is quite cool. These are automatically generated videos, where it does an automatic animation that incorporates the dollhouse effect combined with the 360 photos. So it gives that really cool
3D aspect in a 13 second video, they are for ADP for some reason, so don’t set your hopes too high. Next, we can go to the Details tab, and add more information
about the business, that will be added to the virtual tour. So in the top left hand corner here, we want some info to pop up or put in their website
and contact details, or put in their residential
address and click Save. Now when we get back to
the tour in the top left, there we go, we have named the business, the contact and the address. We also have our viewpoints
down the bottom left, and we have our Carousel of highlights. This is essentially what
it’s going to look like, When they embed it on their website. So viewers will have all
of these options to click and navigate between
the various viewpoints that we’re offering
here through Matterport. So I’m happy with this. So I’m going to make this space Public. And you do that by
clicking this button here. And now if I wanna
share this to my client, I’ll click share, firstly, I’m gonna link, I can copy and paste in a new browser. And there it is, but also
we’ve got the embed code here. So here is their homepage. And what they’ll need to
do is add a Virtual Tour section here, that they
can then embed the code, and it will show up in
a window on the side. Now they do also give you the option to publish to Google Street View however, you will need to pay an extra $20 or so per tour to do that. So overall, my experience using
Matterport was a positive one. and I’m happy with the end result I got. The dollhouse feature
and automatic flythrough is definitely the main
unique selling point. Look, it’s not the only software that can do for a Photogrammetry
and 3D renders like this, but it does the best job of all the platforms I’ve used so far. So if showing your location
from this kind of perspective is something you see is adding
massive value to your tours, then you should definitely
consider Matterport. Now here are my top few pros and cons, after using it on my very first paid job. The first con, is that currently they
don’t offer manual uploads, which means you can’t edit your shots and you’re also stuck
using inbuilt HDR mode and can’t use raw or bracketing. I asked them about this and they said this
should be changing soon, which is why I see this is
more of a beginner software because beginners don’t care
as much about shooting manually with raw and bracketing
and doing lots of editing. A pro is definitely the awesome dollhouse and flythrough feature. These things are seriously cool and gave my tour a production quality that I never imagined I could ever get. This effect blows my mind no matter how many times I watch it. A con is that it’s iOS-only. So when shooting you’ll need
either an iPhone or an iPad. Again, this will probably change when they allow manual upload since you’ll be able to do it
through the desktop software, and not need a mobile app. A pro is, the app is actually really good Firstly, it’s one of the
only virtual tour software’s to actually have a mobile app. And secondly, the interface
and ease of use is really good. What I most liked about it, is that it fills in parts
of the map as you shoot and gives you live feedback. So you can instantly see
what areas of the location have been threading mat and which haven’t. A con is that the
software blurs the Nadir, I guess, since they don’t
yet allow manual editing. This is their solution for
getting rid of the tripod. Not great, but also not
entirely a deal breaker. A pro is that you can instantly connect and upload your tour before
even leaving the location. So it’s already processing in the cloud, While you’re on your way home. A con in my eyes is the pricing system. And while it’s very reasonable to start with just 9.99 a month, that allows you five
active tours and that’s it. You can’t have six or you have to upgrade to the next subscription
tier which is $69 a month and allows you 25, which kind of doesn’t make sense because if you started six
different accounts at 9.99 each, then you could get 30
tours for $60 a month. Anyway, to me matterport
is clearly targeted at the real estate market
where you might list a house, the house gets sold, then you unpublished the
tour to free up space, not ideal, but real estate listing seem to be the target
market for Matterport. And I’ve seen some really
stunning real estate examples that to me, make me wanna say, – shut up and take my money. – And if your focus is
solely shooting virtual tours for real estate, then I’d tell you, you should
seriously consider Matterport. Since it’s potentially the best platform for real estate virtual tours. For regular businesses like
this one where you want to host and keep your tours
hosted there permanently, It’s not necessarily the obvious choice, mostly because of the hosting issue. They seem to be updating
their overall business model on a regular basis, So hopefully we see some
improvements with the packaging. They do also have a free option where you can host one
single tour on the platform. So I definitely encourage
you to take them up on it. Even if it’s the only tour
you use with Matterport, Just say you can have some fun with some of the cool features
you saw in this video. And if you wanna get
started making virtual tours for your own paid clients, but don’t know where to get started, then today is your lucky day. All you need to do is go to the link below and check out my brand new
course of virtual tour pro. In it I’ll teach you all the
best tips, tricks and methods, you can use to get started immediately, with your very own virtual tour business. You’ll learn the exact strategies
I use to land my first, second, third, fourth, fifth,
10th and 20th paid client. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Right now there are tons of
businesses, just like F45, who have big marketing
budgets just sitting there, waiting to be spent on something. All you need to do is figure out how to get in front of
ideal clients like these and you can easily get paid for your virtual tours in no time. In the course you’ll learn how
to attract your own clients like this, then you get to
steal my entire 360 workflow for creating professional virtual tours with a point and shoot, 360
camera, like I used here. So if you’re ready to make the transition into doing what you love for Living, then click the link in the description and starting your own
professional 360 journey today. Alright, that’s it for today. Happy 360ing, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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  7. Is there a restricted viewing, or private (password) viewing only option, for internal corporate client use only (no public eyes)?

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