How to Stop Bingeing on Sweets | Highlights from Season 2 Episode 10 | Weigh Down TV

How to Stop Bingeing on Sweets | Highlights from Season 2 Episode 10 | Weigh Down TV

GWEN SHAMBLIN: Here we go! Thank you God for another day! Thank you all for coming! Here we go; we are on our way to Episode Tenóit
is How to Eat Sweets, and that is what we are going to talk about today. A lot of the world does not even know it is
okay to eat sweets. I praise God for an opportunity to talk about
that and many other things as we are starting a forty day challenge for everybody to get
ready before Christmas. Candace is going to go over a few more of
those things in a minute. I wanted to say some shout-outs first. Thank you Sherry from Canada; I wanted to
say hello to Sherry and to April Pettit and then Christine from Indianaóshe has just
started Basics and has already lost nine pounds this week. Is that not great?! In one week! That is awesome! Praise God for that! That is beautiful, beautiful! I want to, at this point, bring up Candaceówe
have got a lot to talk about. There is a lot going on. You all welcome Candace Anger today and praise
God! CANDACE ANGER: I love your outfit! GWEN: I love your outfitóit is print day
today. We decided to go in together and do animal
prints today, so we are coordinating here. Yes. CANDACE: Yes, and I am already having fun! GWEN: Okay, tell me about Facebook because
that is the most exciting thing I have heard in a long time. CANDACE: Facebook is going crazy and, I do
not know if it is the Weigh Down group Facebookóso if you are not a part of that, there is so
much encouragement on there. I think they have a picture of your post that
you posted yesterday about this forty day challenge. Basically, what you were saying in the office
was, ìLet us make this the most God-focused, least food-focused holiday that we have ever
had.î So, people are on thereÖand you said, ìPost your before pictureî and then on Christmas
we are all going to post our after pictures. GWEN: This will be rocking and what was wild
was I said, ìWe usually do about forty daysî and Candace came back in the office and said,
ìIt is forty days to Christmas starting now!î And I said, ìLet us go for it!î I am sitting
there saying, ìHow fun will it be for us to go in there and eradicate the food focus.î
All these other diet programs are starting in January, not us. We can put this outótell every one of your
friends, tell the worldóthe only weight loss program that dares to even begin to talk about
weight loss and here we go. We are going to do it and do you know what? We are going to be thinner, we are going to
get there, and this is going to be so fun. I love it when we all get in there and go
for it together and go in there. Hey, all of my other buds are sacrificing
and putting that down. I want to see more turning around and more
walking out of the kitchen than I have ever seen in my life. I want toÖyou can write it down, I want you
to journal itóI walked in, I walked out. I walked in, I walked out. I want that pantry door locked. We are talking about sweets today. CANDACE: I feel like that post has already
changed me. Even filling out my shopping listówhat I
am really thinking about is, ìHow am I going to serve everybody?î You were talking about
that in the office yesterday. GWEN: Absolutely. CANDACE: You were talking about that Secret
Saint and how the focus is totally off food. GWEN: Would that not be fun? I love that concept. CANDACE: You were talking about taking care
of different families and just getting your focus completely off yourself and off the
food for the holidays. I think this is going to be the godliest time. Super fun for us is December 5th. That show, this You Can Overcome show on December
5th, we started another thread on Facebookóit is going to be the Ask Gwen show. GWEN: Oh, okay. So, December 5th? CANDACE: December 5th. So, just post all your questions there, we
will grab them off. That is a couple of weeks from now. Next week we is very exciting, we are going
to talk about shopping, going into the shopping season. So we are going to be talking about shopping
next week. GWEN: Ahh, yeah, one more thingóshopaholics. CANDACE: Do not miss next week. Then we are going to have a very special guest
the week after Thanksgivingósomeone who has lost weight during the holidays and lost a
lot of weight; we will have a special guest. She is going to talk about how she lost that
weight during the holiday season. I am so excited! GWEN: What a great line-up! It is a great line-up! You cannot miss any of them! CANDACE: It is fun. If anybody is going to be in town for Thanksgiving,
we have church here on Wednesday, Friday we are doing a godly movie over here that you
set up, and then on Sunday, Zion Market, which is a lot of fun. It is saints going around and shopping and
stuff. If you want to come down this way for Thanksgiving,
we are down here and we will have a lot of fun. GWEN: Oh, yes. Those are some of the funnest daysóthose
Markets. CANDACE: I have got some fun sale stuff that
maybe I will save to the end of the show. We will have some resources to help some people,
some stuff that you have done, and said about sweets. We will make sure everybody gets a chance
to get those. GWEN: Everybody, just that announcement right
there, is going to make everybody watch the show all the way to the end. That one right there, I am going to stay here,
I am not leaving, and I want to hear about it. So, okay, we have more to come here on todayís
show. We have a special guest, Candace, would you
like to give some facts here? I would love for them to put up a before picture
here. CANDACE: You will not believe it, she is so
adorable and godly. It is our sweet Carmen Snider; she lost sixty
pounds and then went in there and saw what God was doing with sweets she lost another
ten pounds. She is down seventy pounds through Weigh Down. GWEN: I think there is one more before picture;
there you go. Now you are going to get a chance to see her
now after losing seventy pounds. Welcome, Carmen Snider! CANDACE: Come on up! GWEN: Oh, bless you; bless you for coming
on the showóso sweet! So sweet. Does she not look great? I mean, please, this is awesome, awesome,
awesome! We cannot wait to hear your story. CARMEN SNIDER: I cannot wait to tell you thank
you. I do pray that the words come out today because
I cannot get close to you without a lump coming up in my throat. I am so grateful for how God has used you
in my life to bring about so many changes. There have been so many mentors and examples;
people much more worthy than me to be up here today. Anything that I say did not originate from
me, it is from everything I learned here and put into practice. I will be foreveróforeveróthankful. GWEN: I am only grateful to God Almighty. So, tell us where you wereówhat did life
look like prior to understanding Godís Word? CARMEN: Not tons of fun. It goes back to 2000 when I was struggling
to lose a little bit of baby weight from my first son. I complained to a friend about that and she
said, ìHey, have you heard about this book, it is called The Weigh Down Diet? I have read it and I have been losing weight.î
So I went to the library and I got it. I think I probably just read the first couple
of chapters and just stared minimally applying the principles. I lost the baby weight right away. This made total sense. I ended up getting pregnant with my second
son, which was a blessing. During the pregnancies I would always get
real sick and so I kind of figured out early on that to stop that, I would just eatóall
the time, and a lotóall the time and I gained a lot of weight. After I had him I had this extra weight now
to lose. I started dieting again, started exercising,
and I forgot all about Weigh Down. God sweetly, sweetly, reminded me about that
book. I got the book again and I read it again. This time I do remember, I do recall, so this
would have been 2003, reading a little bit further into the book. I remember feeling a little bit of conviction
when you talked about loving something else over loving God. I got a little teary-eyed thinking, ìHave
I done that? Have I turned food into an idol? Have I loved this more than the creator?î
I called myself a Christian all my life and yet have I not even followed the first commandment? I applied the principles; lost some weight,
and got pregnant againóI kid you not. It was very sweet, another blessing. I was silly enough to replay that whole sceneóI
forgot about Weigh Down again, gained a whole bunch of weight again, dieted, exercised,
everything to get it off. I remembered the book; again God was so merciful,
went and got it. I kid you not, I had not even lost the first
pound before I was pregnant again. GWEN: So, a total of four pregnancies. That is a story in and of itself. CARMEN: Yes, I did start to make the connection
though, soÖ GWEN: About how to have babies? CARMEN: So, I forgot about Weigh Down again! I had that baby and had even more weigh this
time. I dieted, exercised, supplementsóI remember
going to a health food store at this point. I had tried the unhealthy stuff so I thought
I was going to get healthy metabolism booster this time. The sweet lady there, I said, ìDoes this
really work? Will this help me?î I did not want to spend
money if it was not going to work. And she looked right at me, and this was all
God, and she said, ìHoney, it can change metabolism, but it is not going to change
habits.î I said, ìOh, well, then this is for me because I do not even eat, it is clearly
my metabolism that is messed up. Plus, I do not have any bad habits.î It was
so ridiculous. GWEN: Is that not interesting how blind we
can be? CARMEN: I was so very blind, so arrogant. I really thought I knew everything, but I
was miserable. At that point I felt like it was all coming
to a climax because I was in church every week, but I was also in counseling once a
weekóin Christian counseling. I was on the highest allowable dose of anti-depressants. I was miserable; I was mean and angry and
hateful and just a terrible person. I was eating my way through all of that pain. Around that time my mother passed away and
there was just a lot. I was so very unhappy. I remember the night where I was in bed and
literally cried, literally cried out to God, ìGod, this cannot be who You want me to be;
this cannot be who You created me to be. Please if You are the Potter and I am the
clay, please mold me and help me. Chisel away all of these old crusty pieces
of this heart.î It was either that night or very soon after, because I remember being
in bed again and saying, ìHey, Clint, do you remember that Weigh Down Diet book?î
That was the only thing that ever worked, that I could ever see working for the rest
of my life. I was smart this time and I did not go get
the book because I thought every time I touch that book I get pregnant. GWEN: No, we still had not made the connection
here! CARMEN: I am not lying. I signed up for an online class. I took that online class, got in the homework,
stayed in online classes and the rest is history. GWEN: History. Oh, wow. So, amazing. An amazing amount of grace from Godóis that
not something? CARMEN: It is amazing. GWEN: Then, like you said, all of the changes
started coming, huh? CARMEN: They did! GWEN: And the anger and now you are off anti-depressants. CARMEN: It really wants you. Yes, the anti-depressants were such a bondage
to try to even get off of those things. It was so hard, but I just thought, ìGod
is enough. God is enough for me.î I did not, like you
talked about in the book, we think we need God plus food, or God plus medicine, no, God
was enough. I was able to lay those down. When you start looking at yourself and stop
looking at everybody else and trying to change everybody else, and it is everybody elseís
fault, and to just start to realize, oh, my, I am full of greed and sin and self-focus
and selfishness and I am the opposite of Jesus Christ. GWEN: Was it reading the books that finally
brought it home? When you were in there the conviction started
coming of what you really were. CARMEN: It really was. I remember even emailing my first coordinator
and saying, ìWow, she is using words like greed and lust.î It was just a little bit
strong and then no, everything you said was backed up in scripture. Greed is idolatry and it is hurting Godís
heart to worship something that was created over the One who created it. It does not even make any sense. GWEN: Yeah. I think most of the anger that is ever projected
toward me is from thatópeople that see themselves as covered and everything is okay and how
dare somebody say that they are doing something wrong. It is miserable for a lot of peopleÖit is
impossible, it says in the Bible, for the fool to everÖ, they detest, it says in Proverbs,
turning from evilóthey hate it (Proverbs 13:19). Anyone telling them they need to is an object
of their scorn and they want to get rid of that voice. CARMEN: It was beautiful because if you do
not diagnose the problemÖ GWEN: If you are not convicted, you will never
turn. If you are not convicted, you will never turn
and it was the conviction that was missing. That is why people crave staying in this;
that is why I crave it. I crave itóit is Godís Words, I crave hearing
and seeing someone else who has gone further. Okay, you had ten more pounds to goÖ
CARMEN: Well, I did not know because my dream weight loss coming into Weigh Down, would
have been fifty pounds. And then God took off sixty, so I thought
I was way good, way clear. And yet, as time went onÖcoming into Weigh
Down there are no good foods and there are no bad foods. That was so fun, but as far as sweets went,
people would always joke that I just had a sweet tooth. So, here I am, I have the freedom to eat as
many sweets as I want. I did abuse thatóI pretty much only ate that. I will make a point that I did lose sixty
pounds pretty much just eating chips and Oreos so for people who are still thinking that
there are good foods. I do not recommend itóI do not recommend
itóbut I definitely had this pull toward this foodóthe richer the better. There were some things that were overly rich,
people would go, ìOh, it is good, but it is justÖî My husband would go, ìI can only
eat a little bit of this; it is just so rich.î I thought, ìWhat is that? I do not have this internal shutoff.î It
was never enough. The only reasons, looking back, that I would
have stopped are number one: I was feeling sick; or number two: there were people around
and I was embarrassed. Or I knew that he was going to come home and
ask, ìWho ate all the cookies? Where are all the cookies?î That probably
did happen and I blamed it on the kids or something. But it was me and just the conviction that
continues to come through being here and through being in the message. When you start to realize and make this connection
that there might be something else in your heart that, even though all things are permissible,
not all things are beneficial and I will not be mastered by anything (1 Corinthians 6:12)
that I was mastered; I was being a slave to the sweets. I justÖyou had said that if you think something
is an idol, then try going without it for a little while and see what happens. I would do that and I would try and tryóI
could not do it. I would even commit to other friends, other
saints that I would give them up for seven days. I am ashamed to admit that I never followed
through; even with my commitment, I could not do it. GWEN: It definitely was an idol. CARMEN: It definitely was an idol and it hurt;
it felt awful to carry that around. It is so hypocritical to know in your heart
that there is something that you cannot lay down, or that you told yourself that you cannot
lay down. To say that you love God and it just feels
so very hypocritical and awfulóan awful burden to bear. Coming into the Days of Awe, which is something
that we observe here at churchóforty days of introspection and looking inward and being
willing to repent of anything that is blocking you from this full, whole-hearted relationship
with God. It is almost like I could feel Him saying,
ìCan you do it? Will you do it? Will you give them up for forty days?î ìGod,
I cannot even do it for seven!î I just got down, ìGod, I have got to show You that I
love You more than the sweets; I have got to show myself that I love You more than the
sweets and I am going to do it. I am going to do it.î I set out for those
forty days to do it. It was not like I could not eat that whole
time, He had given me plenty of choices, plenty of foods to eat, good foods. It was justÖ
GWEN: You needed to show God your heart. CARMEN: When you think about it nutritionally,
it is just like really and trulyóyou need protein, you need some carbs, you need some
vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetablesóbut really they have no nutritionalÖyou do not
need them. If you went the rest of your life and never
had them, you would not be lacking for anything. Forty days, there was some testing during
that first week, ten days. On day three I think, one of my sweet, sweet
friends brought over a fresh chocolate pie. It was just likeÖI put a big sticky note
on it with a big, ìDo not go here.î I was basically force feeding it to my husband and
children, ìPlease eat this! Just take it, just take it!î There was another
time the children had brought home some candy from school and without even thinking I reached
for it and I pulled my hand back quick just as if it were a fire. No, no, no, no, no, no; I cannot go there. It was so blessed because two to three weeks
into it, I am telling you, the desire was diminishing. It was like, ìSure, here is some cakeî but
I had no desire to have it. I actually went way beyond forty days. GWEN: And then you went back into the moderation
of what GodÖ CARMEN: I did go back into it. GWEN: In the meantime you lost ten pounds. CARMEN: I did. GWEN: Well, that is another level. There are two levels that we want to talk
about today. One is obviously, for those who are out there
and sweets are not an idol, they are just a part of your overeating on a daily basis. There are some basic rules and so we are going
to take a quick break and look at this video from Weigh Down Basics on how to eat sweets. VIDEO
GWEN: Okay, well here we are, just learning how to eat regular sweets. For the holidays and all that, I am just telling people,
ìDo not take this time and think, ëhey, this is our time to binge out on this stuff.íî
If you know it has been a weakness, like you, this is a good time to just learn to say,
ìGod I love You more. I love You moreî if there is anything standing
in the way. As far as just regular size, the regular rules
here are: you take out small amounts and then you sip between bites. So that is the basic rule at the end of something. I have been saying, ìfour M & Msî and Candace
wasÖ CANDACE: I was going to ask you about the
amount, the four M & Ms, and I feel like Stewart Simpson was really on to something. GWEN: He was trying. CANDACE: I do not know if they have that picture
of the four M & Ms. GWEN: There are four M & Ms right there, so
eat no more than four M & Ms! CANDACE: He wondered if that was okay. GWEN: And there are those itsy bitsy, on the
other extreme, those little bitty tiny ones in those little containers. Most people just pop the top and go back like
this (demonstrates pouring the M & Ms in her mouth). The point there would be learning to eat that
like you do a French fry. That is when sweets are in the category of
French fries or whatever. It is just in there as a food item to you. There are a lot of menÖI hear a lot of men
say that they do not like sweets but thenÖa lot of times I hear men say that and then
they eat sweets. I think pretty much everybody, when you are
a baby you are born that way, that there are something innate. Is it okay to eat sweets at all? The thing is, is that in the Bible it says,
I have got four little principles here, but Principle One, sweets are good, sweets are
made by God for the enjoyment of mankind. In Proverbs 24:13 it says, ìEat honey, my
son, for it is good; honey from the comb is sweet to your taste.î God made it sweet to
adorn the food, your bagel in the morning, or for icing on your cinnamon toast. People will usually go after something like
that in the morning; the body is looking for broken down glucose units to get in there
pretty rapidly and sweets are digested very quickly. In fact, one of the questions that was asked
before this isÖit was one of those questions that was basically saying the opposite. CARMEN: I think I found it. GWEN: Okay, this is a question from Jennifer
Crissman, ìI also heard that it takes the body very little time and effort to digest
sweets versus protein high-fiber foods, therefore, they do not keep us satisfied long. Should we be concerned when choosing these
foods? Will we be hungrier consuming more food?î
The fact is, rarely are you eating a sweet that is absent of a fat or protein or something
in it anyway. It is a mixture. Most people do not just sit there and take
spoonfuls of honey out, they are putting it on bread and butter. You have got the butter, the bread, all of
that, but those little pieces of sugar that are already broken down go through the walls
of the stomach and get into the body quicker and so it feels great. If you think about it, people likeÖthey may
say that they do not like sweets but then go over to Sonic and pick up a biscuit and
sausage or whatever and then they are drinking a Coke with it, or something like that. Or they put sugar in their coffee. Rarely is there somebody who I interviewedÖI
did so many food recallsóthat is what I had to do as a dieticianóis sit down and ask
people, ìWhat did you eat over the last twenty four hours?î Most people were unaware what
they ate and did not think about it. It is a good thing to sit down and write down
what you do eat. When you break it down, you are going to find
sugar in the diet. The Bible says, if you believe in the BibleÖbottom
line- God made it. He did not make the animals really to like
it so much. You try to give an animalÖit was there for
the enjoyment of man, mankindójust a beautiful, sweet thing. Babies always, male or female, they will like
a sweet. It is used for behavior modification sometimes
and that type thing. One of the questions was about children eating
sweetsóthey are always asking. ìThey expect sweets after every meal, how
can I help them not to be so focused on sweets?î That is address in Raising Children Physically
and Spiritually and also in some other issues; I think it is in the book. If you separate out the meal and sweets, ìOkay,
go play and then in a little while we will have sweetsî they disassociate every meal
with a sweet. Again, though, if you go back and look at
breakfast, a lot of times there will be pancakes and syrup or toast and jelly. One of my tricks for probably eating less
of something else is like on my bagel with butter, I put just a tiny bit of table sugar
on it so that there is a lot less jelly. I notice that the jellies over the yearsÖmy
grandmother made jelly, it was all in under the beds and everything, and her jelly wasómy
definition of jellyówas very sweet. They put less and less sugar in these jams,
jellies, preserves, to save them money so I add a little sugar. I am not eating throughÖdo you know how I
talk about eating through something, looking for something? You could eat through a jelly jar looking
for the sugar and you are not going to find it like you really want it. If you are wanting a bite of something sweet,
that is one of the tricks. When I am full, I stop. It still goes back down to hunger and fullness,
hunger and fullness, hunger and fullness. We take class after class after class after
class, but it is inside the bounds of hunger and fullness. Then there is biological feedback; you can
feel what you want. People can sense

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