How to Survive Flying Emirates Economy Class (Top Tips)

– Guys, welcome back! In this video, I’m flying in Emirates economy
class. Yes, you heard right – economy class. But flying economy can be great too. Do you want to know how? In this video, I’m going to show you. Let’s go! Today, I’m going to fly on the Emirates A380
to Zurich. I’m flying economy class so today’s video
is to show you a few tips and tricks on how to enjoy economy class. I love this water fountain and the elevator
feature here. These elevators are huge. If you’re flying economy class, you can still
pay to come in to the lounge or if you have a priority pass or if you have a lounge key
credit card, you can come and use the Marhaba lounge here. So, I think that if you make a small investment
to enhance your journey, your journey will be much happier. Even flying on economy class I’m so excited
because I love flying on aeroplanes so much! So, today’s flight is not full – I’m really
lucky. I have four empty seats in the middle and
I love the A380 – in terms of comfort, nothing is better. I actually abandoned my original seat. My original seat was in the first section
– it was actually in the quietest one – but because the load is so low, you can move around
and pick your seat from anywhere at the back. Now, you want to ask: Sam, how did you find
these empty seats? Here’s a tip for you: I used a website called
Expert Flyer. Expert Flyer is actually a paid subscription
site – it actually brings up the real time seat map of lots of airlines and so I can
monitor the seat map up to one hour before departure and find the empty seats so that
I can swap them on board. – Hi, we’re doing toys today, so would you
like to have a bag or a colouring in book? Hello.
– [Woman] Thank you. – Are we friends now? Thank you! What’s your name? – [Little boy] Chase. – Chase, okay. I have a bag and I have a colouring
in book. Would you like one? Okay. – Just to give you a little hint here – rows
68 and 81 in the window, A68A, 81A, 68K, 81K has enormous leg room. So these are very good seats. But generally, Emirates try to sell these
seats when you want to secure the seat early. My advice is: Come on board and check it out
– if it’s empty, then grab it. The challenge of filming on the A380 is the
window here. Between the inner window and the outer window
there’s a huge gap so it really hinders your filming but it’s a really enjoyable aeroplane
to fly on. It’s so quiet. Here’s a little travel tip for you: During
the months of February, May and November, these are the quiet months, the low season. Not only are the fares lower but there’s also
less people on the plane, so you may have more room like I have. When I fly economy class, I usually buy a
bottle of water just to keep my body hydrated. I don’t usually drink a lot of alcohol just
to keep my body easy on the flight. Something that I always bring in my backpack
is an eye-shade and that helps. I know that Emirates also give you eye-shades
on longer flights or overnight flights as well. And I always listen to music, so a headset
is a must. – Hi Sam. So, I’ve got a chance right now to show you
what we have in this little pouch, cute pouch, for the infants. – [Sam] This is like a baby comfort kit. – Yeah, that’s for the infants. Alright, here we have “Lion Lewis” and this
is a blanket for the kids who are under five years old. – Guys, no one used the Emirates children’s
items like I did! I just want to show you how cool these children’s
items are. Fantastic! – [She speaks foreign language] – Alright guys, I think she gave you a huge hint; at the end of the video, I’m going to tell you
where she’s from. Take a guess. Guys, this is the children’s meal on Emirates. It almost has a full portion like an economy class adult meal. Big portion. Let’s see what it is. Oh, this is like a pasta dish. – Would you like to have the chicken or the
beef, sir? – [Sam] Beef please.
– Sure. Enjoy your meal, sir. – Right guys, it’s dinner time. Are you ready for the ASMR on the Emirates
A380? Salad. In terms of food, the trend these days is
that there’s a lot of beans and there are a lot of vegetables in the appetisers – there’s
hardly any meat. Overall, I think it’s still a very generous
meal, a very respectable meal. – Hello. – [Sam] Hello.
– Would you like some tea? – Ah, I’m okay today, thank you.
– Thank you. – So, this flight is not full; I’ve been walking
around and talking to the crew, passing the time with Meso here, from Egypt. – Hey! – He’s actually fasting.
– Yeah. – This is the month of Ramadan. But I have a question to ask you. I know that this is really hard – you fly,
you serve on the plane and, you know, you can’t drink, you can’t eat. As we are landing in Zurich at about 8 PM,
would you use the Dubai time to break your fast or would you have to use the local time,
Zurich’s time, to break your fast? – No, actually I have to follow the local
time. So it should be, like, fifty minutes after
we land. – That’s extra tough for you! There’s two hours difference between the time
zones, so that means that you have to fast two hours longer.
– Yeah. – Extra hard for you. Very delicate. – So now, in Emirates, we have, for the people
who are fasting, all Muslims, we have this Iftar box. It’s very interesting, a very nice shape – like
an Islamic calendar. – So, Meso, what’s inside of that box, may
I ask? – Okay, sure, so basically, you have some
water and we have fresh lemon, we have dates and we have salad, bread and a sandwich as
well. And after you’ve finished, of course, we have
some dessert with nuts. It’s amazing, it’s like a full meal with everything
that you have in this box. – So, you give these Iftar boxes during sunset. – Yeah, we do and, of course, we have to announce
it, if they’re timed, and of course you can take it with you. You don’t have to take it like normal trays,
so people… – You can also take it home and break your
fast at home.
– Yeah, of course. Exactly. – Well thank you, Ramadan Kareem.
– Thank you. – To you and to all of the Muslims who are
fasting at the moment. – Thank you so much, appreciate that. I think that you will agree with me that,
in terms of entertainment, no other airline’s entertainment comes close to Emirates ICE. There’s just thousands of choices, endless
choices. In terms of internet, Emirates gives free
internet to all of the passengers on board. If you are a Skyward gold or above, you get
free internet across in economy, otherwise you get 20 MB for free and then you have to
pay for the rest of your internet. In terms of speed, it really varies depending
on usage. On the older planes, they have 800 kbps. On the newer planes with live TV, they can
go up to 3 mbps download speed. Flat beds in economy! So lucky! Who needs first class? Who needs business class when you can have
the same flat bed in economy for a fraction of the price! Let me know guys – have you ever had a chance
to lay across the four seats in the middle in economy? The toilets, there’s four toilets at the front. This is a bit special – you have to walk up
some little stairs to get in to the toilet. If I didn’t tell you that I’m in the toilet,
then you wouldn’t know because this toilet here on the A380 in economy is much bigger
than the other toilet on other planes that I’ve been on. Doing a bit of exercise during the flight here. Just, sort of, doing a bit of a stretching
exercise. – Hello, would you like to have biscuits or
a KitKat? – KitKat please.
– Sure, there you go sir. – You guys don’t give sandwiches anymore? No more sandwiches before landing? – The sandwiches are on the other service
on the other flight. – Oh, sandwiches are for Europe.
– Yes. – Okay. I just moved back to my original seat which
is 50K. I really like this seat actually. It has the best view from the window here. It also has a wall so that you can recline
and you’re not reclining in to anybody here. – [Sam] Alright, see you. Bye, bye.
– Bye, sir. – Well, that was my flight and I hope you
liked the video and that you found the tips useful and see you next time. Okay guys, thanks for flying economy with
me and I hope that you found the tips useful. I want to hear something from you as well,
if you’ve got any good tips about travelling in economy and feel free to comment in the
comments section. The winner will get a 1:200 Emirates A380
model, so guys, please feel free to comment and thanks for watching.

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