How to Spend Money – Another day another Dollar!

How to Spend Money – Another day another Dollar!

[Music] with my face let’s go hummus no there’s one thing I know about me don’t they shower in embrace – oh no no Kayoko it’s like yesterday this reason for this we said got my des house last night as if in a spare clothes it’s a random thing okay [Music] the new improved Stephens sure this is what you call I think quite a long time in there but do you think it’s worth it do you think it’s worth it what do you think am i worth it oh I’ve done a bish I’ve got a bit of shopping at me now we’re going to do a bit of shopping I would say but look at the carpet it took to us 10 minutes to find a potluck the car lot the car now [Music] La Mina slogan while being here pretty much she didn’t fire the clothes what she wants it an hour in a shop no it’s not that sir do you like the clothes don’t lie give me it’s doing the same show as staying half hour now and she’s finally decided he picked two outfits with two pizza piece of cloth obviously she’s trapped you want to make a picture like this is it so and show them what you got [Music] she were modeling it for you later on so you guys can see what actually that’s like but I actually think it’s not too bad to be in H&M in a moment and that they’ll this this was this it’s only seven pounds and waste things trousers is only conscious it forty forty pounds so it’s not too bad at that’s all and so it’s pretty cool so she picks out anyway [Music] that’s another thing I’ve noticed about legging the world you know in the rats unlike as if it was balanced [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] so that was our day infuser nothing identify some truth yeah I didn’t buy anything I bought pretzel pretzel and that’s the only thing we bought I was pretty tired Simmons always tired and I was very tired and that’s my got bed it’s a long day but we’ve got a long journey back yeah one hour to two hours then hopefully from there we see how [Music] [Music]

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  1. Long time no see Stephen!
    Good to see you having fun mate, great vid 😆 keep up the good work……. have subscribed. Best of luck to the both of you with your new channel 👍🏻

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