How to Network: Our Best Tips for Making Business Connections

How to Network: Our Best Tips for Making Business Connections

– [Narrator] Are you a business person with synergy, and ideation,
and sticktoitiveness? Well then follow these
networking tips, future CEO. (upbeat music) Do a little digging into people you know are going to be at the event. Here’s where your LinkedIn
skills finally pay off. Learn their names and roles ahead of time and think up a couple of questions to ask once you’ve engaged them. If you’re nervous about meeting people, join the welcome committee. This might seem counterintuitive, but it’s a lot easier to
say hi and ask questions when it’s your job. If you’re feeling shy, get to the event right when it starts. There’ll be fewer people there and you’ll have some time
to scope out the room. Put your nametag on your right side. This way, it’ll be easier
to read when you lean in to shake someone’s hand. Questions are a great way
to get to know someone, but they’re also your most effective tool when it comes to being charming. A simple, “What brings you here tonight?” or, “How’s your day going?” can do the trick. Use the F.O.R.D. method,
an acronym that stands for family, occupation,
recreation, and dreams. Think of a couple questions
for each category, and you should be able to
start up a lasting conversation with anyone you meet. Since networking events are about connecting with many people, have an exit line prepared,
so you can gracefully move on after a few minutes. Something like, “I’m gonna grab a drink “and catch up with someone
I ran into earlier.” “I wanna make sure to say
hello to everyone here.” Or, “Well, it was great
catching up with you.” Did you recommend a podcast to someone? Say you’d share a
restaurant recommendation? You now have the perfect
opportunity to follow up. With all these tools up your sleeve, you’re sure to strike it big and walk away with a whole
bunch of new contacts. Or LinkedIn connections. (bell chimes)

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