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  1. Do the spaces really matter? I do Glassblowing videos and I normally just tag [Glass] & [Blowing]? Do I need to do [Glassblowing] and [Glass Blowing]? Also do the capital letters matter?

  2. NO youtube cheats me out of tags, I can take a perfectly tagged video down with zero rankings put it back up, with the same tags and then get rankings with same video same tags everything!! I just put a video up on my other channel I started out ranking number two in one of my tags and now its not ranking at all in any of the tags?

  3. I have an idea
    We all do face same problem and it does address that we need strong favor and in order to do that we must subscribe each other channels and promote it everywhere.

    This method is for all those you tubers who ain't able to earn that apex position

  4. hi every im also new and i try everything but dosn't work can anyone explain why my video not show in search…?

  5. I looped the firdt 2 seconds for an hour " " "ayderulheaa"

  6. You are one of my favorites in the niche for helping Youtubers. A. You're easy to understand (sometimes, sometimes you speak Martian, but it's only because of our differences 😉 B. You are not a super model! C. You are still active and successful. D. Your helps are pertinent to the problems or questions. Love the game of "Tag" at the end with your beautiful sons. ? Btw I now have 7 subscribers!

  7. hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about KEYWORDS GO HERE try Corbandy Wedding Speech Crusher (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my colleague got excellent success with it.

  8. My strategy: rapid fire tags so I can get noticed.

    Youtube should add a section for smaller channels so they can grow too!

  9. It was useful.I used to upload videos by android and whenever I'm writing something for tag like the part like where you wrote google and came google earth ..that part is not coming so if I write a word how can I confirm that it's working as tag or not?

  10. Ure the man. U made my channel good. I used all ure tips. And it finally happened. I used a specific tags and etc. Thanks so much. I really appreciate to view my channel pleasr

  11. Hey! Thanks for the tips! You get to the point and explain in detail and show us where to look almost like a step by step guidance–cheers! Can I ask a question please? ☺️
    Sounds like a daft question but can you go into a bit more detail about the ' misspelt ' tags? I did shuffle back a few times to watch again to see if I missed it but it doesn't elaborate further!
    I'm new to all this so any advice about this but would be cool..thanks in advance…..Anji X ??

  12. Does it make a difference if you add the same tags to your channel as well as individual videos?
    E.g. I can see that this current video has "YouTube" as a tag, but you also have "YouTube" in your Channel Tags.
    However, "derraleves" is not in your channel tags, but it's in the video tags.
    So, if your channel tags help all your videos rank, why use them twice?
    I've been searching for an answer to this question to no avail. There doesn't even seem to be an answer in YouTube's Creator Academy.
    (Sorry for the same comment on two videos. Just hoping to increase the chances of getting an answer.)

  13. Thanks for the help. Seems impossible for new youtubers to get noticed. Youtube wants to promote the big players in the game instead of raising up the smaller people.

  14. 2014? by the next day this is old stuff, because Youtube keeps changing and manipulating the stuff. I think they just want cat videos.

  15. Hi Derral I make mainly tips and how to type videos. What sort of generic tags would you recommend for these? Is it better to put Howto or How To? Thanks

  16. Derral Eves how do you do this using a smartphone? Also, the gear icon is not showing up on my phone so I can edit my bio on my channel Bridget Moses Godly Encouragement. How can I change that as well? Please help!!! ???

  17. Nice Information .. i am also working on Youtube , i have a Channel , hopefully it will help in many ways . Thanks for explaining Tags …..

  18. Does order really matter? Does google or yotube just grab the entire tag base from your added tags? I gotta get this cleared. Don't wanna go mass fixing the order on tags.

  19. So, I'll subscribe all new starters here. I'm also new, started to make my videos Public from 8th of March (Two weeks ago).

  20. When doing tags on a phone upload is it word comma space word comma space or just word space word space?

  21. I'm going to try to ask a question here. Not that you will answer, you NEVER have. Why does YT tell me I am exceeding the character limit when I use mostly one word tags and nothing is even close to 500 characters?

  22. Specific tags?
    Also is it a good idea to tag multiple combinations that are very similar, except for a few words? Example: Jurassic Park movie reactions, Jurassic Park Trailer reactions… and so forth? the key is reactions we do reaction videos.

    Thank you

  23. One of the issues I have right now is I use the longtail tags rich in keywords and I will rank high for them, but get low views and hardly come up in the suggested field. So… 2019. What's up with that Lol?

  24. Is it a good idea if you create a Youtube post to add another youtube channel as a tag that has 1M+ subscribers and or views for a similar video? Thanks

  25. Hi have a good day, a new frnd here, lkd, subscribed, thanks for sharing very useful info., pls do subb n stay concted..

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