How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business [2018]

How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business [2018]

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. I am
Ashley Perkins, your marketing mentor. If you weren’t already aware, Instagram is
one of the biggest social media giants on the market right now. With over 200
million active monthly users, and officially, 25 million active business
accounts; it’s clear that they’re not going anywhere. If you aren’t already
on the visual platform, you’re definitely missing a huge chunk of your audience,
and opportunities to connect with and convert them. If I’m being honest, a
lot has changed on Instagram since they rolled out initially. It seems as though
they’re rolling out new updates on a monthly basis! In case you’re wondering
what was happening with Instagram by the end of 2017,
you can check out a video I put together on that here. But, I come today with good
news. You can still build a business successfully off of the Instagram
platform — you’ve just got to know where to start. Today in this video, I am
going to give you that starting point, so you can take off running and really
leverage Instagram to grow your business this year in 2018. First things first, let’s talk about a
few new updates that have rolled out since I shared that video last year in
2017. Instagram isn’t exactly keeping it a secret that they’re prioritizing video
content. From their new features like polls inside of stories, searchable
hashtags inside of Instagram Stories, as well as geo-locations, it’s obvious that
Instagram wants us using their Stories feature to create and share micro video
content that connects and engages our audience.
Instagram rolled out the ability to go live last year, but what they’ve done is
take that one step further, and have now given us the ability to dual broadcast
our live streams. Meaning, you can invite somebody to join you on your live
broadcast, so you can have more of the conversational-style, or an interview-style live feed; again collaborating with others in your industry, or even your
target market. They’re also rolling out desktop capabilities like the ability to
view Stories on desktop, as well as any of your saved posts, so that is just
hinting at the direction that Instagram is headed this year. Meaning, that by the
end of 2018 they’re likely going to have a predominantly, if not completely,
desktop functional website. Finally, Instagram is making it easier than ever
for brands and influencers to collaborate and create sponsored posts
together, which is perfect for any of you bloggers out there, or people that are
regularly working with other brands. Now you don’t necessarily have
to be the one putting revenue behind a sponsored post, a brand actually has the
capability to do that for you if that’s how you worked your contract out. So now
that we’re all up to date with where Instagram is at as of this point in 2018,
let’s talk about how you can actually build your business using all of these
features strategically. My first tip for successfully growing your business using
Instagram not just in 2018, but from here on out, is to show up
consistently. I, just as well as anyone else, can understand that life sometimes
gets in the way. But, it is so worth it to take an hour or two once a week, and just plan out your Instagram content for the week.
Instagram has not allowed any third-party access to its API when it
comes to actually scheduling and posting something on your behalf. But, you can at
least schedule everything in the back end like the caption, the photo, and the
hashtags that you want to go with each, so that when it comes time to post
you’re completely prepared and can spend more time engaging with your audience
versus wondering what you’re going to share. That just makes showing up
consistently every day at the best time that much easier for you!
Secondly, you want to make sure that you are using all of the features available
to you on Instagram because they didn’t roll these features out for no reason. In
fact, because of Instagram’s new algorithm, only about 30 percent of your audience
actually sees the content that you’re sharing to your feed whether you’re
sharing it to your feed every day, or every few days. If you haven’t done
your due diligence and made sure that the content you’re creating and sharing
is laser-focused on the needs of your target audience, and they stop engaging
with it, that 30% is going to get even lower. So, the second tip like I said, is
to use all of the features available to you on Instagram. That means showing
up in your Instagram Stories on a consistent basis, as well as using
Instagram’s live video feature regularly. When you’re creating content with the needs of your target audience in mind, and they’re
engaging and converting off of that content; that tells Instagram’s algorithm
to show that content to more people like your target audience, therefore, allowing
you to build your Instagram account off of that and also your business. Finally, my third tip is to always be connecting. I find more often than not,
people get way too wrapped up in the numbers on Instagram — whether that’s the
number of likes and comments a particular photo gets, the number of
viewers on their Instagram Stories, or even the amount of followers they have.
But here’s the thing, you can have 10,000 followers that sort of know you and what
you do and maybe care a little bit, or perhaps they don’t even care at all, and
are even irrelevant to you and your brand. That means you’re never
engaging with them, they’re never converting off of anything that you
share and, therefore, you’re not building your business successfully because
you’re not being strategic on Instagram. Those 10,000 followers or 5,000 likes
or 2,000 comments won’t matter because they’re not in alignment with your brand
and your business goals. All it takes is a few people to fuel your business, so
avoid getting wrapped up in the numbers and worrying about moving on to the next
milestone, and instead, focus on nurturing the relationships and the people that
have already connected with you. Show up for them and nurture them regularly,
have conversations in Instagram DM’s, tag them in your Instagram Stories, highlight
their wins, accomplishments, and their relationships with you in your posts.
That builds Stories which build successful connections, and successful
connections build your business. So, even if you have 50 followers, or 500 followers
you can build a business on Instagram as long as you stop worrying about how
you’re gonna get the next 50 followers, or the next 50 likes and just focus on
building relationships with the people who already show up for you. There
you have it! Some new Instagram updates to get started in 2018, as well as three
steps for successfully building your business with Instagram. Now if you’re
ready to start monetizing your Instagram account, you can check out a video that I
did on that here, and if you really want to get serious about your Instagram
strategy click the link below this video and download my free social media
strategy template. It’s got all of the prompts in there you need to create a
really rock-solid Instagram strategy that’s going to catapult your business
in 2018. If you enjoyed this video make sure you hit the like button below,
and leave me a comment and share your biggest takeaway. Also, it’s always a good
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share new videos every week. That way, you will never miss a beat! Thank you so
much for watching and I will see you in the next video.

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