How to Promote Your Business on Social Media in 2019 | London Keynote 2018

How to Promote Your Business on Social Media in 2019 | London Keynote 2018

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  1. Gary is cool but u cant put him in a pedestal … I think he will respect u more if u don't

  2. I know the only real growing service in instagram, but he is going to close his client list soon. Maybe you can reserve a seat and enjoy promotion ) Find him in instagram INJOYJOY

  3. I know the only real growing service in instagram, but he is going to close his client list soon. Maybe you can reserve a seat and enjoy promotion ) Find him in instagram INJOYJOY

  4. Its funny how these lil white dudes feel they need to cuss just because they’re talking to Gary, like be your damn self and stop be so low on confidence that you need to try to emulate Gary 🙄

  5. Facebook ads and IG ads are great! & I love Garry, he's smart. But I beg to differ. There's still an alternate platform to use other than the ones mentioned. & With 5g tech coming in..of course we'll have better innovations than FB. Saying that this is the Apex of how best we can make & get attention for years to come is an insult to how innovative the human race is. & Btw Garry is an FB investor. The more he gets you to spend on ads the more he makes 😁 not that it's bad– just look at the whole picture !! Great video and very informative Mr Garry! Loved it

  6. We complain in the states worrying what others think… then the guy from Pakistan… whoops #perspectivetime

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  9. I think it is guaranteed that we will be able to communicate to people… i think the consumer based content creation model is necessary as no single company can reproduce that. but i guess Gary is saying that it might be prohibitively expensive.

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  11. Using some of Gary V's strategies along with our advertising platform, we have been able to get astonishing results! The platform makes it so easy to make ads so we have more time to do things such as networking and social media. This is great and we can't say thank you enough! If anyone needs help getting started please reach out!

  12. Hi all, I've put together a cheatsheet of what I think are the best niches for social media marketers. I Know a lot of you will have lot's of different businesses but if you are interested just click the link below and it will hopefully help you out a bit:)

  13. Dude, you just seriusly spent 25mins selling Social Media to us. Get to the fucking point chatterbox!

  14. Every time I come back watched this, halfway watching, I suddenly have a motivation, geared up and check on my business page, because that's just how Gary made you feel on the inside, the feeling of 'do it right now' not even finish watching to the entire video~ well I did that once already (watched to the end)

  15. Wow, Gary you just lifted me. I just had the answer I needed for 3 year now. Building Contents and Patience.

  16. he may be informed but what's the need for all the swearing? …. it made me switch off, … if that's what mega money does to you, id prefer not, thanks……

  17. Shit! I literally just moved out and now he says he's coming to India!
    I have to find a way to make money to go back to India in time for his presentation next year.

    1. Research on starting an advertising agency.
    2. Start finding clients to advertise for and if they see results I can charge them for making and dealing with the ads.
    3. Build up the number of regular clients to form a substantial amount enough to buy a ticket and other crap.
    4. Go back to India.
    5. Hug Gary Vee.

  18. Great video! Having a good social media presence is so important, especially for small businesses. One really helpful tool I use to make video ads for social media is Promo. Definitely check it out:

  19. I think you fixed me Gary the company I work for today through my efforts went from hardly a post on Facebook to ten posts on five platforms in a single day and lol they don’t even know I’m taking my shot

  20. Gary Vee you are really an inspiration. A really great motivator. I was really inspired by your words of motivation that I infact started to Vlog and will be uploading my very first real vlog tomorrow thanks to you. You are my biggest influencer.

    To Gary Vee's subscribers, I hope you can all join me in my vlogging journey by liking and sharing my channel and videos. I will appreciate all the love.

    Please click on my youtube link below and hit subscribe. Thank you!

    Keep inspiring and motivating Gary Vee!

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    Thank you and hope to see you in my channel.

  21. to all the bright minds out there!
    -Question –> if you create content about video games (like my channel), how would you use facebook, podcast, twitter (social media tools) to promote the business?
    what I have done is create small clips from full videos on instagram, but I can't really come up with using audio/written words to promote.

    Thanks! looking forward to the success

  22. It’s the greatest shit I’ve ever heard!!! Do any of us who watched this doubt he’s 100 percent on point knows exactly what he’s talking about and can be true for all of us willing to work and learn it??? Amazing

  23. Gary, one of the best examples of how successful you can be in Capitalism, introduced with a Rage Against a Machine song 😆😆😆omg Life it’s fun

  24. Great video as always Gary Vee…really like your content. Keep up the great work and effort. I do appreciate it…thank you

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  26. Every business needs Social Media. It is crazy how many businesses still think they don't and just don't have the time for it. My agency provides so much value to our clients that they now realize how impactful Social Media is in the business world. If you don't think your business needs it, or are interested in how I am doing it message me. Or start your agency and find out! I have a step by step guide on my channel.

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  28. Save you an hour of time, buy FB ads, instagram add, google ads done. That's what it a comes down to. Youre welcome 😁

  29. So everyone is sitting there knowing that YOU are actively involved in trying to get corporates to go onto FB which will raise the prices for everyone else ….then you say you are giving a gift to the audience by telling them FML !!!!

  30. is Professional secure an online business-based social networking site that helps business people, mostly those in South Africa, connect, Free advertise, List and promote their businesses to comunity offer free platform for everybody to sell online and you can even market or promote your business, brand and products by using paid ads

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  31. What I love about Gary is that he says what he feels and feels what he says dickfaces. Giggling talk that talk Gary!

  32. Gary always blows my mind with his innovative outlook and visionary mindset of what's to come. Not many people are really teaching and explaining the future of these social media platforms but he continues to bring the fire, help everyone focus on where to look and authentically leads the way showing us how it's done. Brilliant man, I appreciate you.

  33. The fastest + most effective way that we have seen work is running ads, no really talks about it though. For example: Sponsored IG Posts, Stories, and running videos on large audience pages ⚡

  34. I’m so glad I hear this today. Thank you so much Garry… today I will be posting my first blog on my site and YouTube and I will start on other apps. I have to overcome the fear of what people think and concentrate on what my vision is and what I want to bring to the world…. you are amazing and raw!!!! 🙏🙏🙏 so glad you share this!!! It’s like we know and hear this all the time but just listen feel good but don’t take the action but it’s how you deliver, the way you talk… that just click and make me more motivated to take the action…. so greatful I found you at the right time in my life.

  35. Great information Gary. I have binged EVERYTHING on your channel. I love the TAKE ACTION part of your talks. I have been hungry for success for so long. I got off my ass a few months ago. I can't imagine where I would be if I took this action years ago. I am not going to dwell on that because I will spend my energy focusing on Social Media and my entrepreneurship.

  36. What you bring to the audience not what audience can bring to you.
    Now the norm is the phone. He bet on the device. Attention is asset application than is the seed to plant. Across 7-8 plate forms apps unless you were relevant if you were not you were findentally irrelevant in society. What happens next that you can do now.

  37. Distribution than content outsmart creates no friction do what they want Watch what he’s doing not just what he’s saying be historically correct make content instead of “I’m struggling to be a influencer. Patient quality info and let chips fall. Publishers kill trees. Self publishing now is not spammy. Best way to not work for feee is to ask more people billions of people. Business Development, personality. Depth least scales or but respond to every tweet.Kid finds other hustler kids gets 25% Do it a SaaS product cause you can’t breathe or just know. High risk high reward don’t regret it you have lots of Rhodes in you.

  38. Make yourself happy so you don’t resent your parents for the rest of life without adversity is how peeps turn into a zoo animals

  39. This talk is a GAME CHANGER I’ve only done 50% of this and our business exploded into a multi-million dollar business. You must pay attention to this. We ran pre-roll YouTube ads in 2016 and saw a massive expansion. Do it.

  40. Stopped at 25:37 to go watch other videos on how to revise my current facebook and instagram ads…they have been our business's lifeline for customer flow, but not as lucrative as Gary has announced them to be. So we must be doing something wrong…I'm motivated at this point. It's 4:35 am here in Houston, Texas. Thanks Gary for the last 2 hours of late night tube-formation!

  41. This is my firstime i hear u and see how u tuitorial so meaningful and learning to our world … Thank u so much i meet u here…. I wish oneday im there to see u and hear u totally personal…. To hug u to feel that u so important in our life….thank u so much…

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  43. Awesome talk! It really motivates me to do something with my exposure to social media! I really underestimate it or I should probably being afraid of doing it! I have to do it! Fuck it!

  44. I'll take your advice. I would like to work with you and I have more to offer than most but I just want to help you prove everything you preach because I have been through it. I respectively am offering my ideas for a change. Meaning I have worldly idea's but I just need a foot in the door and prove them wrong. I would like to talk to you about a few ideas we could make a difference for everyone. All I ask is for a moment of your time I promise if you do before our conversation is over you will send me out a car to speak with you in all your future speeches 😉

  45. im not gonna listen to some guy that thinks he owns the planet so he can swear the fuck in front of strangers with no respect like that. manner goes way beyond title. duh

  46. it is possible for me to take tactical long term position based on the patterns that we had. your strategy pattern is your trading secret used to manipulate market and predict trendlines, i studied Lukasz Wilhelm's ''iqd momentum strategy''. Made research on net about it, and seek knowledge from investors or traders known in trading history coupled with impressive videos like this. Better learn to your own strategy and not to copy from someone ease.

  47. just for the record. " inference to colmbo trick " i am born and raised in Colombo. we literally don't do such a dum shity trick like this guy. good speech Gary.

  48. This is it, the video that made me confront the insecurity of my speaking skills and fully tackle it on. Now, I'm practicing in front of the camera every day. Best of luck to whoever works on their deepest insecurities, and thanks GaryVee

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  50. I want to ask a question but you pretty much hushed my mouth. Lol. Thanks. "Inaction is also an action". Source: idfk! Lol thanks bro.

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