How To Start a Business With No Money and Still be Successful!

How To Start a Business With No Money and Still be Successful!

Hey, it’s Carrie here,
and in this video I’m going to be talking
all about how to start a business
with absolutely zero money.
I’ve got some amazing tips for you, so stay tuned!This is the She Means Business show,
where we show you how to turn your ideas into reality
and become a wildly successful entrepreneur.Carrie Green: She Means Business.Hey, it’s Carrie Green here, the founder of
Female Entrepreneur Associationand the author of She Means Business,and in this video I’m going to be sharing some amazing tipsfor how you can start a business with absolutely no money.But before I get into the tips, there’s something
really important that I want to share with you,
and it is this: there is this myth that in order
to build a business you need loads of money,
and it is simply not true.I have built both of my businesses with
absolutely no money to begin with. You can do this.
The key thing is that you have to focus on
building your audience first.
No matter what your business is if you can
build your audience, you can build a successful business.
And the best thing is that you don’t need any money
to be able to build a really big audience.
So focus on that.The first way to do that is through
getting online and joining relevant groups –
you can do this on Facebook – there are so many amazing
groups on Facebook – and networking like a crazy person.
Go and build incredible relationships with people;
go and connect with people.
Let them know what your message is:what you’re about, what you have to offer,
in a really authentic way,
and do it not because you want to sell; do it because
you want to build a relationship with them.
So a really good friend of mine,
Nikki Elledge Brown, did this.
When she started her business
she didn’t even have a website.
She went on Facebook, she joined relevant groupsand
she started to build incredible relationships with people.
They discovered what she was really great at,what she was passionate about,
what her business was about;
and then she put out a survey to find out
more about what
people wanted,and at the end of the survey
she offered people a free session with her.
And that is how her business got rolling.This is really simple, so get online,
go and join relevant groups
and start to build relationships and
start connecting and start building your audience.
That is the first thing to do.So the second thing you need to do is to
start building your social media presence.
There are so many social media platforms
to choose from, it can be ridiculously overwhelming,
so just pick one and decide to become amazing on it.Whether that is Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest; whatever
it is, decide what is going to be best for your business.
If you don’t know, just go with one
and see how it works out.
This is not rocket science.
People get so hung up on it.
Keep it simple and just focus on becoming amazing
and building your following on one platform.
So, a really good friend of mine,
Kate Jones – she started The Little Jones –
decided that she was going to focus on
building her following on Instagram.
So all she did is set up an Instagram profile.She was creating prints for children’s nurseries on
her computer and she also set up her Etsy shop,
which was also free.then on Instagram she was just focused on posting out
consistently – every single day –
really really great images that were aligned with her brand.She started to build her following, build relationships
with people on Instagram, drive traffic to her Etsy shop,
and then she started making sales.It didn’t really cost her any money to get to that point.So, build your following on social media
and you will start reaching out to people,
and that is how you will drive traffic to your offerat the point that you have something to share
with them, or something to sell them.
And that is the focus right now: building your audience up.
And the key thing is: you have to do this stuff consistently.
You can’t just do a little bit one day and then
not do it the next day.
Be consistent at it. It’s not always going to be easy;there are going to be days when you think, “No one is
looking at my stuff, what should I do?”
and you want to give up,
because no one is paying attention to it.
But you have to push through and keep going.Once you have your audience you can survey them;
you can find out what they want.
The third thing that you can do, which again is really
really cheap and really easy for all of us to do,
is to go networking offline.Get out of the house, get out of your workspace
and go and meet people in real life.
This is so powerful. I did this like crazy when I began
my second business, The Female Entrepreneur Association.
I networked like a crazy person.Go and meet people,
go and tell them what you’re all about,
go and have meaningful conversations around being an
entrepreneur and about what you’re up to.
You will make really powerful connections with people,
and you never know where those relationships will lead.
They will help you to really build an incredible business.
So get out there and network like crazy.
So the fourth and final step is to be
ridiculously consistent with all this stuff.
It is so easy to start a social media following or to start
networking and to feel like no one is paying attention to you;
no one is listening to you; no one is hearing your message,and it feels like it would be easy to give up,
because what is the point?
But you can’t. Don’t give up.Stay consistent at it and just keep going with it
and keep building your audience.
It is going to be the absolute foundation of building
a successful business.
Once you’ve got that audience of people who love
what you’re about
– who love your message –then you can survey them and go deeper and create
an incredible offer for them and sell to them.
We’re going to be talking about that in a future episode of
She Means Business, so be sure to keep a look out for it,
because we’re going to go into how you can sell to your
audience and make your business ridiculously successful.
For now, just focus on building your audience.I have created a free worksheet for you
with a bunch of other ideas that you can use,
to start building your audience at no cost whatsoever.Download it – the link is below –
download it and check it out.
Implement it, take action on it and start to build your audience,
and you are going to create a wildly successful business.
I will see you next week for another episode
of She Means Business.
Hey guys! If you like this video, leave a thumbs up.Also, I’m really curious to know what steps you
are going to implement in your business.
Leave a comment below and let me know
what you’re going to take action on.
I really hope it helps you to build an amazing audience
and build your incredible business.

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  1. Can’t thank you enough, you are a real inspiration plus your energy is so pure and contagious, sending you love and blessings from Egypt 🇪🇬

  2. Love this! This spoke directly to me. I'm going to go download the workbook now and build this into my business plan I'm working on currently. Thank you Carrie for the amazing content!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Carrie!!! I like how you said build relationships and not just make it about sales. Relationship building is key❤Peace and Blessings❤

  4. Hey Carrie! My name is Larissa and I'm from Brazil. I am a cook and I decided to open my catering business (amici gastronomia). One of my biggest problems is posting photos daily on Instagram. I do not have the money to prepare a dish every day and take a picture. I'm lost. This is so frustrating. Please help me. Thank you

  5. Hello Carrie, this is my first contact with you so I am really pleased that you are talking about building an audience which is exactly where I am at in my new business.

  6. I just wish the organic approach would happen faster… I still find myself having to use ads! I hope you talk more on this topic and expanding your reach with content being much less promoted by these platforms. Cheers!

  7. Hi Carrie, great tips! Been working on the building an audience part. Need some help on how to create engagement. I've asked people questions on my FB page, invited questions from them, but no engagement.

  8. The biggest tip I got today was to focus on one Social media— which would be Instagram, for my Fashion Illustration and Design courses. I truly love instagram… but i habe followings on Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, Periscope….. so I can lose focus and stopped in my tracks sometimes. I think that focusing on one feels healthier. I love how visual instagram is and that I can even do video there now! I’dLike to move some of my other followers over. I may work on thay!

  9. I like you so much Carrie ! I watched your speech in Tedx and since, I'm inspired with your great hard work <3 you're an inspiration !!

  10. Loving the new look videos – super slick & professional & a perfect complement to your down-to-earth attitude, Carrie. Well done! 🙂

  11. Great video and so easy to follow the key messages.  I run a craft business selling finished goods and running classes.  I am going to complete the worksheet and plan a Facebook posting schedule and stick to it.  Thank you for the inspiration.

  12. Love that you mention offline networking. There is such a focus on online, but networking in person has built my network of female entrepreneurs, as well as customers

  13. Just a little note: Etsy is not free. It cost $0.20/listing for like 3 months and then you have to repay the amount to keep the listing active.

  14. I love how you talk about being consistent I think that is very important in any business. Thanks a bunch

  15. Thank you for the lovely and relevant advice Carrie! One of my current goals is to become more consistent with my social media posts and the content of my blog. I have built quite a strong foundation for my business, although the need to drive more traffic to my website have become evident. Thank you for the motivation!! 🙂

  16. Love this, Carrie! So true. I started my business with less than zero dollars. There are always things that you can do to get started. It costs nothing to get a client or two and you can get the ball rolling from there! 🙂

  17. Hi Carrie, thank you so much for such useful and valuable advice♥!! I'm definitely going to go on networking online, and if you don't mind, I wanna start here too lol!♥ I'm based in Cape Town South Africa, so if there is anyone that wants curios from South Africa, contact me, my email addy is : [email protected]

  18. I've subbed to your channel! You have such an amazing way of explaining and making that first step so easy to start one's own business. Thank you so so much!!♥♥♥

  19. At first I literally scrolled past this entrepeneur's thumbnail because my brain automatically excluded a female entrepeneur as potential good mentor. But then I thought about it and stupid that thought is!! Why would a female entrepeneur be less worthy? No reasons. So why did I automatically swiped past her? Because we are not that used to see girls like her. But I'm grateful she does a great job at reminding us the power every person can have. And besides all of this, she is a really good and inspiring entrepeneur. Great stuff, fully supporting

  20. Ugh my problem is being multi talented where i cant focus on one thing because i dont know which one to focus on

  21. So Pinterest is ok to use to build my audience? And networking…can i use Meetup to do this? Ugh i wish i had a mentor

  22. Love this video! It's a nice push to not be shy and just get out there and network online and offline. Guess it's time to come out of my shell! I'll definitely be doing more of that. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!

  23. Is it a good tactic to follow a lot of people at first on instagram? So that they will follow you back ??

  24. It's totally true. You don't need any cash to start or take out a big bank loan. Just start small, and cash flow as you go.

  25. Hi! I know you posted this long time ago, yet I want to know more about how to get over the fear of networking. I have heard the power of it for a long time from my uni for getting a job, and now you are saying the same but for starting your business. But what I found is that I go to this places and I get stuck, I don't know how to start conversations… or when I start I found my presence is not that exciting so I cut the conversation short. I feel terribly shy and at the end I leave most of the events early. I need help with this, because the difficult part is not getting there… is actually creating connections.
    Thank you.

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  29. Ah networking? I'm one of them if your Familiar with Frontrow
    What do you mean By doing it offline? Is it doing it to the strangers or to the once that I already know. How to make them comfortable with me by not showing that I'm in business to them. Leave me some answers please Thank you

  30. Very inspiring with some great suggestions and guidance. Good for all, females and males alike. Thank you. Great video and I will take much from it.

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