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  1. Take a step back and realize it’s not going to happen right away ! But folks keep thinking it’s going to happen overnight!! I keep trying to teach this on my YouTube channel too 👍🔥💰

  2. You are inspiring me so much Gary to keep going and not give up, If I'll become successful then it's going to be because of you, I have big goals for this year! I even just Created a Youtube Channel to follow my progress. I would love some support/feedback from you guys, hit that subscribe button…. 2020 it's our year, let's do this….Peace!

    This is Super Hard Stuff.
    Waking up, seeing Reality and then REALLY EMBRACING YOUR TRUTH.
    Gary's been beating this message until FINALLY!…

  4. Out here changing lives. New age Ghandi. Past that…🙏😤💯🌠 Thank you for being you Gary, Thank you for changing the world!!!

  5. Gary i have an opportunity to work in NY for 12 months my family says it would be a wasted year and to just do a masters now (which I want to do) but a year in NY would be fun and epic. And at 24 I don’t see how 1 year extra is that big a deal. Could I work at vaynermedia? I have some Editing skills already in premiere pro. Even part time on weekends in addition to my full time work I’d love.

  6. This man is sick awesome. Someone who makes shirts for a living needs to make his statement “you have to put in the work and grow some patience “

  7. Your passion can sometimes be scary to pursue because you are afraid it might not succeed, but when you love something so much, it won’t fail, just do it on the side at first and like Gary is saying instead of watching netflix, spend that time into your passion and i am a 1000000% sure in a years time you will be soo far ahead of where you are today. Start and keep going!

  8. I've turned my passion of creation, food, and information into a "Business". My YouTube channel isn't monetized yet, but I would like to get there someday. If I could get some constructive criticism from you folks, that would be great. Otherwise, have a great day. 🙂

  9. True! At the very least find something you see yourself tolerating for many many years. I personally vent into my first venture without really being self conscious and finally adjusted to something that I enjoy way more. You still gotta grind everyday though, no way around it 🙂

  10. let me come work for you for FREE being your assistant or someone's assistant or intern around you Gary. I gotta get into your space and soak up your knowledge and energy. In need of strong mentors and leadership roles in my life and managing this GNC while running my business isn't doing it.

    Willing to work my face off for FREE for 90 days. If I'm not the hardest worker youve hired you can fire me and I'll
    Just be grateful af I had the opportunity.

  11. Your timing is crazy bro. I literally just had this conversation with my mom like 20 minutes ago before I saw this vid.

  12. Garyvee!!! I'm commenting on your YouTube videos until I get an audience with you. I want 30 minutes of your time nothing more. You'll be used to my name before it's over. I'm pot committed so I'll either look like a huge asshole (which I'm cool with,) or you'll reach out! You've helped me cut so many excuses and bullshit out of my life, I'd love your insight into my projects that can truly change the world.


  14. I turned my passion into a business very simple. I love personal development and psychology, so I started YouTube channel when I talk about personal development. I create books, courses, podcasts etc. In 21st century this is very simple.

  15. Thank you Gary vee I was very upset at the time listening to it. But after this I got a energy to hustle a bit, then I will hustle again and agin will have a momentum to reach my goal

  16. This is very inspiring. I just started my personal brand and because of your videos I have created a YouTube channel to show my progress. Love your channel!

  17. People are looking for better lives. They have problems. You need to satisfy these problems.
    Young entrepreneurs are worrying a lot that they live in small towns or poor countries.

    Big cities open more opportunities.
    My brothers emigrated to the US from Ukraine 15 years ago.
    They are happy there.
    However, if you have the internet and wish to work hard – don't worry if you can't go to big cities.
    You have everything that you need to grow.
    Build connections online.
    I do it in Ukraine because I have the internet – it's enough.
    Follow me and connect with me.

  18. Great point Gary. Truth is, if you're not passionate about your hustle it's extremely difficult to apply a true entrepreneurial mindset and methodology to it. When you're building a startup you need to be prepared to experiment, fail fast, rapidly validate, and put in the extra hours over and over again. The whole process is honestly a bit insane and there's no way someone can stick with it unless you're truly living it. Sweet potato pie has gotta be life! 🥧🥔🥧

  19. This video gave me the chills. I was just asking myself the other day what's the one thing am really passionate about. I think im getting there. Can't wait for the whole interview!

  20. Gary is a great motivator. If you're looking for side hustle ideas there are TONS all over Youtube. I myself love Reyes the Entrepreneur and Reezy Resells.

  21. I just saw this video and something inside me woke up. The story in this video is totally me. Thank you Gary for Your advice…

  22. 0:27 SELAH.. 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️


    1:29 PREACHHHHHHH..! 💯🎯💯🎯💯

    – @Acharich

  23. I love your channel gary . Love your content . You inspire me so much.Youve inspired me to starting My own channel to showcase what I have For nd what I have to offer . Thank you. Love you Bro.

  24. I made the jump at 16, dropped myself out, enrolled in distance education for traveling families, graduated with a 3.9 gpa and then started my music business sitting at 2.5 million spotify plays this year, and 20,000 current monthly listeners. I am withdrawing royalties monthly from all the major distros, without being signed to a single label. HARD work, passion, long nights, lots and lots of doubt from everyone around me. Now I get handshakes.

  25. I went for it this year. Last year i spent just planning ideas.. I have had enough. I don't know anything because i don't do anything. I sell enamel pins.. No buyers just yet. But i love the hustling.

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