How To Start An Online Business Using Facebook Groups

How To Start An Online Business Using Facebook Groups

How to start an online business
using Facebook groups. Even if you don’t have an
online business yet where you’ve never done any
type of business you can make a full time income
using just Facebook groups. My name is Rachel S. Lee and I
help people make money online. Working from home working from
their laptop this channel is all about working from home
affiliate marketing. Having your own products making
money with social media into that concept be
sure to subscribe. So you may or may not already
have an online business. Either way you need to pick a
niche. You need to pick what industry
that you are going to be in and what niche
what topic your Facebook group is going
to be about. So perhaps you’re already in
online business or you have e-commerce
business. Brick and mortar a coaching
business and Affiliate Marketing Business
Agency whatever it is even if you
don’t have any of that you
sell is a big niche pick. What do you like. What are you interested in. Maybe health that maybe fashion
it maybe beauty. A lot of people are into
documenting their journey of starting a
business online and having an
online business. So while people are afraid to
get into the niche of online business
because they’re new to online business they feel like a
phony or a fraud. They get imposter syndrome. I think that’s great. It should get started in tools
for marketers tools for online business
education products and softwares because
after you pick your niche you have to pick
what products are you going to
be selling in your group and don’t worry
your group doesn’t have to be
super sales or you don’t be selling all
the time. You can actually make passive
income with your group but to make money online you
still have to be selling
something. And if you have nothing to
sell that’s totally fine. I suggest to people do
affiliate marketing you can
get an affiliate link and make a
commission for referring people to courses or to softwares or to tools or
two products. Maybe you have a couple ideas
of what you’ll start off selling and then over time
you’ll start selling other
things. For me I do about three
different promos a month plus in my
group. I make a bunch of passive
income from other things. Someone might be in my Facebook
group and see for the week that I’m doing a
promotion on my friends course or my own
course but they also will get on my email list when they join the group
and get emails from whatever I’m promoting or
automated emails or freebies that are
suggesting different softwares or they scroll down the feed
and see other videos and
resources that I had and things that I
was actively promoting months ago. I’ll still make sales from
months later and that’s passive income when
people join my facebook group. I ask them three questions. Number one what do you most
want to learn here. Number two what’s your biggest
struggle with this topic. My group at the moment is about
online traffic. So what’s your biggest
struggles online traffic. Number three what’s your email
so you can get a free training and then I automatically have
this system where their email gets
imported into my email auto
responder. So I’m making money when people
are in my group but also on the back
end. Through my email lists and when
they’re on my email list I’ll also send them over
to my YouTube videos which make you money and or
send them over to my funnels and other social
media platforms webinars. There’s a lot that you can do
on the back end but you don’t
have to worry about all that. You don’t need a website to
make money with a Facebook
group. You don’t need an email list to
make money with a Facebook
group you can just do everything in
Facebook. You may be thinking that sounds
great Rachel. Okay I’ll pick in that I’ll
pick some products. How the heck am I going to get
people to join my group. Well after your group reaches a
certain number of people and there’s still
engagement in the group Facebook is just going to
recommend your group all the
time people are gonna be coming into your
group. For me I get like 20 to 30 new people joining my group
quality people every single day plus a bunch of
people that want to join my
group but just don’t approve
them. But in the beginning when you
have no one in your group or a
very small group you’re going to
have to be actively promoting your group to get
people in your group. So some ways to do that is invite your friends on
Facebook to join your group which you maybe
that you want to invite my friends and family. Join my group. You need to be making new
friends online and networking
and other groups. So I suggest joining other
groups that are similar to your group
going in those groups providing value doing value
post typing up long form or medium length value posts giving tips replying to other people’s
posts answering those questions making yourself
known in someone else’s community not
as a spammer not as annoying but getting
value and then a bunch of people are going to request to
be your friend or even request to be their
friend on Facebook and then give it some time it a
few days make. Nurture the relationship and
then you can actually invite them within Facebook on the
desktop on the computer or Facebook on your
phone. Invite them join the group. You can also put links to your
group on your Facebook profile and talk about your
facebook group on your Facebook
profile. I’ll get people into my group
otherwise too. From Facebook for sure. Also on YouTube there’s a link
to my Facebook group. In the description of this
YouTube video and that’s how I get a ton of
people from YouTube into my
Facebook group. But definitely join the other
groups and see what kind of
things are being posted there too
because then the fourth thing is you need
to decide the balance of giving value in your group
and selling in your group. You don’t want to be selling
all the time in your group. That’s not fun for people to be
in your group. Your group is a community you
want to set up your group in a
way that people enjoy being in the
group and scrolling in the group and reading posts
and watching videos because you’re posting
valuable content and other
people are posting content to you
want it to be like a party in
your group. I would say a good rule of
thumb is 50 50 50 percent of the time give
value 50 percent of the time
itself. There’s many groups or people
just give value value value and then they wonder why
they’re not making money with
their group not being monetized because
they’re not selling the most important thing. After being the niche picking
the products filling the group with valuable
content and getting people in the group is making sure that
you are selling. So if you’re not super
comfortable with actively
selling all the time you can bring in
a partner you can bring in someone else
to interview. This is what I like to do. I’ll bring in a guest experts
interview we’ll do a
livestream interview I’ll promote the
heck out of it and then I’ll let them sell I’ll have them
do a free training give value then
sell something but also make a
commission off of that if you want a step by step
guide on how to start your group as you
optimize it and get people into your group and step by
step ideas on what you should be
posting and exactly how to monetize if you want more
information on that. I highly highly highly
recommend the one group away challenge. My friend Alex Elliot put this
together. We were at the click funnels
affiliate leader board mastermind we’re
both super affiliates for funnels and we were sharing this knowledge with
each other and then after we
left she started this challenge
which is every single day exactly what you need to
be doing to grow to start grow and monetize a
group. I’m in the program they’re
super valuable content in there I’m going through the
content implementing and there’s a private Facebook
group where everyone supports
each other. Everyone joins each other’s
group comments on each other’s livestream is
each other’s feedback and
support. Plus there’s a bunch of live
trainings in the group. And Alex is in there doing
coaching calls. I’m in the group so if you want
to check out the one group away challenge I’ll put a link
in the description below. I’ll also link some other
resources. My facebook group some similar videos to this some other
videos about Facebook groups and if you enjoy this
video be sure to leave a comment below. Let me know if you have a
group. If you are working on
monetizing your group. Be sure to like this video. Subscribe to the channel and
turn on the notifications and
I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. If you're ready to DOMINATE with Facebook Groups join us in the One Group Away Challenge this week to get the extra bonuses.
    (sry for the wonky audio, but it was good info so i didnt want to rerecord)

  2. Thanks Rachel! Debating what I will be promoting next 🙂 so I am looking for current opportunities in the make money online niche (education). Is the one group away challenge new?

  3. Hi Rachel! Thank you for this awesome video! I do have a Facebook Group for busy parents who want to start an online business (It's called Passive Income Builders). Hope to monetize it soon! Thanks for the tips!

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