How to schedule Facebook Posts on Business Page (Updated November 2019)

How to schedule Facebook Posts on Business Page (Updated November 2019)

If you want to schedule Facebook posts, you can do this for free using
Facebook’s scheduling feature. I’m going to walk you through how to use
Facebook Creator Studio to create posts on Facebook so you can have
more consistency without
having to manually post in real time. Stay tuned. Hi, I’m Sara Nguyen, and on this channel, I make tech and social media easier for
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And at any time during this video, check out the description for links to
all of the resources mentioned in this video. Facebook allows you to schedule
your posts, whether that’s your videos, blog posts links, or
status updates in advance. The ability to do this was previously
available from your Facebook page, but this has recently changed. Now, you can use Facebook Creator
Studio to schedule your posts. I put the timestamps in the description
if you want to jump to a particular section right away. Let’s go over to my computer now and
I’ll walk you through how to schedule. In order to access the area of Facebook
that allows you to schedule your posts, you’ll need to go to, and this will have all of your Facebook
pages, if you have multiple pages. If you only have one Facebook
page, it will only have the one. And it’s where you can also connect your
Instagram account so you can schedule to Instagram as well. This
demonstration is just about Facebook. I’m not going to show you how
to set up and connect Instagram. This is just about scheduling to
Facebook. So once you’ve gone to this URL, I’ve put a link to it in the description. You can see it on screen
right now as well. You get a view that looks a
little something like this, and from here you can start
to schedule your posts. And the first way I’m going to show you
to schedule your post is underneath the home words here, there’s something that says Post Something
with a little pencil and a little square around it. I’m
going to click on that, and after I click on that it asks me
which page I want to post from and this will happen if you have multiple pages, so go ahead and click the page
which you want to post from, and then you’ll be able
to create your post. Hopefully this is looking very familiar, so here I can then add a video or
I can then add an image and text. So I’m going to go ahead
and select, Share a Photo, and this will open up my computer and
I’m going to choose an image that I prepared earlier and Facebook
will load the image for me. I’ve also got the ability to add
multiple images to the one post, and I can do that by selecting this plus
icon and then choosing another image that I want added to the same post, and then Facebook will add it for me
there. In this section where it says, Say something about this photo, I’m going to go ahead and paste some
text and a link and this is essentially creating the post. Now, I don’t want to hit the publish button
because that will then post it directly to my page. Now, I don’t want to select publish
because we want to schedule our posts. If we select publish at this stage,
it will post directly to the page. Next to the publish button, blue button is a little
triangle or down pointing arrow. So click on that and
this opens up a little, a couple of options and we want
to select, Schedule from here. So now I’m clicking, Schedule, and then this allows
me to choose the date. I’m going to put it into the future. Let it post at a specific
time that I choose here. The other option I have is
if I select, Stop Newsfeed Distribution, then I can select a time where the
post will stop showing in the newsfeed. But I don’t want to do that. And
if you don’t want to do that, just de-select it and ignore
it and then select, Schedule. And now Facebook is scheduling my
post to appear in the future for me. So if I want to go and have a look at
the post and make changes or just to see this post and how it’s actually all going, what I want to do is to go to
the content library, so click on, Content Library, and this will
take you to the post section here. And if you then go across the top
here, there’s All Post, All Published, Schedule, Drafts, Expired Expiring
we want to click on, Scheduled, and there is my little
post that I just scheduled. It tells me that it’s scheduled, it’s green and it tells me
when I scheduled it for. If I want to make some changes,
I just go back to the post. You can see these three dots
here. When I hover over it, I can click on that and I can edit
the post here. So I select, edit, and this allows me to then make text
changes. I can change the images. Alternatively, if I am
going to discard that, if I wanted to change the date, I
can reschedule. When I want it to go, I can also click cancel schedule. When I click cancel schedule, what happens is Facebook will then
move it from the Scheduled tab into the Drafts tab and that means it
won’t be scheduled anymore. And then I can also preview the posts, which is also a nice little
feature to have as well. So I can see what it will look like in
the newsfeed and in desktop view and also in mobile view as well. So, that’s cool. And I’m going to X out of that. And that’s the first way to schedule a
post on Facebook using Creator Studio. We went to post something, we chose the page that
we wanted to post to, and then we went ahead and created the
post uploading an image or a video, and then we went ahead and
selected the Schedule feature. Now, the second way that I can schedule
something is once again I’m in Creator studio, in the home section,
and then where it says, Upload Video Here, where there’s
a green upward arrow and the thing underneath it, I’m going to select that
and this is obviously if I
want to upload a video to be scheduled. And then this gives me
the option to upload a single video, multiple videos, and it also allows me
to post the video across multiple pages. So in the case where you have multiple
Facebook pages that are related, you could potentially schedule the same
video to go across more than one page at the same time. So I’m going
to go to single video, I’m going to choose the page that
I want to schedule to. And now, my video is being uploaded. It’s a little bit different as you
can see than scheduling a post because there’s a few more things that you
need to add to the actual video. The first thing that I want to
add to the video is a title. So I’m going to go ahead
and type one in now. And then I’m going to add
a description of the video, something I prepared a little bit earlier. I can also add tags here, and Facebook says you should add tags
here to help people find your videos. I don’t find that their tagging system
is great, Facebook if you’re listening, but I try to the best of my ability, add tags that I feel is relevant. So you can either add tags by typing in
what you think the relevant tags are or you can scroll through their categories
and they’ve got pre-made tags here. So I don’t think it hurts to do
that, but fill that section in. You’ll be able to see the video here
at the bottom. On the right-hand side, you can do a couple more things. You’ve got the ability to
add subtitles and captions. So if you have a SubRip or .srt file that you’ve created for the video,
you can upload it here if you want, or you can auto-generate it. I’m not going to do it for my video
because this is a square video where I’ve got hard-coded subtitles already. But you can definitely use
this to add your captions. You’ve also got the ability to use
auto-generated ones. Write your own, or as I mentioned, upload a SubRip file
that you’ve created yourself. There’s a couple of other things
that you can do. You can add a poll, and some other things which
I won’t really go into, such as tracking in 360 director tools
because that’s not keeping us focused to what I’m trying to do. Now, once
the video has finished uploading, you’ll see in the bottom here
that it says 100% and it’s green, and it’s pretty much good to
go now. So I’ve got the title, I’ve got a description. I can choose to change the thumbnail
image. This is a good one to do as well. So you can either do an auto-generated
image and these are stills of your video. Alternatively, you can add a custom
image. So if you select, add image, I’ll do that again, if
you select add image here, then it will allow you to choose
a image from your desktop. So I’m going to go, let’s do that one. That’s nice. And alternatively, you can also choose a
still from the video. If you go to video frame, then you
can– oh, what was the best still? You can choose a still from the video if
it’s relevant to you. Then I’d select, Next. Here is where you can then schedule. So once again, it’s already defaulted
to Publish Now, we don’t want that, so we actually want to click on
Schedule, right here, schedule. And once again, once we clicked on that, it gives us the ability to then choose
the date that we want to schedule to. So I’m going to put it in the
future. Sure. Let’s go at 1:00 AM. And then, I also have the ability here to do the
same thing with just the post before. If you want to stop the post from showing
at a certain time, we can click that. But I don’t know why you
really would unless you’re, I guess if you had a post that
was news or time-sensitive, you could potentially use this feature
to stop it showing in the newsfeed. You can also choose to
add it to a playlist. If you’ve already set up
playlists on your Facebook page, you can organise it a little bit here.
So I’ve got a couple of playlists, and I’ll choose the playlist from here. And he’s where you can make it available
to other pages if you do own them, or if you do own multiple Facebook pages. I’m going to select another page
so I can crosspost it later, and that’s pretty much it. So I’ve got schedule, I’ve
chosen the date and the time. I’ve left everything else in the, Choose
where your post will appear section, as it is. I’ve chosen to make it available to other
pages that I personally own so that I can schedule crossposts at a bit
later. And that’s pretty much it. Facebook on the right-hand
side here, as you see, has a couple of green ticks. So they love that there’s a description
and tags, and that it’s high definition. They don’t like that it’s a short video, but it’s not stopping me from
actually going ahead and scheduling. So it’s a pink, it’s not a
red so we’re still okay to go. That’s just them giving
you a couple of um, things that they would like before
you actually go ahead but that’s it. We’re good to go. Now I’m
going to select, Schedule. There’s a notice that my post will be, my video post will be scheduled
at this time. And once again, to find the post I go to content library
on the left-hand side and then I can see my Schedule Posts here.
It’s currently processing. Once it’s finished processing then
I will see it scheduled as well. And once again, I can make changes to it like I did the
other file where I can edit the post and then I can also, once
it’s finished processing, I’ll be able to do the same things that
I did to the other image where I’m able to edit the video post, and I’m also
able to change the schedule and time. Now that Facebook has
finished processing the video, I can see the post status
is green, so it’s scheduled. If I select the three dots,
once I hover over the post here, then I’m able to reschedule it. So if I, once I clicked that I can change the time, I can also cancel the post
and it will move it to Draft, I can preview the post and that
will show me what it looks like. How nice is that? The desktop
view and in mobile view as well. I can also edit the post, and this will open up the same
dialogue that you saw before, or I can change the text,
change the thumbnail, add the captions once again and just
any editing that I need to do before it actually goes live. When I set up the video to be scheduled, I select the ability to
share it on other pages. So I’m going to show
you how to do that now. So if you have multiple Facebook pages, well you might have a brand
one and a personal one, and what I’m going to do is I’m going
to go to, Videos you can crosspost. So under content library,
videos you can crosspost, because I selected the feature
earlier where I can actually, where I wanted to share it to other pages, I can then use this video and
I can crosspost the videos. So it’s here because I said that I
wanted to share it to my other pages. I select the three dots, hover over here, crosspost video. And now,
this is creating a new post. It’s got the same details, exactly
the same details I select, Next, I know it’s going to a different page. So the first page that I scheduled it to
was Sara Nguyen Online and this one is scheduling it to Social Media Rocketeer,
and I can see that at the bottom here, it’s got a different profile
image and the words here, which is the actual page it’s
posting to. So I’m going to go next, with the same details I can either
publish it now or I can schedule this to appear in the future,
the date and the time, show in the newsfeed, and
then I can schedule it, and this will then automatically
schedule it to another page that I own. And I can see it all if I go
back to the content library. And I can see it all here, I’ll refresh,
I’ll be able to see it once it’s ready, appear in the schedule section. I’ve got the post here that is scheduled
to Sara Nguyen Online and the same post scheduled to Social Media Rocketeer. I
didn’t have to type two separate posts. I was able to do a few clicks and got it
to schedule to the other page as well. Now, the last way that you can actually
schedule post using Creator Studio is by, the first way I showed you was from
the Home page. So we went to home, we post something or we
selected, Upload video. Now the second way is
from the Content library. On the top right-hand corner
here is Upload videos. So if you’re uploading videos, here’s another place that you can do it
just in case you wanted another option. So if I select this, it
opens up, My Computer, where I can choose
another video to upload. And once I do that it asks me
which page I want to upload to. And then I go through the same
motions as I did for the other videos. So I add the title of the video, I add the description keywords, I can change the thumbnail, I
can add subtitles if I want, and then I’d go ahead and schedule
it just like I would a normal video. So that’s another way that you
can actually schedule a video. This is just for videos, it doesn’t actually have the ability to
do images as well. It’s just for videos. But you can do that as well from
the post sections. So there you go. So hopefully that was
helpful. And you are now very, very clear on how you can schedule your
post to Facebook using their own free scheduler under Creator Studio. So there you have it, a step by step walkthrough of how to
schedule your posts on Facebook using Facebook Creator Studio. If
you found this video useful, give me a thumbs up and don’t
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and thanks for watching.

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