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  1. WHERE SHOULD I START?! Okay I'm looking to start my own religious ministry and I want to protect the name is have in mind. what should I do? Do I get it copyrighted, trademarked or get a llc?! I don't have a logo just a name. Any suggestions?!!

  2. great video it help me a lot it's a blessing to know that I have attorney in my back pocket with being a associate with legal shield and how it goes hand to hand

  3. Hey everyone I'm in need of some help. Can I trademark my own name? Just my regular name, like
    Joe budden or Kendrick Lamar, Kanye west. All those names.

  4. In the future I am thinking of starting my own home based business so my own home based business will need a company name this is why I am looking into trademark and copyright and patent etc laws

  5. What if before I register as a business and I have a domain name which will be my business name in time, could I register that name as a trade mark before I register it as a business?

  6. Does trademarking protect you against people making transactions in your trademarked name? i.e. All caps name? Because I found my birth certificate being traded on "fidelity"

  7. Hey just wondering I am registering a trademark and on owner type it comes up with individual and registered company just wanted to know what one would be for a sole trader ? would be much appreciated 🙂 x

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