in today’s video I will give you five
tips that will help you to start your brand new YouTube channel for your
roofing business I have been doing YouTube for over three years now but
this is the first video when I want to teach you other roofers how to be
successful on YouTube I’m gonna give you my first five tips and tips gonna be
perfect for anyone who have never created content before if you brand-new
to the video content you’ll never film yourself you’ve never went to youtube or
even Facebook you never share your knowledge with your potential customers
or you never try to sell in a video or teach somebody in a video these are the
tips for you I don’t know if you guys even care about this topic I want to
hear from you if this video will get 100 comments asking me to do more content on
YouTube creation I will create brand new playlists and I’m gonna keep teaching
you how to be successful on YouTube just like I teach you anything the roofing
business first I wanted to start with a question why would anyone wanted to
create YouTube channel why would anyone wanted to start shooting videos well for
one is free YouTube is free you already have a cameras in your hand you have
people asking you questions your potential customers asking you questions
about what is it that you do how are you different from your competition they may
be asking you specific questions during your sales presentations how much does
it cost can you replace a roof in the wintertime or can you repair it or
replace it or how to pick up a roofing color well this is your opportunity to
create amazing content on a budget by yourself without hiring you know big
agencies and pretty much it’s a leveling playing field for everybody because
right now I can reach you just by turning on my camera throwing it for
free on YouTube well you can do the same in your market just start creating
content and you will see what kind of difference will it make because YouTube
is free and because how many people are actually uploading daily is getting a
little bit crowded so you have to pay attention what works and what doesn’t
work and that’s why I wanted to give you couple tips for you to
understand YouTube and to be different from the day one tip number one always
start your videos with the value preposition and hook you don’t want to
be boring you don’t want to be Sayle you don’t want to start videos with your
title or what is it you do you don’t want to start videos like people don’t
care about it when they turn on your video when they click on it you have
couple seconds to get their attention so you want to tell them why would they
watch this video for example when I started this video I told you guys hey
in this video I will teach you I will give you five tips how to start a
YouTube channel in 2020 you want to start with value you want to start with
a reason why they should wash it all the way to the end this is crucial because
YouTube is not the place for selling your services is the place to adding
value to potential customers and to your audience for that reason tip number two
is don’t even try to sell people don’t go to YouTube you don’t go to YouTube
I don’t go to YouTube to consume commercials unless you want to spend the
night watching funny commercial roofing commercials whatever Superbowl
commercials we usually don’t do that we go to learn how to insider information
so give me that insider information educate me entertain me be funny come up
with the charisma why would I keep watching your videos you usually come to
YouTube when something is broken or you are seeking for information maybe to do
it yourself or to be more knowledgeable in the area so if your potential
homeowner has no knowledge about your expertise which probably roofing or any
other construction trade so he comes to YouTube looking for something like how
to pick a new roofing color do you have video that will rank on YouTube in that
topic how to pick a roofing color or can you install shingles in the winter time
do you have video about it or how much roof cost or who makes the best shingle
or how to install or how to save or hot repair you know broken shingle those are
type of searches homeowners are doing they’re not going try to find someone to
sell them a roof they’re not looking for content you know best sales rep in
Minneapolis they’re not searching for best roofing company even they’re asking
the real questions it could be how to save on a roofing job what do you have
to do what are the code requirements how does asphalt shingles compare to metal
metal versus asphalt what kind of roofing products out there what’s the
best roofing system if you’re gonna start educating people on your topics
and make it fun and entertaining at the same time you’re only gonna win audience
and you will establish yourself as an expert and trust me it also will bring
you a lot of business at the end of this video I will show you examples of three
YouTube channels from three different roofing businesses today who are killing
it they’re growing their training and I’m guaranteeing you they’re also
growing their businesses with their YouTube channels remember YouTube is the
place where people have a lot of options you have to give them a reason why they
should be engaging with you so tip number three is don’t be boring if you
have a boring monotone voice and you overall not exciting guy like why would
I follow you why would i watch your video I want that engagement I want to
follow good personality just like you’re picking France just like you you like
someone who is selling you with the charisma we like those guys we usually
in life attract to them we follow them you want to be magnet for your potential
audience so create your personality be yourself don’t fake it ask your friends
hey why do you like me your friends will tell you why and you want to bring that
to YouTube your your superpower what is it for me it could be my accent for me
it could be my passion about you know my business you have to find out why people
like you and you want to be that likable guy on YouTube whatever it is that
people admire about you don’t to hide it don’t make it all strictly
about the business I understand you thinking oh it’s a roofing industry it’s
boring you’re right it is boring but your voice don’t have to be boring you
can bring a little bit more entertaining I mean learn from guys like best damn
roofer learn from guys who absolutely killed it on YouTube just because they
have amazing personality even in the boring industry you can absolutely
dominate think about kini what did he do I mean he was door-to-door sales rep and
he just you know he’s a comedian now but how did he become comedian well he was
selling some shampoo some cleaner from door-to-door people start recording him
and because he was practicing his sales pitch it was funny people followed
shared commented and he become started a people asking him to come to different
shows on other YouTube channels you can do the same tip number four is beer
iconic I hear it all the time dementia I hate camera dementia I can’t be in front
of the camera because you know I’m shy my English is not good really your
English is good right here my I have five kids my kids makes fun make fun of
my English every single day how do you think I felt when I first time started
doing YouTube videos everybody was mocking me my Russian
community was mocking me my kids were mocking me nobody was taking me
seriously but this is my personality I’m freaking Russian I’m playing that card
all the time on YouTube and people are tagging me all the time and you know
Drago memes all the time like rocky versus dragon anything Russian related
you are who you are accent is good be different is good whether a girl black
white Chinese it doesn’t really matter you can absolutely kill it on YouTube
because if you have charisma if you have personality and you’re gonna be just you
people will follow you for who you are if you’re gonna try to fake it you will
always fail you only can be you as a matter of fact this channel helped me to
develop my personality and understand me more than any other thing in my life
because when you start watching yourself in the video like oh
I’m doing that you’re gonna start recognizing patterns about yourself you
will start understand why you do what you do your true passion your true
behavior you will be analytical about it because you can’t hide in front of a
camera for too long as a matter of fact I follow a few youtubers or people who
try to become YouTube stars or YouTube celebrity there are channels I mean one
two thousand subs and then spending a lot of money and
production you don’t need a lot of money to produce quality video as a matter of
fact you can do just your phone and be yourself and start recording mr. beast
the most popular channel today the train this channel all of his videos getting
million and up he started his YouTube channel on his computer years ago when
he was like 13 with a little camera on his computer and then because he didn’t
have money to buy a camera he save up then he bought first iPhone which is
that camera was like 480p you everybody who’s watching this video probably have
better cameras than mister best 5 7 years ago and today every single video
he publishes goes to the moon I mean I just heard him talking about vid summit
he honestly I don’t even know how many millions of followers he has that guy
started his channel first with a camera in his computer and then with the first
iPhone camera think about it and I know people who are paying thousands of
dollars to their videographers to film them and they never can pass 1000
followers why because they don’t have personnel they’re boring or they’re not
likeable people don’t like what they sell what they peach and the American
breakthrough so if you are likable guy if people like you in general if your
customers loving you what you do if your employees loving you you owe it to your
community YouTube will just give you opportunity to widen your audience and
for more people to find you that’s it just be yourself
start recording don’t think about as camera and intimidation think about
is a potential customer looking at you just having conversation if you have
confidence when you talk to your customers you will build confidence when
you’re gonna start talking to the camera not gonna happen overnight it takes
practice but filming videos is just like doing public speeches the more you do it
the better you become and my last tip number 5 is the most controversial tip
tip is be controversial I know it’s playing with the words but I
really mean it if you follow me for years you notice how many videos I’ve
made that was right there on the edge why do I create negative content why do
I create content that always stirs the pot because I go places where people
wanted me to go we’re all looking for expertise when it comes to YouTube if I
would be looking for a car today I want to know the expert telling me what works
and what doesn’t work I don’t take advice from people who are telling me
everything work I want you not to be afraid to call out people because what’s
happening if you follow me in my content you’ll notice that I’ve been calling out
insurance companies I’ve been calling out other roofers without calling their
names I don’t believe in negativity but I do believe when your expert in people
asking for honest expert advice you over to them so for example if you are doing
you know freezer repairs and I’m on the market to buy a fridge I want to know
what fridge breaks the month is it a Samsung is it LG tell me because you’re
the expert you fix them fridges every single day if you tell me the B should
buy fridge made by Samsung I trust your expertise because you’re fixing them and
you tell me that those fridges breaks the list so the same thing goes for the
shingles I want you to create a content and educate me your potential consumer
who makes the best shingles don’t be afraid there is a plenty of studies
there’s plenty of comparisons there’s plenty of researchers out there
available but they’re hard to find if you’re outside of the industry when
people come to you for the advice they ask you for honest advice so how do you
start an insurance claim how do you fight you know bad claim what do you
really need public adjusters they really need to hire a lawyer to fight insurance
company can you get overhead and profit be honest about what you do every single
day and as long as you’re honest as long as your opinion is not a lie or
disparaging and it’s really happening people will follow you but if you’re
gonna just try to be a nice guy never say bad word about anything always be
political correct guess what you’re gonna fail you’re gonna blend in and
nobody gonna trust you why am I saying that you will fail because people not
gonna follow you they’re not gonna trust you you didn’t be just another sales rep
for them another guy who’s just trying to teach them something only in return
for the sale well I’m not afraid to lose a sale by saying that somebody is making
a bad product I’m not afraid to say there is somebody in the industry is
practicing something that’s unethical I’m gonna call it out and even if it
cost me money to do so even if it cost me business to do so I’m still gonna be
doing it for example I’ve done ads on the radio saying that waiving insurance
deductibles are illegal in Minnesota and storm group roofing my business doesn’t
do it well I would say 80% of Roofing Contractors in town have been waiving
deductibles at the time so I would lose because people when you arrive to their
estimate they will tell you their expectations they will tell you hey
other three contractors are waiving this deductible you’re the only one who’s not
willing to do so well I don’t care I’m doing what’s right but you know what
what was happening when I would go and make YouTube video about it we would
actually be getting calls and we would actually attract audience who wants to
do it right yeah maybe I lost some sales but I also
collected one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars in 2018 in deductibles
if you’re away even deductibles it’s your loss but I
did over four million dollars in sales and I collect a hundred and seventy five
thousand dollars and I was creating content being open about it that I’m
doing it and somebody’s else waving them this is a kind of content that
considered to be controversial because a lot of roofers were commenting and
trying to stir the pot back and saying to make sure your idiot why would you
lose a sale you don’t know what you’re talking about
I don’t care the law is law it’s black and white what’s black and white for you
draw the line and talk about is black and white don’t be in a great area don’t
be in a safe zone because YouTube like controversy especially if you’re the
good guy I’m gonna give you one more bonus tip for those of you who are
starting brand-new channels I highly recommend you to check vid IQ I’m gonna
put link below you can download it on your computer first you have to download
google chrome it it’s extension of google chrome what it does it’s going to
help you to create videos suggest tags just look into it I’m gonna make more
videos about vid IQ if this video will get at least 100 comments that you guys
wanna start YouTube channels I will help you but if this video will get like 5
comments and nobody serious I’m just gonna be teaching YouTube in my online
business school and I’m not gonna bring it more to YouTube now in the beginning
I have promised you to go over 3 channels I’ll do that real quick I just
wanted to show you 3 channels to back up those 5 tips first channel that really
stands out to me today is Drew’s roofing and home repair so juice roofing in home
repair is your number one roof repair mobile home repair roofers Southport
County North Carolina amazing Channel almost twelve thousand subscribers you
can see what kind of videos are they making there is a lot of repairs some
videos have hundreds of views how many videos have thousands of yous but one
thing for sure this guy is an expert he knows what he’s doing
tons of videos great channel check it out again twelve thousand subs I just
clicked on one that he published in December 21st here’s some comments guys
I wish you were located here in Texas my roof needs
some improvement so this video has 1000 and almost 1500 views have been out for
three four weeks how to mobile home a roofing video and I guarantee if
somebody from North Carolina in that area would watch it and they can’t watch
it if you publish it on your website it’s very easy to do right or in your
Facebook people watch the video they see the expertise and then they come is like
hey I wish it would be in my town as a matter of fact we’ve been getting a lot
of comments on our videos as well another nice job hope you’re doing well
so this guy got hurt earlier a lot of comments are wishing him well have you
looked in a joy deepens protocol for cancer looks like he’s really great
video god bless keep fighting that cancer will keep praying for you and
your family this guy built an entire community people know everything that’s
happening in his life he has pretty good following how much did it cost to repair
this roof my trailer in is half the size and needs a new roof bat so his niche is
trailers trailers roofs how awesome is that
and people who are commenting they have trailers and they need roofs about it so
I always say find your niche this guy has found his niche and I wanted to show
you another channel this channel is metal roofing channel seven thousand and
three hundred subscribers some videos have eighty seventy thousand views which
is amazing let’s read some comments so great example of really niche topic
exposed fastener versus standing seam metal roofing
revisited so this video is not even one year old a lot of comments you’re the
only person I’ve heard even attempt to pronounce PVD properly okay
very informative video I plan on building my first house with my dad in
cash in order not to take out the mortgage and I really like the look of
standing seam roof I’m definitely going to check
the rest of your videos thank you nice breakdown this guy is a great
spokesperson thank that for all your info great info Thanks
why is exposed half-inch cost per pound how would he floor flash around 12 inch
roof jack on 5 12 pitch good video nice presentation I have existent carport
with exposed fasteners I mean guys listen follow channels like this amazing
dominance in a very small niches amazing engagement they build their audiences
already and are you talking about one two maybe three years it doesn’t take a
lot of time you just have to be consistent you have to know what you’re
talking about and I want to show you one more channel real quick it’s roofing
solutions by Eric Garcia looks like it’s out of California actually follow Eric
for a couple years myself here’s some good videos here’s some
questionable videos but the truth is you never even see his face it’s usually his
voice very deep voice very confident and what he does and some of his videos
actually have like millions of views I hear a roofers all the time telling me
to meet you I have an accent guys I don’t care if you Mexican I don’t care
if you’re Russian if you polish having an accent is a plus it differentiates
you from anyone else so if you go in and on YouTube and you start producing
videos with your accent people just gonna some people gonna hate it some
people gonna love it you can’t please everybody I mean I know a lot of people
who hate Russians they hate my channel the heat following me and they actually
you know make nasty comments and have made nasty comments over the years but I
also have a lot of people who are reading my post with my voice I asked
them about it all yep every post you post you know we read it with your voice
it doesn’t matter if somebody has small brain to judge you by your accent is
their problem don’t let it stop you to be successful on YouTube or with your
business so Eric Eric here like look here the video you think you’re a fast
roofer watch this 6.4 million views he published said
six years ago absolutely amazing this is YouTube what I want very classic
comments I’m not a roofer why am I watching this I mean I’m not I’m not
even a roofer it doesn’t matter what the occupation is if you’re good at it and
take pride in the work it’s always a pleasure to watch I mean how awesome is
that those comments are worth to start creating content and this guy didn’t do
nothing crazy he took a camera he started filming just
explaining his process and just talked about his everyday routine and he’s
absolutely killing it this guy has more subscribers that we have he has more
subscribers that Basden roofer has and this guy been doing it for years and all
he does is just filming his process with his deep Mexican voice explaining you
know different aspects of the job that’s it nothing crazy
I bet you can do better than that so guys those are my tips let me know in
comments below if you want to see more content like this and will produce more
how to do in YouTube videos in 2020 to help you become more successful business
owner and more successful youtuber as well I’ll see you guys in the next video
if you guys are enjoying our educational videos like this on this channel we have
way more of them at our online roofing business school
there’s no yearly commitment you can try for one month and cancel anytime link

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