How to sell on Instagram – Instagram’s New Business Tools

How to sell on Instagram – Instagram’s New Business Tools

A lot of you use Instagram for your business to tell stories, but one of the difficult things about Instagram in the past It’s been hard to measure results one of the things we really care about in marketing is being able to measure those results Well, I got good news last week Instagram rolled out a new release which allows you to track all kinds of things you can see impressions number of clicks and From right within the app you can run ads that are easily measurable and tracked back to your business a video a story a blog Post or anyone at anywhere else you want to send a user. Now let’s take a look at it When you’re on your Facebook profile page under settings you’ll see some new options Down here where it says switch back to personal account if you don’t already have a business account it will say switch to business account It’ll ask you a few questions And then will activate your business account Once you do that you’re gonna find some new things available to you on Instagram in the top There’s a stats option, which hasn’t existed before you can see all kinds of great things. How many impressions You’ve had per week the top posts in the last seven days when your followers are actually accessing Facebook and if you’re not clear on what any of these things mean you can touch this button and it will give you a description of The items on that page you can also click one of these To see more details about those posts now You’ll notice that each one of those post doesn’t just show you the number of lights, but the total number of impressions as well So you can see who actually saw the post then I can click on a post you’ll notice two new buttons below the image Promote and view insights the quick view insights it’ll show me the total number people that saw the page the reach and the engagement If you’re not sure what this means you can click the button and it will explain it to you Most importantly when you want to promote a post to a particular audience you can click promote Now many of you may be familiar with this on Facebook a boosted post is what they would call it there But here you have the ability to promote a post you can set an action item for the text learn more watch more SHOP NOW, etc and then you can link that button to a particular page once I type learn more and ask me for a URL like I send them to a landing page to my Facebook page to a video whatever I happen to want to send them to They have the ability to automatically define the audience for you, or you can create your own audience This allows you to specify the name location interests age groups Of all the people who are accessing or seeing this ad from your page it allows you to target specific with who you’re looking for Then you can set your budget. You can see here. It starts at just three dollars You can set the budget to whatever you like and in the duration the number of days It’s going to run and the approximated cost per day It’s an amazing way to run a few dollar ad campaign and see some results I’ll show you an example when we did just a few days ago. I Can see this has promote again because I’ve already promoted it once and I can click view insights it shows me that from my boosted post the ad was seen the Picture of the ad was seen three hundred and fifty nine times, and it was clicked on four times I spent two dollars So I know my cost per click was just fifty cents It’s a valuable tool to be able to acquire specific audience for specific purposes Whether you’re sharing information or getting something to actually purchase something instagrams new ad tools could be huge for your business if you’re not sure how to Optimize these tools your budget and all the other platforms involved we’d love to help you come up with a plane

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