How To Start A Life Coaching Business From Home

How To Start A Life Coaching Business From Home

So you want to start a life coaching
business from home right? That sounds kind of hard. Well, it may not be as
difficult as you think. I’m going to walk you through the steps A to Z so stay
tuned. Okay, life coaching business from home
okay and I got to say before I say anything else, this is not for everybody.
This takes work. It takes dedication and it takes a certain kind of personality
to be able to maintain the longevity that life coaching requires. It also
takes actual results. Anyone or their mom could be a technical life coach because
it is an open forum essentially. It’s an open community. You don’t have to have
any collegiate piece of paper or documentation to call yourself a life
coach. That being said, you need to have results or you’re just going to dilute
the community, okay? So first and foremost, so if you’re
thinking about starting a life coaching business from home – results. You have got
to have results in your life first and foremost and in the lives of your
clients. Results, results, results. Biggest key there. Before you even go there,
you’ve got to decide what am I going to be a life coach in. You can be a life
coach in anything and then again, this whole idea that life coaching is so
unstructured, it’s so unregulated, it’s both a blessing and a curse. It’s a
blessing for people trying to get into the life coaching business because they
have the freedom to do basically whatever they want and it can be a curse
too because there are a lot of people that are not legitimate. There are a lot
of people that I’m just going to say it, are fraudulent out there. That aren’t
legitimate life coaches that don’t have the skill set that just want to make
money and are making things up as they go along. Don’t pay that guy. go go into
this with results and a skill set. So determine what your skill set is. Maybe
you want to be a photography coach, maybe you want to be a health coach, maybe you
want to be a mindset training coach, maybe you want to be a business coach,
maybe you want to be a financial coach. Determine what your skill set is, where
you’ve had success in your life and determine a curriculum that you can walk
people through the same repeatable process that you’ve done. Repeatable is
the key word in that phrase. After you’ve decided your your skill set and you’ve
gotten really confident that, you need to start gathering results. But how do you
start gathering results before you’ve launched your business? It’s this tool
called Pro Bono. Essentially means free. So when you’re just starting your life
in business, you need to start generating results and testimonials. Which means
you’re going to now start needing beta groups and testing groups and Pro Bono
clients. So these clients are going to come in with your design curriculum.
You’re going to offer it to them for free or for very little so that you can
gather results. Which means if you’re doing this, you have to have your
curriculum fully spelled out A to Z in order for you to sell that curriculum then after you’ve had your Pro Bono client work done. So build your
curriculum, get some plans, get some beta testers and they’ll let them know
they’re part of a beta testing program. That’s why they’re getting this great
discount in exchange for results. Those results and those testimonials are then
what’s going to drive the price of your program once it gets released in full
public. When you’re starting your life coaching business, I want you to have
your bases covered. You got lots of videos that I produce for you on
contracts. Please use and enforce contracts especially if you’re working
with family and friends as your pro bono clients. They may be superfluous, they may
feel like they’re over the top but get them in place. You’re going to have to cover
your everything with those contracts okay? So, those contracts need to be in
place. Also, set up what’s called a limited liability corporation or an LLC.
It’s not a very expensive to do. You can do it from anywhere. You can just do it
online. You can do an LLC, in some cases you can get away with doing a DBA which
is a doing business as but I would recommend setting up an independent
business as an LLC before you start bringing clients through your client
mill okay? Set up LLC. It just covers you in case of emergency, in case of
lawsuit, any kinds of weird, crazy, things that can happen. Set that up so that you
and your clients are protected, okay? So let me just break this down for you
again. Determine your skill set, gather your curriculum, get your Pro Bono
clients through there and then use those testimonials after you gather them to
build your foundation for your fully paid clients. There’s all sorts of
websites, business cards, all of that will come into play later but you’ve got your
basic breakdown, first things first, get your skill set on
the table and let people know about it. Thanks for watching today’s video. Best
of luck to you. You’ve got this. Hit the subscribe button. I will see you tomorrow.

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  1. I love this video…
    I'm getting my certification here in
    New Mexico… even though I have been
    a Life Coach for many years…
    Times are different and having even more education
    is essential …
    Do you think is it necessary to be Certified?… (it is not cheap).
    Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas.

  2. Fraudulant coaches and more coaches whom have very little life experiences. Especilly ones that makes them struggle/grow & I dont mean the car breaks down one day or you loose a loved one. Too basic. I mean real struggles, setbacks, etc.

  3. Hello, I wonder if you could advice me on the idea I am starting with now, if it has a potential? I am thinking of coaching in video editing basics. I tried online courses and it didn’t sell, I have a course on udemy teaching Linux commands. Thanks.

  4. Thank you so much for this. I am blind and have always wanted to be a life coach to help people through their own emotional struggles. It's so great to get insight on this process from someone who has already been through it. Some really great tips here! 💕

  5. I love your videos. This was a practical explanation of life coaching from home! I am a teacher and just started a youtube channel all about self-improvement and mental health awareness! Love seeing other youtubers putting out positive vibes!

  6. I appreciate your honesty. There’s a lot of caca in the industry and it has become diluted as you said. 😉

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