How To Maximize Profit in Business

How To Maximize Profit in Business

hey there my name is Kelly Roach and
chances are you landed on this video or you’re taking the time to watch this
video because you’re interested in maximizing profit in your business and
congratulations and good for you because you’ve taken the first step already
which is seeking out information and resources in order to do this so when I
work with my clients my job is to find the fastest most efficient route to
help them to maximize profits quickly and efficiently with the resources they
already have in our business today i’m going to be giving you some quick tips
on what you can do to immediately increase profits in your business and
i’m also going to be sharing with you how you can take the next step to learn
from me for free some ways that you can actually
implement and take action on the things that we talk about in this quick video
today so here we go the first key thing is you have to learn
how to raise your rates consistently conduct effective price increases and
charge what you’re worth in your business there’s an epidemic among small business
owners that they undercharge and de-value their services because they don’t know
effective ways to present their pricing and effective ways to convey their value
so that customers are willing to pay a premium to work with them this is one of the key strategies that I
teach my clients and I’m breaking it down in great detail on my weekly
webinars which you can gain access to by texting in the word profitclass to
4422 that’s profitclass 44222 charging what your worth is a mindset
game it is a mental game that you can master when you learn these key
strategies that i’m teaching but the first key thing they want you to do as a
result of watching today’s video is ask yourself when was the last time you
raise your rates and are you actually charging an alignment with the value of
your product or service are you asking for what you deserve and effectively
getting it if not that’s the first easiest most lowest-lying fruit that you
can capture in your business to make more money and to become more profitable
right away some other things that you want to look at and consider having
reoccurring revenue in business is one of the most important
things that’s going to save you time and make you money you want to look at are
you selling individual products or services are you creating packages where
someone makes the sale once buys and then pays you over and over again if
you’re not doing that currently that’s more low-lying fruit in your business
that could be bringing money in your bank account each and every month
without you having a lift a finger that’s the second key strategy that I
want you to take a look at the third one is what are you doing to follow up with
your past customers that’s right your past customers are seven times less
expensive and more effective and efficient in bringing revenue in your
business then trying to go out and pay to get a new lead or do all the work
necessary to close a new client so if you want to make more money more
efficiently faster and easier in your business do more follow-up with your
past customers create more products and services that are relevant for them and
go in and ask for the sale now I could literally spend hours with you going
through all of the different tips and strategies that you can put in place in
your business right away to maximize profits but instead what I want you to
do is I want you to join me for one of my weekly webinars where not only am I
going to tell you what the strategies are but i’m going to walk you through
how to implement them and all you have to do to gain access to those trainings
is text in the word profitclass that’s all one word profitclass to 44222 or I
know we have viewers from around the world you can simply email my team at
[email protected] and just say i want and
for Kelly’s profit class and they’re going to invite you to my next webinar
which i do just about every week so that not only can you learn the key
strategies that you can implement right away to get more profitable in your
business but what to do and how to do it so that you can see those results fast my name is Kelly Roach I’m a
best-selling author the host of unstoppable success radio and the CEO of
kelly Roach coaching where we help entrepreneurs around the world to make
six and seven-figure leaps in their business thanks so much for watching this quick
tip today and i hope to see you in the webinar

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  1. Undercharging is something I think all entrepreneurs are guilty of — gulp! kelly, thank you for not only speaking out about this but giving us the kick in the pants needed to actually go for it. Looking forward to the live training!

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