How to Market Business Online in 3 Easy Steps

How to Market Business Online in 3 Easy Steps

today I’m going to show you how to
market your website online in just three easy steps
these are the same strategies I use to market my own business online generating
thousands of free visitors each month predictably and consistently
I’m Victor Thomas founder of Thomas digital the place where small businesses
go to get beautifully designed custom WordPress websites that rank well on
Google and today you’re gonna learn the three key ingredients to marketing your
website online but first let’s talk about the problem I found that when it
comes to website marketing the biggest problem is overwhelmed there are so many
things that you can do to market your business online that it’s hard to know
where to begin or what to focus on and because of this most people end up doing
nothing so as General George S Patton said a good plan violently executed
today is better than a perfect plan executed next week so I encourage you to
get started now don’t wait to have it all figured out just take one or two
ideas from this video and get to work step 1
generate traffic to your website when I say traffic
I mean website visitors the more people you have coming to your website the more
website traffic that you have to keep things simple there are just two main
types of traffic free traffic and paid traffic let’s start with free traffic
the reason I put the word free in air quotes is because it will cost you or
someone else’s time which is valuable as a general strategy I recommend focusing
on free traffic first this will help you figure out what your conversion rates
are which you can then use when using paid traffic more on that later when it
comes to free traffic think educate you want to induce people to come to your
website by adding value to their lives this value comes in the form of your
educating people and building trust as why it would small said if you can
describe a person’s problem better than they could to themselves they will
implicitly feel that you have the solution to that problem so to generate
free traffic you’ll be educating people helping people and solving their
problems this is key none of the free traffic strategies will work if you use
it to promote yourself or shout out your offer to people okay so now that you
know what to do let’s talk about how to do it and where one place to drive
traffic to is your blog you think of common questions or problems that people
have really
to your product or service and you write a detailed blog post answering those
questions or addressing those problems these blog posts will get found by
Google and generate free traffic from the search terms related to the keywords
in your blog post you might be wondering if this actually works and it does I
generate thousands of free visitors each month just through my blog in fact I
wrote a blog post six years ago called the six dumbest mistakes smart people
make when hiring a website designer and it still ranks on page one of Google for
the valuable search term hire a web designer obviously blogging is a huge
topic but my pro tip is just get a WordPress website and use the Yoast SEO
plugin it literally has a tool that will tell you exactly what you need to do to
optimize your blog post to rank well on Google best of all it’s free another
place to educate people our places online where people are asking questions
these could be industry specific forums question-and-answer sites like Korra
reddit or Yahoo Answers you can use Twitter search function and find people
who are posting about problems related to your industry and then give them
helpful advice the truth is there are literally hundreds of ways you can
generate free traffic online let me just rattle off a few to get your wheels
turning SEO YouTube videos Yelp Facebook groups LinkedIn Instagram snapchat
Pinterest commenting on other people’s blog posts cold email outreach
craigslist posting business and directory listings Google Maps listing
press releases article marketing and the list goes on here’s a pro tip do not try
and do all of these at once instead try out three to five sources and double
down on what’s working you only need one solid traffic source
to totally transform your business once you get free traffic working you can
venture off into paid traffic so here’s how paid traffic works paid traffic
equals math you need to know your conversion rate from traffic to a lead
from a lead to a customer and the total cost to do this you need to use free
traffic first so you can figure out your lead to conversion ratio meaning how
many of the people visit your website end up buying your
product or hiring you for your service once you know this number you can
reverse engineer how much money you will be willing to pay for each new website
visitor then it’s just math does this paid traffic source work for my business
or not step 2 website conversion okay so you’ve
got someone to come to your website now what well the first thing you should
know is that not all website visitors are the same basically there are two
main visitor types the first group are on what I like to call information
gathering stage they might be interested in your product or service just not
today they’re still not sure what their problem is or what the right solution is
to solve that problem they’re just looking around this does not mean that
they are a worthless visitor far from it but they do need to be handled in a
different way rather than trying to sell them something what you want to do is
offer them something of value in exchange for their email address this
thing a value could be a free report a white paper a video a cheat sheet or
some kind of information that they’re interested in in exchange for their
email address then you send them follow-up emails to stay in touch build
trust and nurture your relationship here’s what I do I use my blog to write
helpful and valuable content each week I have the pricing page of my website
gated so that only people who enter their email can have access to that page
then I create an email newsletter version of my blog post each week and
send it to the people who are on my email list this also helps with my SEO
ranking as I Drive traffic to my blog via my newsletter you’re welcome to
steal that system for your own website okay so let’s talk about the second
visitor type these are people who are in what I like to call price shopping mode
they know that they need the product or service that you provide and now they’re
just trying to find the right fit and what you want to do is give the visitor
a compelling reason to choose you which is what I will go over in step 3
but to set you up for this let me ask you a question let’s say I ran into a
friend from school who I haven’t seen in a while what do a lot of people say in
that situation hey we should hang out sometime and guess what happens nothing
right well that’s what a lot of people do on their website they have some super
weak or like no offer at all but let’s say in
this friend scenario that you ran into your friend and instead you said hey
I’ve got two tickets to the next Warriors game do you want to come with
me the odds that you two would hang out
would go up by like a thousand percent so that’s what you need to do on your
website you need a specific and compelling offer and that’s what we’re
gonna talk about in step three step three have a mafia offer I have to give
credit to Dean Jackson and Joe polish for their great podcast I love marketing
in it Dean Jackson coins the term mafia offer as in thank you enough sir you
can’t refuse the idea is that you create an offer so compelling so risk free that
it’s almost impossible for your prospect to refuse trying it out and this is
something that has been going on for years
estee lauder invented the gift with purchase back in the 1950s Sports
Illustrated had the NFL football phone many software companies today offer a
free trial without even having to put your credit card in Joe polish a carpet
cleaner at the time offered a free room of carpet cleaning I can tell you my own
story I own a website design business and for years I was struggling to get
new clients then one day I came up with my mafia offer
I offered prospects a free mock-up of their new website before they signed or
paid for anything if they liked the mock-up we could move forward working
together if not there were no hard feelings and no further obligations the
result my business doubled overnight and then it doubled again all based on that
one offer so what I’m sharing with you is real stuff that could really
transform your business the key is that you want to sell your offer not your
service they’re not calling for carpet cleaning services they’re calling for
the free room of carpet cleaning then once you get them through the door you
take them through your sales process to close the deal okay there you have it
website marketing and three easy steps and if you liked this video be sure and
click the link to subscribe below also if you’re looking for help with your
website project visit w-w-w mock up of your new website before you sign or pay
for anything so visit thomas digital to learn more now I want to turn it over to
you what’s your mafia offer going to be let
me know by leaving a quick comment right now you

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  1. The mafia offer is something I can't seem to grasp. I've tried dozens of offers, said dozens of ways. I have even tried your free mockup idea for my own web business. Maybe it's because I cold call as the primary source of business. You can literally offer people cash and they'd hang up.

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