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  1. Good tips, thanks for making this video. Ran into it by chance, but it answered questions I've been asking about flyers, regarding business marketing.

  2. @youtubbin16 So glad you found the video valuable! If you have any other questions about using flyers to market your business, please don't hesitate to leave another comment. Thanks for watching!

  3. Nice tips! I need help please! how can i make 4 little flyers from one piece of paper. It could sound dum but I dont work with my computer all the time, and now I need to make some flyers. Thank you for your time.

  4. @Ramgio82 I'm pretty sure your local print shop or Fedex Office can help you with that. But if you want to print them at home, what I usually do is just create a flyer in the top right quarter of a PowerPoint slide, then copy and paste it into the other 3 quarters. I then print it out and cut the piece of paper into 4. But I suspect there's an easier way that I just don't know about!

  5. Great video Carmen. Question. Where can i purchase the card holders for the brochures to sit in or the 4×9 cards? Thank you, I appreciate your help

  6. It would be a shame for you not to make more income when other regular people do it easily after studying Certor Cash Code (search for it on google).

  7. Hi Carmen! Very informative video. I noticed in this video you had a Martial Arts school. My brother & I just opened ours 4 weeks ago. What would be a Good Offer on a flyer? The only one we keep pushing is "Free Classes" And what would be a good "Call to action" for a Martial Arts school? I would greatly appreciate any advice.

  8. I have been doing it  lately and it works, although it is not easy to stand in the street and do this. But it really works. And you are right about targeting your demographic. Thank you very much !

  9. Thank you. I am a student and what to promote a event for students and was very doubtful about using flyers, but this has given me a lot of confidence and reassurance. Thank you again 🙂

  10. I am a certified travel consultant. I want to get my business going, thinking about creating a flyer but lost on what to put on it.

  11. Hey I am a Graphic Designer and knows the design process until finishing the flyer. I want to know how can I start and promote my flyer distribution business. How to convince clients for flyer order?

  12. Excellent Videos! Very professional, informative, and entertaining. 🙂
    Samuel Robinson – Head of Octo3D Printing.

  13. Perfect Timing for Me! I was just thumbing through video's to figure out how to place "Rip-Off Tabs" on the bottom of the flyer I was creating. I enjoyed the video and I've used your tips! Thanks.

  14. Why do you call it targeting? It makes you feel like you are hunting. Capitalism has made us so greedy and thinking of how to use everyone. It is not human nature. Thank you very much for your video though.

  15. Hi carmen, thanks a lot for your video. I'm one of your french followers and I have a small question. Regarding phone numbers on the flyer, do you think if I put only my mobile it will be okey, or should I put a fix number ? (I have a small business, I install parquet and tile floors).

  16. Thank you some much for the video Was so useful I love it even the idea was great you spoke abt the mistake we should avoid nd what we have to do Its such a Tips and Advice
    I just have a litle problem
    How can i get your speech as (Lyrics) Please i need it

  17. Helpful video! Im designing brochures and your video was straight to the point and very informative! Thank you so much

  18. +CarmenSognonvi I just came across your video. I'm working on my nail technician license at home and having really bad time with clientele search. My problem is I don't have the money to attend a school so I've chosen to study the nail book at home. My first manicure that I did was absolutely horrid because let's face it, I didn't know what in creation I was doing. My second manicure (first after starting the book) went very well considering I could go into more details about what my client should be doing as far as home care. My question to you is, how do I get those clients to come to me without having the license (or am I pretty well dead without it)? I always tell people 'without the practice before the exam there's a 95-97% chance that I won't pass the state exam. When I talk to people I babble but when I I'm in manicure mode (at the table) I have my game face on. How can I convince clients to come to me VS the women around me that actually have their license?

  19. Sorry to be a pain I know you know this works but do you find the percentage of responses worth the effort… considering doing this flyer thing cause social media is just really for showing off and not much for selling (I'm bitter cause I'm not good at it lol )

  20. Thank You Carmen, So Love your info that is so helpfully what i needed to hear to excel hope within me, hehe!!

  21. I have a question about perception. I'm a budding primal health coach and to get in front of people and gain clients by building some initial trust I plan to offer free events. In MY mind, since I'm a one-woman show AND I'm offering and promoting something that is FREE, I feel like my flyers SHOULD NOT be glossy, fancy things. It feels to me that it will raise suspicion. That people would see a fancy flyer and think "free, huh…suuuure it is" (EVEN IF I STATE ON THE FLYER THAT I'M NOT SELLING OR PITCHING ANYTHING) versus a cheaply run, regular paper, possibly black and white flyer and think "Cool! Its free!"

  22. Carmen Sognonvi Wow, may I say excellent? And WOW?! Thanks for the refresher Carmen. Enjoyably watchable; informative and the flow is superb. Thanks a bunch. Of…..flyers??…!! =) Leona wuz here 👋(|•_•|)

  23. Hi Carmen, this video is really informative for me wishing to do my own business but am a bit worried is the flyers will not be bedding sheets for the trash can.

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