How To Organize Your Business: 3 Steps and Must-Have Tools To Set Up Your Business Systems

How To Organize Your Business: 3 Steps and Must-Have Tools To Set Up Your Business Systems

Hey, everyone. Megan here from Today I’m going to share with you the three
simple steps you need to set up and organize your business. By following these simple steps, your business
will run smooth and efficiently behind the scenes [ music is playing ] Step number one is to set up your business
email, calendar, and filing system. I recommend you do this using G Suite, formerly
known as Google Apps for Work. G Suite is a collection of must-have tools
for your business. I use it to manage my calendar, store all
of my files, email back and forth for business purposes, and so much more. You can sign up for the basic plan for just
$5 a month, or if you’re willing to spend $10 a month per user, you can pick the business
plan and get unlimited storage. I actually just recently upgraded to business
a few weeks ago, and every single business file I have is in G Suite. Plus, G Suite and Google Drive is so helpful
and easy when you need to collaborate with others and easily share specific files and
folders with your team or anyone you’re working with. Step number two is to set up a project management
system. I recommend you use Asana for your project
management system. I love Asana for so many reasons. I’m in it every single day, all day. One of my favorite parts is how much they
give you on the free account. I love that in Asana I can assign myself tasks,
delegate tasks, color code, use tags, create subtasks, attach Google Drive files, and so
much more. The features really are incredible, but it
doesn’t have to be complicated. One of the best parts about Asana is that
it is as simple or as complex as you need for your business. You get nearly all of the features and up
to 15 team members all on a free Asana account. I love that I start every day knowing exactly
what I need to do for my business and having detailed processes, especially for things
like creating videos, all in one place. One tip for you here when it comes to Asana
is to sign up using your business email. Hopefully, your business email is from your
domain, just like mine is You want to sign up for Asana using that email. You’ll automatically be set up as an organization
at no extra charge. The reason you want to be set up as an organization
is it allows you a whole other level of organization. Suddenly, you have access to a thing called
Teams. This is great for having better control over
who has access to what. Even for me, I just love that I have another
way to categorize my projects. Instead of having all of my projects in one
long list, I have a team that’s called Content, and every project is every video I’m creating
for YouTube and that entire process. I have a Content team, I have an Operations
team, I have a Marketing team, and I have a Products team. It allows me to have different projects under
each team, which helps keep things even more organized. Step number three is to set up a way to communicate
with the rest of your team. I recommend using a free tool called Slack
to have ongoing communication with your team. By using Slack, you can have channels to organize
the topics that you’re talking about. It’s just a great place to casually communicate
with your team and stay out of your inbox. That way, you’re not sending emails back and
forth. With these two systems, Asana and Slack, you
have a really clear and easy way to communicate with your team. Asana, you would add comments on tasks when
you have a task-related question, and then in Slack is where you can get to know your
team, have random conversation. Maybe you have a quick suggestion, or you
encountered a customer service issue that you wanted to talk about. This is the place to do that. It’s so much faster than email and all around
a great tool. I know what you’re thinking. Maybe you don’t even have a team, and you
feel like Slack can’t work for you. I totally get that, but I actually just set
it up for my own business. It’s been a nice way to set up different integrations
with other platforms. Google Calendar will send me a message on
my Slack channel with the schedule I have for the day, everything on my calendar. I can see when I have a team using Slack even
more. The good news, though, is that it’s free. So if you just want to set up a Slack to chat
with friends or contractors, that’s great. But I do think if you have a team, Slack is
a essential system you need in your business. Plus, Slack works with almost every other
system, so there are some really neat integrations you can set up. When someone assigns you a task in Asana,
you can get a notification in Slack. You can have Google Calendar send you a summary
of your day in the morning, and so much more. You definitely want to have Slack set up in
your business. Now you know the three things you need to
set up and organize your business the right way, but I understand it can be a little confusing
to figure out how all of your systems really work together in your business. That’s why I created the Simple Systems Flowchart
just for you. It’s a really clear flowchart of how all the
systems in your business work together. You can download the Simple Systems flowchart
for free in the link below this video. Now I want to hear from you. What tools do you use in your business to
stay organized? Leave your answer and suggestions in the comments
below. I’m sure everyone would love to hear them. Make sure you download your free copy of the
Simple Systems flowchart below this video so that you can set up systems in your business
that work together seamlessly. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to
subscribe, share with your friends, and hit the Like button below. I’ll see you in the next one! [ bloopers ]

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  1. Great content, do some people use both Google Drive and Dropbox? What is the difference in benefit? I've hear of people using Google drive for documents and Dropbox for media and content. What are your thoughts on Dropbox?

  2. This video is super helpful, thanks! I'm currently working solo at my sidle hustle project, I thought about using Asana and Slack before, but I was afraid they were mostly for multiple people teams. I should give them a second chance 🙂

  3. Saw such a big difference when I started using a project management system with my clients! Probably my favorite "system" in my business 🙂

  4. Thank You for the advice Megan! I use Asana for project management however I don't have the corporation one has I did not know that they had one that was free. My question is can you switch the regular Asana account to the corporation or is it to late?

  5. Hi Megan love the video. I would love for you to do a video on how solo Entrepreneurs could use Asana effectively. Like how to setup your daily/weekly tasks and how to basically organize everything in Asana so we can be productive and use time management effectively.

  6. Great tips Megan, I LOVE Slack!! And I'm thinking about updating to G-Suite. I definitely have a goal for 2017 to organize my project management system. Thanks for sharing

  7. Decent video but I was expecting different.  Did not realize you were going to mention three tools to organize your business. Was hoping for more about actually organizing.  Having said that, you do good work. Thanks.

  8. I use Pancake for time tracking, invoicing, and a client portal, Asana for project management, Wave for bookkeeping, Squarespace for hosting, Calendly for calendar management, and G Suite for email and storage.

  9. If you signed up with a personal email a long time ago and you change to your business email, will you still have access to the organization section?

  10. I've started using Asana 3 weeks ago and I've gotten SO much done in those weeks I can't even believe it! I don't have a team yet, but when I do, I will definitely use Slack. Thanks so much for this video!

  11. Hey Megan, great video! I've noticed there's a growing trend for companies to use slack as their main means of handling customer support as well. Do you use slack strictly internally? Is email still your preferred method of communication with customers?

  12. I LOVE the idea of setting up "teams" for major projects. I've just changed my Asana layout and it's WAY more streamlined now! Thanks for the great tip Megan 🙂

  13. Awesome video! Thank you for sharing! Thumbs up 👍 I subscribed to your great channel. Notifications on 👍Hope you find some time to visit mine and sub back if you like it 🙂 Have a pleasant evening!

  14. Great video Megan. We use all those tools except Asana but I think we will be switching back as it has become a bit complicated to follow everything in Trello as the team has grown.

    Did not know Gmail could send me my schedule everyday!!! Setting that up pronto.

  15. Hi Megan, love your videos! They are super helpful! What if I have Asana already under a personal email, can I switch to Business and get the Team access or do I need to start over?

  16. Thanks, love "teams" list. . . but I joined Slack with another group, and just didn't like it, and actually didn't go back to it. . . any others you recommend?

  17. Hey Megan! You are such a huge help to everything I do. Although I watch every one of your videos, I open asana and get overwhelmed bc I'm a paper pencil kind of gal. lol but I need to streamline this in case I add any team members. Is there another video that you have that is only asana that you would suggest I watch again? I'm going to go back and look thru but thought I'd ask you too.

  18. Hi, Megan. This is my first time watching one of your videos. I found it very useful! Early next year, I am going to start working for my brother to help organize his handyman business. He has a couple of employees now, and he needs an office manager to manage his books, calendar, finances, etc. This video gave a few useful tools to use that I can look into! 
    Quick question: I envision having a central calendar that we can all use, which I can schedule projects for his crew during different segments each day. I would schedule their projects, and they would just check their calendar each day to see which projects they are assigned and where they have to go at what time. Is this something that one of your tools would be used for? Such as Google or Asana? Thanks again for your great advice for beginners!

  19. Just watched again and realized you said G-suite manages a calendar. Would that work for my intended use? Is it something the crew could access from their smart phones, including iPhone?

  20. I just recently became a manager of a team.. this video just gave me some really good insight as to what I could be doing to get my people in order now that we are expanding and are looking to begin a new project within our company. Thanks for making this video!

  21. So all this can be for the organization and management part in your business plan? I’m trying to make a blog business for me. On the SBA website says I need to have an organization and management part. The team part your talking about can be like freelancers?

  22. Hi, Love your videos; they have helped me with my 2 Etsy shops a lot! I do have a question, my local library asked me if I would like to give a talk with a powerpoint and questions on how to open/start an Etsy shop. I would love to and feel like I'm ready…BUT, they asked me what my fee would be…and I have NO idea what is reasonable to ask. Do you have any suggestions? I don't know anyone who has spoken at a library before. I have enough content to talk for an hour comfortable and my shops are very successful. Any advise you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Susan

  23. Try to avoid any Google products as much as possible. I’m not too enthusiastic about this “too big to fail” Monopoly with its prying eyes and ears on users content. Let’s all move toward a decentralized social media and business platform enterprise.

  24. im a deep researcher and answer seeker….the micro info you mentioned about signing up with business mail instead of personal is what mattered really, as im always confused what to give personal and professional…in case something goes wrong…

  25. We’ve been using Google Hangouts for internal communication, but I believe it is being discontinued in the coming year. I guess it’s time to move to Slack.

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