How to Start an Online Coaching Business from Scratch

How to Start an Online Coaching Business from Scratch

How do you actually start an online coaching
business? If you’re trying to get started with your
coaching business, whether it’s life coaching or health coaching or fitness coaching, relationship
coaching, business coaching, whatever it is, then this video is for you. All right, how do you get started with an
online coaching business? The reason that I wanted to create this video
is first of all, I wanted to share my story and what happened when I started my coaching
business because I feel it would be really helpful for you, especially if you’re getting
started with your own coaching business. And before I share that, I guess I should
start with what is coaching in particular? Because there are some people who call what
they do coaching when it’s really consulting or they use the word consulting when they’re
really doing coaching. The difference between coaching and consulting
in my belief is that coaching is when you are encouraging someone to become the best
version of themselves or for their business to become the best that it can be. And encouraging them meaning they already
have all the answers, you’re providing accountability and support and you are kind of guiding them
along. Consulting is more showing them what to do. This is how I feel it is, is just kind of
showing them what to do and then as they do it, you’re also guiding them but you’re telling
them what to do. The reason that some people kind of get a
little confused is that coaching and consulting to me is like the same thing. It’s very, very similar, which is why I just
chose a word and I went with it. Because really what I do is more in the consulting
realm where for marketing consulting, I’m telling people what to do, I’m showing them
what to do in some instances for some of my one-on-one or my done or your clients, I’m
actually doing the work for them. And then we’re kind of moving on from there. And then even in the courses, the courses
that I have are more consulting based because I’m the courses, I’m telling you exactly what
to do, how to do it, and then you just got to implement. Versus the coaching. So I’ve had some coaching clients and I realized
that actually I don’t really like coaching that much because even though I can do accountability
and do the whole rah rah, you can do it. I prefer to work with people who are self
motivated and they don’t need me to say, Hey, your homework is due. let’s get it done. So, even though I started out in coaching,
I’ve, over the last couple of months and really year or so, I have transitioned more into
just consulting. if you need coaching and you’re like, I want
you to be my accountability partner. I just, I don’t offer that. What I do offer is the project that we’re
going to do, I’m going to show you exactly what we’re doing and I’m going to show you
what you need to do and then you’re going to do it. I’m going to check your homework and then
we’re going to move on to the next piece. That’s kind of the, the idea of the difference
in my mind between coaching and consulting. But the reason that I just, I use coach is
because that’s what my clients use. I help coaches create and fill their coaching
program. And a lot of my clients are coaches who do
that accountability and they do help people in, doing those calls to kind of get them
going and doing what they need to do. But some of my clients are kind of technically
consultants where they’re teaching people and sharing with them what to do and kind
of guiding them along the way as well. before we get bogged down into which is which,
and maybe you can comment below and let me know which you’ve always used and in which
instance. I just use coach to kind of encompass a coach
or a consultant. It’s someone who helps you achieve an outcome. When you’re wanting to start your online coaching
business, I guess that’s the first thing you can start with is how do you want to name
yourself? Do you want to be a coach where you’re just
encouraging? And I shouldn’t say just because it’s important,
especially if you’re mindset coaching, being that encouragement, helping them find the
answers within themselves, helping them self reflect, all of those things. It’s very, very powerful. And it’s definitely worthy of high value. But also you kind of think of if you’re doing
something that’s a little bit more tangible marketing strategy or business strategy or
financial planning or financial coaching, then you might be more of a consultant, but
it doesn’t really matter. But you can choose whichever title that you’d
like. But the three things that I want to share
with you on how to start Your online coaching business is number one, determine your niche. In determining your niche or your niche and
which one do you think it is? Is it niche or niche? You can comment below and let me know is that
you’ve got to figure out where you want to help someone and then what you’re really good
at. And then also where people actually need help. It’s kind of the intersection of three things,
what you’re really good at, what people need your help with and where people know they
actually need help. what they’re willing to pay for, right? For example, you might be really, really good
at helping people to determine the strategy for their life. And you may be, you’re doing life strategy
type coaching, but you’ve got to get a little bit more specific than that. And actually do have a pdf and if I can find
it, I will link it in the description. If you don’t see it there, then I didn’t find
it. But I’ve got a pdf that talks a little bit
more about this. Just in case I don’t find it, let me just
kind of go over what it is. Basically you want to link your intangible
coaching along with something tangible. For example, if your niche is life coaching
and you really want to help someone to, make a difference in their life, you have to link
that with something tangible as well. What are the outcomes that they can achieve
now that they have your life coaching? Is it that now they’re going to be more clear
on their career path? maybe it’s life and career coaching or is
it that they’re going to figure out what money blocks are holding them back? maybe it’s a life and money coaching or mindset
coaching? Is it that they’re going to be able to, they’re
going to get clarity so they can start a business. maybe it’s that clarity in the business coaching
or is it that their life is just not going to be a disorganized mess anymore, which is
going to allow them to do the things they want to do. Is it productivity? you’ve got to figure out,
there’s so many people inside of the Get Coaching Clients community, which is the group that
I host on Facebook where they answer the questions when they come in, they answer the question
of what type of coaching that you do. You do? And a lot of people say, I’m a life coach,
I’m a life coach. Life Coaching, life coaching. I think when I went through and look through
all the responses, 40 to 60%, it was a really big chunk of people who said life coaching. But then there were some other people who
did life coaching, but they were more specific where they said, I do life coaching in the
area of time management, or I help people with their productivity. You’ve got to get specific with the intangible
thing, plus the tangible. choose your niche. And I recommend that you choose two things. The intangible with the tangible. If it’s health coaching, that’s intangible,
right? Health is, you can’t pick it up on a shelf,
right? it’s intangible. Then mix it with something tangible. Is it weight loss, right? You can actually stand on a scale and see
pounds up or down. Is it fat loss? You can use calipers to see, fat go up or
down. Is it clearer skin because of better digestion
or something like that? You’ve got to figure out what that tangible
and intangible is that goes along with your coaching. You’ve got life coaching, you’ve got health
coaching, you’ve got business coaching. What types of businesses do you work with? What stage of business are they at? If you’re doing, mindset coaching, is there
a type of person that you want to work with or a particular type of outcome? you’ve got
to kind of figure out that niche, figure out who you want to work with. And if you’re having trouble with this, really
I feel the answers are inside of you. If you just, I guess I’m coaching. If you just take a moment and think about
it, who do I want to work with and really just dig deep. Then you’re going to figure out the person
that you want to work with. Usually it’s a former version of yourself
in some area of your life. I could do, financial coaching, which may
or may not be the best thing for me to do. I can do life coaching, which may or may not
be the best thing for me to do. I could do business coaching. there’s lots of areas of my life where I feel
I’ve failed and succeeded. And those are areas that I could potentially
do coaching in. it’s probably going to be some former version
of yourself, not your current version, but some former version of yourself that you’re
trying to help. And that will usually help you figure out
what your niche is. The second thing to do in order to start your
online coaching business is to figure out what certifications you need / want. Because in the U.S. coaching is largely unregulated. There’s not a specific coaching certificate
that you have to get in order to start coaching. With that said, there are some industries
where you might want a coaching certification and there’s also some ways where maybe you
do need one. recently I read an article where there was
someone who was arrested in Florida because she was giving health coaching advice and
it’s just very heavily regulated. Unless you’re a nutritionist, you’re not allowed
to tell people what they should eat and that’s why she was arrested. you want to be really clear on what certifications
you need, especially if it’s something that you need by law and especially in the area
of finance. I’m in the area of mental health in the area
of physical health. And figure out what it is that you need and
those certifications that you need most as well as the ones that you want. I know that popular certifications come from
International Coaching Federation, look into that and there’s a lot of different places
where you can get, I mean, you can get a $99 a life coaching certificate. I actually Googled it to try to figure out
what are some different places you can get certified. You definitely want to make sure when you’re
looking at the certification that it’s well-respected. In general, your clients are probably not
going to know what certification you should have before you start helping them. They’re just gonna want to work with you because
you’re you and because they feel you can help them get a transformation, but you definitely
don’t want to be that scam person that’s out there thinking that you can help people and
you can’t. Which is why I recommend that you start by
working with one client for free first. And then, I mean I think that’s my next tip. Work with one client for free first so that
you can get a feel for the coaching what you’re doing and if you could actually help people. And that is number three, which is to work
with a test client. Go out and get that first client. Usually what I recommend is that you work
with someone for free and set it up as if it were a paying client. do the same number of calls, the exact same
structure that you’re wanting to do. Talk to them about the offer the same way
that you would talk with a normal client. And the thing where I feel a lot of my clients
get tripped up is that they’re not really sure what to say in order to book that client. I’ve got two things for you. The first thing is a free five day challenge. It’s called the Gain More clients Challenge
and it will kind of take you through this process of kind of figuring out who your client
that you want to go after, what you offer, why they should work with you, maybe doing
a couple of research calls and it takes you through those pieces bit by bit. The second thing is if you truly want to get
my help, then you want to join us in Create and Fill Your Coaching Program. Inside of Create and Fill Your Coaching Program
I go through all of these steps. We start with the mindset and the energy of
a fully booked coach. We move into part one which is creating your
coaching program so you know exactly what to say, how to explain what it is to people
and be really specific about it. And then we go into part two, which is filling
your coaching program. who your ideal client is, where those people
are, where they hang out. And I give you one really, really, really
good tip on how to find coaching clients, which I’ve actually found several coaching
clients using this strategy who have come in and they have been the best clients for
this special reasons. I don’t want to give it away in this video,
but I do give that inside of the program. if you’d like to learn more about that program,
you can click the link in the description box or you can join me on my latest training,
which is Five Steps to Get Coaching Clients Fast. I will go into a lot more detail into my five
simple strategies to help you get coaching clients. And I’ll actually give you a special deal
and offer on Create and Fill Your Coaching Program if you watch that training. all the details are in the description box. Give me a like, hit subscribe and send me
some questions if you are just starting with coaching and you need some help with your
coaching program. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you
guys in the next one. Okay, bye.

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