How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Business

How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Business

I received a question from Lindsey about
Instagram Bloggin Brandi would you recommend having different Instagram
accounts for fitness clean eating recipes and personal what are some
examples of attraction marketing and how could I start implementing them and how
do you pick an avenue to brand yourself well Lindsey let’s break this down so how do
you pick an avenue to brand yourself if you’re an expert author speaker coach
coming up with programs different books I would brand yourself under your name
by choosing something like for me I did bloggin Brandi if you’re
starting to business we’re gonna be selling something one day such as a
product or service and you’re gonna be surrounding the business around that
product or service then you might choose a name marketing for that business which
would be but just remember that your logo and your name
are just a shell that you are the one that’s gonna fill that that’s where the
branding comes in it doesn’t really mean anything until you put something behind
it you’re the meaning behind the name the logo the brand I have a startup
checklist that I will include in the description below it helps you in
choosing a business name I have some name generators that I use sometimes if
you can’t think of stuff so cool tools and all they’re free so you can play
with them and see what works for you hopefully that helped you kind of think
about how to pick an avenue to brand yourself when you’re deciding usually
that’s where people get hung up whether there are they’re gonna go under
their name or should they choose a business name and remember that you can
always choose this later but if you actually go under a brand and brand
yourself you can always come out with products underneath your name and for me
when I come up with a product I actually create a website and a full-blown
marketing campaign around the actual product so I make every one of my
product and I buy a domain name for those
products to go along with that okay would you recommend having different
Instagram accounts for fitness cleaning eating recipes and personal when you are
first starting out I would stick to one profile and perfected if you’re talking
about clean eating recipes fitness and you’re saying should I share these on my
personal profile well for me I would think that it’s part of your personal
branding and it’s something that you probably do in your everyday life so all
this things should technically go together for you it sounds like this
might be a brand type question I would start with a personal account and get
creative on your post your theme and your pattern. people are very visual
on Instagram so maybe start with posting a fitness tip in one post share a
healthy eating recipe in another post and then share a personal photo maybe of
you sharing that recipe with your family eating it or doing your fitness routine
giving a fitness tip on video just your facial recognition Instagram like I
said is a visually appealing platform and your profile is your resume on
Instagram as well as your bio that’s what people look at your hashtags are
the key to people finding your content so it’s not necessarily about your
profile as much as it is about your post and how you’re tagged in your post on
Instagram but if you’re putting a fitness post up and you’re tagging it
all about fitness then that’s gonna be driving the traffic to that if it’s your in
tip on clean recipes or eating and you’re putting your hashtag healthy
eating whatever that hashtag you want to make sure you’re using active hashtags
that people are searching but not too overly searched a little tip and a
bonus tip is when you’re on instagram try to use eleven hashtags are the way that people find your content so chalene johnson i
love her and she is someone you should follow on instagram one for tips and
advice and also she is in your niche she has fitness and she does really funny
things her profile is really bangin and I know that she has separate Instagram
accounts that she feeds off of and I’m not saying not to have them at some
point a lot of people do have more than one Instagram account but to start out I
would stick to one and make sure that you get a following unit you can always
branch out make one that’s just about recipes just about fitness and later on
once you kind of perfect your formula and figure out that you’re getting the
right followers behind you but if you’re putting all that in and having multiple
multiple accounts you may not be getting the results that you want or driving the
traffic to your bio which would be your link or your conversion page which is
what I’m getting to next which is your next question I’m including a guide for
Instagram down below I tell you how to set up your bio all about your hashtags
and posting and what works for Instagram over other platforms so you can start
implementing this at your business so definitely check the link in the
description below and check that out it’s going to give you some awesome
setup tips and tools and resources I use and some automated ways when you can
post what are some examples of attraction
marketing and how can I start implementing them just making sure that
you’re attracting the right market and you’re essentially funneling them to a
sale this is a really good kind of visual you’re essentially checking them
so for me I picked it from YouTube videos to actual email opt-in this video
would be the Instagram opt-in so telling you like hey go get my instagram opt-in to
a product or service affiliate link whatever it is that I’m selling starting
out this is how I would set it up I would make sure to have a great looking profile
with your photos as well as a personal bio so people know what you do and it’s
a really good thing to you still emojis if that’s your personality on Instagram
because not everybody uses them and I do find it helps people kind of relate to
you in the profile show a little personality behind it make sure that
you’re posting once a day on Instagram it’s really important for the algorithm
and to make sure that people know that you’re consistently showing up it’s just
like any other platform if you’re showing up every day and they’re seeing
who you are and what you’re about then they’re more likely gonna follow you and
engage with you because you want real people to follow
you to get right so keeping your story going throughout the day it’s also
really important on Instagram to stay top of mind a lot of people don’t use
stories but they are one of the first watched things on your profile when people
see them they automatically go to that story and start watching it and what’s
the fastest way to get the message to people usually video audio people want
to hear it quick and fast if they see you on screen they’re more likely to
click on that because that’s kind of like fun but in visual for them. they
can get the information quicker and it works better you can always draw them to
the link and your profile which is what you should be doing on Instagram to try
those sales so drive traffic to your link in your bio which would be your
conversion site to either get to their email by offering them a free download
or a product page to sell them on the so have some third party platforms that
work with Instagram that you can actually click on and go and make sales
they have platforms that will help your followers they can register and so if
you put something up and say hey if you want to buy this t-shirt comment with
your size and then what it does to send them a message and allows them to go
actually checkout so there’s tons of different programs out there that you
can look into and I’ve included some of them in my guide so sending them to a
product page or some type of conversion site in your link this can also be an
affiliate link if you just have an affiliate link maybe it’s a yoga mat or
something that you’re promoting on Amazon and you want to share your Amazon affiliate link
you can just be promoting that I would always encourage you to be directing
someone where you can get their contact information because you want to be able
to strengthen and build that relationship not just on the Instagram
platform or whatever platform you’re on but also off of that platform on your
email list so that you can constantly be talking to them one on one and know that you have their
full attention and most people check email everyday. The other thing you can do is go on live
or even on a post and give a tip and direct them to and say hey a free
fifteen twenty minute call that you’ll give them and then during that 15 or 20
minute call you can pitch them on your other product or service or whatever
else you have going on at a time and it’s a really good way to get feedback
from people and pick their brain obviously they’re gonna be in your niche
and you’re wanting to learn from them they’re gonna be asking questions which
is a great time for you to take those down and help you develop your product
or service maybe if you’re not sure what you want to sell it
getting feedback for people is a great way to develop a product or service when
you aren’t sure what you want to sell when you’re driving traffic keep in mind
you’re not trying to force your products and services down someone’s throat
you’re just trying to warm them up and be there show up for them you want to
build a relationship with them like I said both on Instagram off Instagram
every day we you’re just getting that trust and bond built between the two of
you and your consistency in showing up is doing that by allowing them to trust
you and strengthen that relationship between you and your brand and them. and
that helps whenever customer service complaint or something comes up it lets
them know that they can reach out to you that you’re gonna handle it or take care
and make it right and also it lets them know that maybe you’re not going to
promote something that they wouldn’t like if they trust you and once people
start building a relationship with you and they begin to have that they’re not
gonna go somewhere else they’re gonna come to you believe it’s just how people
work like I said I’m including my Instagram guide in the description below
to help you set up your Instagram right get your profile your feed and attract
the right audience for your potential customers to buy from you Thank You
Lindsey for sending in your questions I hope that this has been helpful for you
and I know that we picked these apart so that should give you some really good
ideas to get started on Instagram I’m brandi of where you
can find tons of free resources to help you brand your business don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel and join my facebook group which I’m including in
the description below so join the party over on Facebook thank you for watching
and I will see you in the next video would you recommend having OMG don’t leave on multiple computers when you are trying to work and record and deal with your dogs walking around in the background barking Get over here now and stop it just remember that your logo and your name
are just a shell that you are the do that that’s where the branding
comes in

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  1. Super great tips about how to use Instagram for business. I've seen so many changes on the platform over the past few years. What your thoughts on the "follow for follow" think happening on IG? Do you think that's damaging the platform?

  2. Yes, it's really important to have great content and to use Instagram stories to have your users engaged. Great tips!

  3. Hey Brandi
    We provide graphic designing service via let me know your feedback and any suggestions

  4. Love Lindsay's question! I'm debating on creating a new insta for a blog that I've been wanting to start. Thanks for all the tips, love!

  5. I decided at some point…that this is what I do…and if my friends don't want to see my stuff… then too bad. it was a hard thing to cross over… but I thought… heck… this is my life… so why not…and I'm glad I did! 🙂 Thanks so much for the instagram tips. I'm new to instagram… so I"m still poking around…not sure what to do with it… but I will start to try to post once a day…. and I've been fiddling with stories… so I guess I should continue that !!!

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