How To Start A Business In School With Your Friends | The Startup Journey #9

How To Start A Business In School With Your Friends | The Startup Journey #9

doing business in school then this show is for you.
if you have questions for entrepreneurs who are students and are making it. If you have questions as to how they were able to start your own businesses and keep it
running while in school then don’t go looking for all those answers because
we are bringing them to you on the startup Journey. My name is Nancy and this show is proudly brought to you by GhstudentWallet on today’s episode we are going to
be talking more about partnership as we will be speaking to the cofounders of star fresh yoghurt at university for development studies, Tamale and we will get to know about how exactly they’re able to keep their things together and make this
business run so if you’d allow me let me introduce my guest for today
hello gentlemen hello… you’re welcome to the startup journey. Okay, so would you briefly introduce yourselves yeah I’m Justin Kono Andara, Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science, Level 400 okay, UDS
I’m also Anthony Twumasi Asare I’m in UDS, a medical student, level 600, okay, thank you very much. So can you tell us about Star Fresh Yoghurt, what’s it about. What do you do? as the name suggests Star Fresh Yoghurt we produce fresh yoghurt and then it’s very basic, just the natural fresh yoghurt that we serve these in disposable cups, in bottles and then mini gallons we normally serve these at student functions on contract or based on market availability and then we give some out to stores who are willing to take some. Okay, so how exactly did this whole star Fresh Yoghurt thing start? I know it’s a kind of partnership
thing but then it was definitely one person idea right?
whose idea was it ? It was Anthony’s idea, okay, Anthony so would you briefly tell us how this whole idea came about , okay so Star Fresh Yoghurt, the idea of producing fresh yoghurt and selling them on this campus actually started way back at level 100 eerrmm yeah I had had exposure, I had been exposed to this fresh yoghurt back at other campuses. I actually went to UCC before coming here. So I was exposed to this product and when I came Tamale, particularly this campus I was trying to look for this product, fresh yoghurt on this campus and I wasn’t getting and I had the idea of starting and what actually moved paaaa was the fact that any program they
organized, they used to serve this sobolo and they have another product, is it zinchom they used to serve these products are those functions and the thing is personally, any time I took them I had a running stomach, so I didn’t like the idea of going for programs and being served with those kind of drinks. So the passion to start the yoghurt business was there but there were some limitations, particularly funds to start and I wasn’t someone was willing to go for loans from someone. Someway, somehow I thought like if I do that you’ll be indebted to them or something? Not really, but in a way they’ll end up taking over your idea. Because, yes it’s your idea but you don’t have the capital to keep it running so I thought I felt like if I
go and see any big man to sponsor and things it would be like I may end up working for
them but I also, I wanted to do something on my own
so I kept that idea on hold and I started some small small business I started with selling of earpieces and headsets, at that time not so many people were selling those things on campus so I managed to save some small amount of money from that business I entered into shoe business too. I used to sell shoes, small small small what kind of shoes, for men? eerrmmm, for men for men, these dessert boots and all those things I started with that one too so when I got to level 400 and I was about to leave this campus for clinical year, the idea hit me again, that we should start this business. Lol and behold, I was thinking about how to start this whiles I’m there and how to sustain it while I’m away and God being so good I was there one day and Kono and another guy John Paul, they came to me that before then I used to, he used to help me with the sales of the earpieces that.. ahaan and the shoes too because I wasn’t on campus He was the one who used to keep them, those on campus he was the one who was selling it out to them for me. So one day I came to him and he was like Nana eerrhh … I’ve been thinking about something with John Paul we wanted to start a business but we don’t know what to really do so, it’s more or less like, they came to me for consultation on how to start a business. I don’t know what they saw in me though so when they came I was like, well, it’s not a bad idea and they brought a lot of things up could you mention some of them what and what koraaa did you say It was just the same ear pieces and stuffs but we were looking at expanding them and bringing a lot of people inside and then expanding it covering other things so why did you shove that one aside, why didn’t you take that one up when we were talking around it he just made mention of it that we could even sell yoghurt that was what he just said, it was just one sentence he brought in and then we continued our planning but when we went back home, I sat down to look through everything and I saw that, that was a brilliant idea but we were not actually we were not actually concentrating on it. so, that was at the time we had done entrepreneurship as a course, so I just went ahead I wrote a business plan wait wait that’s very interesting. So your interest stemmed from doing entrepreneurship as a course in school Yes yes, it was actually there but how to go about it was a problem I had the zeal to do business, but what is business I didn’t evenknow so doing entrepreneurship in school, opened me to everything at least a little about it. so at least how to start it and I got to know that I needed at least a business plan to do business that’s interesting you started right from the beginning of 4th year Yes, okay, okay and how were you, you people is it like you were friends because you mentioned earlier on that he was helping you with the sales of earpieces you’re not brothers or related in any way, are you? We’re related. oohh okay, okay so you’re brothers kind of? No oo
so you are present time but i relate But you’re related in a way. … Yes that’s how come you
trusted him enough to make him him your business partner. (laughs) or you can’t say that because you see am asking to this
because there’s an issue of trust when it comes to doing partnerships some times people start businesses and maybe they start with people and then you
realize that at the end of the day everyone separates and they are doing different things or maybe they are doing the same thing but they are doing it at different areas and they’re
not together again that’s why I’m bringing that issue, how exactly were you able to trust him enough to make him your business partner or is it because he came to you for consultation and you too why is it that when you went to him for consultation you didn’t take the business away but you decided to do it together everything about that Well eerrrhh about relations, we are actually choristers and at that time he was my choir president. Pax choir president Ohhh okay, that is were it actually comes from. Pax .. Peace .. oh yeah (laughter) And then Choristers have that kind of brotherhood , that is somehow our friendship. So eerrmm, actually when we, you know when you start business you cannot do it alone you actually need somebody whether you are going solo or partnership you need people Yes, you can’t do everything on your own and so if somebody has brought the idea It means that he is exposed to it. so why do you go around him he besides you were coming together to do business and he has brought an idea that is right so don’t you do it together why do you try to move behind him I’m sure even if you decided to do it on your own, it wouldn’t have been this successful Yeah, actually yeah What would you say are some of the challenges you have faced starting this business and maintaining it. well errm, for the challenges, as a student entrepreneur I think they’re obvious. Number one among them is the TIME how to manage your time you realize that we all do the same courses but you have another course to run and it’s not even a course. You know some people do business for a living and that is all what they do for
the whole day and you are doing that same thing what somebody does for the whole day and you’re still a student, so the time is the first thing. You realize that when you’re supposed to be sleeping, you’re up and you’re stirring yoghurt You understand …. Yeah, ahaaa, when you need to be with your friends you are
carrying yoghurt and then at least so, the first one is the time. You need to be able to manage your time very well there is no way you I don’t know how to say it, you wouldn’t suffer the consequences and then the 2nd is starting a new business comes with a whole lot of . challenges you realize that your friends
are looking up to you and this is food and you know everybody wants to have it for free even with that it creates some kind of
tension between you and some people yes. The way you are with me so you want to look at me and sell something to me. that is another challenge Another challenge is the venue you know our systems don’t really errmm, are not favourable for entrepreneurs so how to get a venue at least to station yourself is also a big challenge being that we haven’t even overcome as at now. we are still on it looking around. Tony will also add some of the challenges What are some of the other challenges okay so has he said some of these things when you’re doing you need people getting personnel to work with was a very big challenge it was the two of us
right okay from the beginning we were three someway for reasons I can’t communicate here, one had to drop out Okay, so it was left with only the two of us and combining all this with academics stuffs was a bit of a challenge so we tried to get some people on board to help us with production and marketing of the product too but we really suffered a lot and in the end we managed to get one but this year the person went home, and someway somehow we’ve not been able to get him back so it’s just recently that we were able to address that issue by getting another person to come and help us Okay so talking about the production, how exactly did you guys learn how t make the yoghurt okay like he said, the idea came and because I was exposed to the whole thing, the idea of this whole thing I went done there. I’m Kumasi based, so I have friends who are into this production, so I went to see one of them I call him my boss, I went to see him, he charged me and enrolled me into it because he told me that yes I’m going to use it to work to make money so if he just gives me the exposure for free I may not value it that much so he had to charge me. He enrolled me into it and I went to do some 2 weeks session for training okay so you actually went through a training so what exactly do you use to make the yoghurt. That question I’ve been very curious about it, I mean what do you use to make the yoghurt, I’m hearing some bacteria and things (laughter) Basically, it’s milk powder, but the the bacteria you are talking about is
true but what we don’t know is that it’s not every bacteria that is harmful that cause diseases of course of course we have normal flora in our bodies, so the yoghurt is just made up of that normal flora so there is bacteria but it’s not harmful it’s normal flora, just as we have in our system so how well are you able to meet demand because as you’ve said earlier on you don’t actually even have a place where you sell from you move around if I heard you right so are you able to meet the demand on campus? Can you say you can meet the demand? Yes Yes, okay, so about how many bottles are requested for, I mean what’s the maximum amount you have sold at one stage I don’t get I don’t know how to
ask you at how many bottles have been requested at one time, like the maximum that you’ve been able to deliver. answering this question. Okay, like he said, our marketing strategies we sell at
functions like if there’s maybe some social program or any social gathering we take the opportunity to go and sell, so for a particular stand like this, for today like this there is matriculation , so we took the opportunity to go and sell and I can say if and we are quantifying usually for such
functions we sell it in cups and if we’re to quantify it , is probably equivalent to about 200 bottles okay okay that’s that’s very great, so said you were able to meet demand and everything when you sell you are talking about
personnel how, how are you able to validate your personnel when you choose them, how are you able able to tell that this person can work for me, this person is the kind of person I need in my place Well, I think mostly as a business, you have a way of doing your things and so it’s not about getting your the perfect person but getting somebody who you think can go by the rules somebody at least you think is open minded and when you present the way you do your things .The person can embrace it and do it that way. I think i that’s the most important thing that’s what we look out for. And if somebody is like that we can actually work with the person And also in addition to that I believe in relationships so if am before can be able to work with you I need to be able to relate with you. So, we try as much as possible to build a relationship with that person, if you cannot, stay within that relationship then obviously you can’t work with us so now when I happen to be in Tamale and I want Yoghurt for a program, I want to order Yoghurt and everything, how do I go about it how do your customers get to reach you. because of the work load, actually we are students that is why we just sell at functions. We can’t have the time to sell yoghurt everyday because we have to keep up with academic work okay so you don’t do it every day? It’s not everyday thing It’s an everyday thing but we just give it out to stores so we can get the bottles at the stores but for the disposable cups unless at a function so we are now working to getting an everyday place where can be dispensing the cups because of the work load it is really growing but in a way we are kind of preventing we’re restraining it to our strength to the level of our strength, you know businesses are in, it has different stages, infancy, adolescent and maturity (laughs) this is new, okay Yeah businesses have different stages. If the business is in the infancy stage it means that you’re doing everything If you’re not there the business is not there but what we are trying to do is to build a business that will run a business is actually something that should run without you. So that is what we are trying to do build a business that will run without us so we are trying, we are still restraining it in the context of our strength so that we can get our standards give it out and then we can manage it from a far so that we can also focus on our studies I understand that very well. so finally what what would you say makes
it a successful entrepreneur, what would you say has made you both successful in what you’re doing so yes we can start from you Tony okay, what has made us very successful The first one I will say is the zeal. We’re very hungry men, we are very hungry men so because of our hunger level we are putting in a lots of efforts to make it stand. And another thing is when we came we realised there is yoghurt in the system but then theirs they have other things I can’t talk about here. but above all theirs were a bit expensive and it’s helping us a lot But one thing that stands out is the trust, we are able to trust each other and if that thing is not there then business cannot hold, cannot hold so we being able to trust each other is one of the very good things that has kept us moving forward do you have anything to add to it? I think he has said almost all, that is the interest, the first is the interest and as a partnership, we need the trust and we should, the commitment is also there if you’re going into business, you should be ready to sacrifice, ahaaa I think our sacrifice has also because you have to go the extra mile to get things done I think that has also kept us and then the most important thing is that we are also Christians and we pray of course, that one is also very important it has also made us. I think that is what is helping us thank you very much
so before you finally take leave of us do you have any final words for your
viewers customers and future customers yes, we know, we do know that most of those who are watching us are, they in one way or the other have interest in business so we would like to at least outline some things they should take note of, well we youth today we have the ideas we do have the ideas we wish to make the difference but mostly what we do is that we are waiting for
manner to fall from Heaven so that we’ll use as capital, that doesn’t happen, we want somebody to look to our face then just call us come for 10,000 Ghana Cedis go and start a business it doesn’t happen you have to make that up for yourself you have to cut off your
bundles if you are somebody who likes chilling, you have to cut down your chiliing,
so that you will be able to make a business let us remember and then we also want to start big big businesses, we want to start Microsoft in a day, it’s not done. Rome was not built in a day, so you should start small, if you want a poultry farm, you should start selling eggs if you want a yam farm you start selling yam little by little and you’ll get there and then mostly we are afraid to fail that is why most people don’t start businesses for me I see failure differently for now if you tell me to
tell you about failure, failure simply means try again Even our universities are trying to tell us, give us a message when you fail a course they say you’ve trailed Trail means that you’re behind, so you need to quicken up and then catch up with the way every body is moving Please are you a motivational speaker aside your work? (laughs) Because I’m already getting motivated by your speech, wow! well, that is what keeps us moving, mostly, most people don’t really take notice of such little little things. They’re little little things, so we are young let us begin something and fail then we will learn and do it better and also eerrmm you know when we were growing, when they ask you, what do you want to become? oh I want to own an island , a private jet, then you could mention many of them then as you grow SHS, no I want to be a doctor, you don’t think about those dreams again then it gets to university oh me, if I get my house and my car, I’m Okay, you understand, we keep pushing the dreams away, we can still dream it. I wouldn’t say we push them away, I think we rather consider what we can do at that level Yes yes, but what I’m trying to mean is that we should look at the broader picture It’s not about ourselves you know Ghana is not Poor because of the Rich people it is because of the poor people so until the poor man is rich, we are all poor so I want us to see it that way, we could be okay at least how much do you eat in a day but let’s think about those who do not have anything to eat , so let’s do business, let’s make money let’s get get your family members out of misery and let me get my family members out of misery there will be no body left in misery and then we want to use this opportunity to
thank all our customers, especially our advertisers, most especially those who place our flyers on their status, just by placing it on your status , you have actually helped us a lot we are very very grateful, we say God bless you, senior man if you have anything he has said everything he has said everything, he has said everything the only thing I will say is, our customers, we are very grateful to you very much and we promise nothing but the best of our products we are going to give them the best. They should expect that from us and my final word is: they should think BIG but start SMALL, PRAY harder and they will grow big. Thank you. thank you very much once again thank you
for the words of motivation and I’m so motivated right now so guys this
brings us to the end of this episode it’s been a very inspiring and
motivating episode if you watched till the end thank you for joining us today and don’t
forget to Like and subscribe to this video if you liked it we have comments you can
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