How To Start With No Money

How To Start With No Money

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  1. Sir Dan Lok, I'm 13 years old. And i want begin now. Should i do that or wait to when i'm 20 and on that long time i'll countinune to learn more things around myself??? Can you tell me, please?

  2. Dan lok u don't need yo use the f*** word and other profane words .. It shows that your immature and have no respect for your audience.. Grow up am starting to doubt what comes out of your mouth. Vulgar and profane language is for boys not men

  3. I'm 15 in high school, my parents won't allow to get a job because they want me to focus on school but I'm not thinking about going to university I want to have my own business one day but I don't want to wait till I'm 35 I wanna start making money asap

  4. There is no such thing as something for nothing – Napoleon Hill.
    Get a f***king job – Dan Lok
    One love for that reality check.

  5. Thanks to you sir… I Really needed this… I know now what should i do.. I cordially respect you… On the first watching of your video. . You make me crazy for reached my goal… Thanks a lottttttttt sir… Love you.. Allah bless you…

  6. This video should serve to DEBUNK ALL VIDEOS telling you how to make money with nothing!! I would add that you also need EXTRA money – so the job has to pay enough to accomplish that AND leave you enough time/money for starting a business/making money online…

  7. One of the most encouraging talks l have ever listened to. Very straight to the point. It makes me judge and get the stage l am now in Career and in investment. Well done sir.

  8. Thanks Dan, for the basic stuff I already know…. Also, I can add more curse words to a sentence than ever before. G, what would I do with that?? ?

  9. I’d love to get a job but my husband works and we can’t afford me to work. I’d be paying for daycares only. How do you advise that

  10. I sometimes I like to think I got this lecture/explanation/class in order not to be afraid of looking for a job now. Thank Dan.

  11. ah what you are saying is so helpful i dont have a job and iam asking myself what kind of investment should i invest in ? haha Thank you so much

  12. First one of these get rich videos I AGREE WITH. You have to start somewhere even if its a job. Not everyone can just start flipping houses from their parents money they give them

  13. for the first time i haven't regret wasting 5:31 of my life….
    thnks for the advice…
    ill make it big not overnight but someday…

  14. Easy to say dan lock so easy to say get a fucking job . You don't know what the big reason people don't have money enough. Special when there is a lots of debit to pay . And we can reach even the end the month. I got fucking job.

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