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  1. have a question about opening biz. accnt. on paypal,… what if i'm "just about" to set up a business and haven't registered it yet,…as sole proprietor about to operate from home what does someone do to fill out co. name that's not registered yet?… how 'bout biz address? (*if someone is operating from home)

  2. Hallo may i get link to inscription paypal Business …coz they are a lot of links scam inscription in google …Thank u

  3. i have a question am from Tanzania i followed all of your steps but i cant choose Estimate your monthly sale so i don"t know my limit and i want to start my shopify store am worried now because what happen if my sales exceeds my limits these can cause banning or freezing of my money any solution to this…

  4. Hello, I understood all the process thank you for your explanation. I created a virtual money sales site for a game, and now I need a professional paypal. a lot of cash flow will be present on the paypal account, so paypal will ask for the source of money. Do I have to provide papers justifying the source of my money? I sell to my clients only virtual money of a game so I can not provide anything to paypal as justification (bills ect ..). Thank you in advance !

  5. If I only have one bank account set up and the buyer uses a different bank account do I need to open another bank account?example i have visa but the buyer has a non visa account should i open another one same as the buyers account?

  6. Hi there… I currently have a small business I'm starting up and with that business I plan on doing some sales on eBay. Currently I have a personal PayPal account that I buy things on eBay with. My question is… Is a personal account mainly for just buying and exchanging money with family or people I know, or is it safe to start selling on eBay with a personal account to get paid vs converting to a business account? I have heard that a person should never sell on eBay with a personal account because of potential scams… What do you suggest? Thank you in advance for your help..

  7. I appreciate the info but let me save others some time here. This info is useless if you are a business operating from outside the US and don't have a US bank account, SSN nor a TIN number… ☹️

  8. I've a question regarding PayPal business account. Can we disable our name to show up when a client pays us? I want ONLY my business name to display – Is this possible?

  9. Please I have a question about PayPal account creating. Please can someone receive payment direct to his/her bank account?

  10. I’ve never set up a business PayPal account before we do have a business where we invoice and email our customers but I don’t have a website how would you get paid through an invoice through QuickBooks?

  11. What procedures can help for the citizen who are non US to use paypall to get paid in case they are conducting bussiness

  12. Can I use African TIN number( I mean a tin number which belong to one of African countries) when opening paypall Business Account

  13. Just found your channel while researching pos systems for my first craft show. Super nervous about it and I dont feel ready, and I'm still choosing scents for our holiday collection. Just wanted to let you know that you've gained a new subscribers+follower…. you def need more views, awesome info.

  14. Hi ,is there any fees from PayPal . for personal payment it takes 3% .I do small business .If I switch to business will PayPal charge me for each transaction ?

  15. Can I receive money with a personal account? Also can I create an account with just a debit card or do I reaally need a credit card ??

  16. I made account and they want info about my business. I choose the ”corporation” and then tge next line i can’t choose snything, i need to find some ”Keyword”. I don’t have options to choose like you see in this video at 12:22, but i don’t have any options to choose? Where can i find the Keywords?

  17. Hi, If I am a (freelancer) doing seo consultancy (based in italy) and need to be receiving payments through PayPal, question 1, Do i need to have a VAT number? Question 2. I am I eligible to countries taxation? If you clarify would be great! thanks

  18. Hi! I have actually have a few questions about opening up a business account.

    What I'm planning on doing is some custom photography work where people would commission me for a certain photo that they would desire.

    When it comes to the business name, do I need to have an established business entity or can I just put whatever name I would want to do business with?

    When it comes to transactions such as receiving money from another person, will my business name be the only thing that shows up in the transaction?


  19. Thank you for sharing! One question please, if I am registering a business account, the credit / debit has to be under the company name or it can also be under my name?

  20. The account you showed how to set up, does it come with no limits or restrictions? I need to be sure what limits the account I set up comes with otherwise I fear the account will get limited with large sums of money in it.

  21. I wanted to put a product on Jvzoo and they informed me that if I don't have a $100 balance in my Paypal account, sales can be blocked. Is that true? And if so, is there a solution to avoid that? That's possible to receive payments and sales from a new PayPal account?

  22. the ask me about my sales and do I have sales up to 4 thousand dollars a month one problem starting an online business but haven't made money yet. Do I still click on the monthly sales part?

  23. Can you help me please ,, i have a website and i wanna sell 3d modeling and 3d stuff i setup woocommerce and make products ,, the question is can i use my personal paypal account to receive money from people or i must change it to business one ,, is the fee of personal paypal differs from business paypal ,, i dont know the difference between personal and business account can you help me please

  24. Hi I was wondering if u can help me I trying to link my PayPal to my redbubble account but I have no clue on what to do with the API thing so confused or the rest API can u explain more for people who are just trying to get into the business

  25. What if you're first starting out? Will you still need to pay $22 for buying business name for you to be able to use the business option in Paypal?

    I'm an artist and aspiring animator.

    I want my business name to show up in my customer's invoice as I don't want people to know my real name.

  26. Hello, Do I need to make one of those options at 13:55 if I use Shopify for my business? Thank you.

  27. Is using the standart business account absolutely free? If im reciving money, is there going to be a tax to paypal?

  28. If i first register to PayPal personal account, can i later change to business account? because i don't have any business or business name yet now. I like your explanation, thanks ??

  29. Can I set up my PayPal account to accept regular credit card payments such as visa or Mastercard? Thank you.

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