How To Make Money As A Business Author (Business Writing Tips)

How To Make Money As A Business Author (Business Writing Tips)

– So a book has the potential to sell millions of copies, right? You’re so excited to sell so
many copies of your books. But the goal, for a business author, is not to generate profit from book sales, but instead you wanna focus on the sales that your book brings in.
(gentle music) You can sell just a handful of books, or even give you book away, and still generate seven
figures in your company from the book, if that book
inspires, educates, and sells. I’ve included a link below
to an online writing workshop that can help you produce the same results as the successful entrepreneurs that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. So be sure to click the link below as we dive into this video. You can make money with your book, even if you’re giving it away, when it inspires, educates, and sells, because the whole point is
the book is pre-selling you your expertise, and your
products and services, so that people will read your book, know, like, and trust you, and then come into your business already inclined to work with you. So there’s a lot of different
ways that you can do this, and I wanna give you just
a couple of simple ones, so that you can be confident that when your book is ready to go, and it’s published, and it’s beautiful, and it has an amazing message
to share with the world, that you can feel confident
giving away your book, as often as you feel like, and know that it’s still gonna earn
a return on its investment. First way that we’re
gonna talk about is called a free plus shipping funnel. Some of you may know what that is, some of you may have never heard of it, but basically, the way it works is that you’re going
to give away your book, you tell people I have
purchased this book for you, and I can’t wait to send it to you, but I do need you to
cover the shipping costs. And that’s the free plus shipping part. Then, once people have
given you their information, given you their credit card,
paid for the shipping charges, usually you’re gonna charge
between seven and $10, maybe you charge a little bit more if it’s international shipping, but then you’re going
to run people through, and on the thank you page,
you’re going to make some offers. So you’re giving away the book, but you’re also making money
on potential back end sales. Not everyone is going to make a purchase after they order your
free plus shipping book. A lot of people are gonna be
happy to just get the book, and collect the information, and use it, and go on their merry way. When people go through the funnel, and they hit your upsells
and your other offers, you’re going to make up that money for the people who don’t
take up the offers. So the idea is that you’re
covering the cost of the book, you’re covering any
costs that were incurred in giving away the book, by selling them something
else on the other side. Sometimes selling something
else on the other side can lead to significant sales
further on down the road. You want to introduce them to your world, the best way to introduce
someone to your world is to give them something for free, give them some value, but
it’s gotta be good value, it’s gotta be something that’s
actually worth their time and investment in reading the book. Then whether or not they take you up on your upsell right away, they
may take you up on it later, they may go back and say oh my gosh, I really wanted that upsell,
I need to go and get that, find it on your website,
pay full price for it, if you have discounted
it inside the funnel. So there’s a lot of different ways that a free plus shipping funnel is going to help you make money on a book, even if you’re giving it away. Another way that you can get
a return on your investment for giving away a book is
by planting little seeds of information and ideas
in the reader’s head, as they go through reading the book. So maybe you’re talking
about your clients, that have had amazing success with some of the services that you offer. Well, just by mentioning the
fact that you have clients, the reader understands
that you’re in business, and that you help people with
these particular problems. That’s a seed, you’re dropping an idea. If you have a mastermind,
maybe you talk about you know, the last time that your
circle got together, and all of the ideas
that you were sharing, and the kinds of results that
those people were getting, because they were in that mastermind. Then the reader knows oh,
they have the mastermind. Maybe you are selling mountain bikes, and you know, you’re talking about your top 10 favorite
tire models, (laughing) I don’t know, it could be anything, right? By seeding and dropping the hints that you have products
and services for sale, you don’t have to sell them,
you don’t have to say hey, join my mastermind, or hey,
buy this tire for your bike. All you have to do is mention the fact that other people have
been using these things, and other people enjoy it, or you know, you recommend
these particular products that will help them in their quest for solving a certain problem. So seeding is a great way to
reap the benefits later on, once those seeds have taken
hold inside the reader’s brain, and once they’re excited to work with you. Another way (laughing) to
earn money from your book is by providing resources and support that the reader can go
and get on your website. So the idea is that you
have a call to action, you say I have these additional resources, they need to be downloaded
from the internet, please go to this URL, and you
can download the information. So most often, people
will have an email gate, they’ll collect a name
and an email address, so that you can continue
talking to that reader. You have their information, and they also have something valuable, in the form of your resources. Those resources are free, usually, and so what that means is
that you’re going to have to continue the sales
conversation through email, through phone calls, through
anything else that you do, once you have their information. But the idea is to entice
them into your world, using a free book and using
the additional resources. The reason that that’s important is because you don’t know
who bought your book. You don’t know who’s reading your book. You don’t know who borrowed
that book from a library. You don’t know who found
that book on an airplane. And so if you don’t have a way to capture that reader’s information, they may be really thrilled with the book, and they may think that you’re a genius, but they may not take that extra step and go Google you online and
try to find out where you are. That’s just a lot to ask
of someone, so help them, help them figure out how
to get in touch with you, by providing these
resources, providing a reason for them to go to your website, and sign up for your mailing list. Another way that you can
make money from your book, by giving it away, is by putting straight up
advertising in the book. So I’ve talked about this a lot before, but having advertising in your book is a time honored tradition in publishing. Pull just about any book off
your bookshelf right now, go to the library, go to the bookstore, turn to the back, you’re
going to see advertising. You’re going to see
advertising from the author, or maybe it’s pictures
of their different books. Maybe you have advertising about the fact that they’re available
for speaking engagements. Maybe there’s advertising
for their additional products and services, and
programs, and masterminds. Maybe there’s an invitation
to join a mastermind, right there in the book. Maybe there’s other things that
the publisher has provided, so maybe there’s advertising
straight up for the publisher, who doesn’t even have anything
to do with the author. But advertising in the book, it’s a great way to help introduce people to the other things that
you offer, in your world. Now I wanna give you one
really huge bonus tip here. This is the way that you
can make money on your book, way before you even finish
writing your first draft. And that sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? (laughing) So, when you
start writing a book, it’s tempting to call yourself an author after you’re published, right? But the truth is is that you’re an author as soon as you start writing. You are the author of
the forthcoming book, or the upcoming book,
whatever the title is. So I would say I’m Julie Anne Eason, I am the author of the upcoming book, “The Profitable Business Author”, and that’s all I have to say, and then I just keep on going. So by saying the word forthcoming, I’m able to say I’m an
author, I’m writing a book, it will be available soon,
it’s not available yet, but I’ve got this great piece
of work that I’m working on. Now, the person who sees that phrase may not know that your
book is only just begun. I mean you may not be
finished with it for months, you may not be finished with
it for a year, who knows. That’s not the point, the point
is is that you’re an author of a forthcoming book. So, what do you do with that phrase? You can put it into your email signatures. If you have a cover
design already finished, but it in your email signature
with a picture of the book, actually as soon as you have
a cover design for your book, you wanna make sure that
you start posting it places. Post it in your social media profiles. Post it in your speaking bios. Talk about your book, talk about the fact that it’s coming out, you’re so excited, maybe even share some early
chapters of that book. What that’s gonna do is
it’s gonna build excitement but more importantly,
there’s gonna be a few people who are like I can’t wait
for this book to come out, I know they’re an awesome person, I’ve already talked to them, or I’ve read their social media posts. I just need to go, and that having, I need to go and hire that person, or I need to go buy their products, or I need to join their mastermind. And by having that phrase, the author of the forthcoming book, it’s just that little bump of credibility that can push them over
the edge to go oh my gosh, they’re an author too,
I’ve gotta go sign up. This happens more often
than you might think. Maybe it doesn’t collect
anything for a great while, but then one big whale comes along and you’re so excited, and you don’t know what
pushed them over the edge to finally get a hold of you, but very often, just mentioning
that you’re an author can really help. I understand that the thought
of giving away a book, for free, sounds kind
of counter intuitive. But it’s one of the best
ways that you can grow that know, like, and trust
factor with your audience. I’ve included my own free
resource in the link below, so that you can get
started on creating a book that will inspire, educate and sell, for years to come, so
make sure you click on it, and go grab that book for yourself.

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