How to make $1500 profit sourcing shoes w Green Room Meetup

How to make $1500 profit sourcing shoes w Green Room Meetup

Happy Saturday guys, what you got
cooking for breakfast? I got some chicken apple sausage right here.
Got to get that chicken apple… Rosa just gets back from the egg
farm with two for a total of $7.50, you’ve got to hit up your
egg farm, major key. Got out half hour late because I
couldn’t work out how to open the gas flap in my new car. I’m about to meet up
with Raiken Profit from the Green Room. Remember to work very hard kids but that
could be your job, it ain’t Disneyland. I’m at work, I’m at a Goodwill with the
Green Room straight Raiken Profit. Follow Raiken Profit. So I’m leaving the first Goodwill. I
absolutely just killed it in the books. I’m think I’m up a couple of hundred,
I’ll let you know in a minute. Check the periscope. There comes raping profits,
I mean Raiken Profit. I’m out here in San Jose with the Green
Room Meetup. I just absolutely killed it at this Goodwill in textbooks. Got a
couple hundred maybe $300 in profit. It’s lunchtime, you got to eat, they
don’t want you to eat so we’re heading over to Whole Foods
and we going to eat. Go to periscope and Twitter, Reezy
Resells on periscope and Twitter and check out the profit recap I just did
from this Goodwill haul, it’s insane. Super hungry but I’m going
to get coffee first, I know I shouldn’t do
this but I always do. Just know that if you ever try to come
up on me, besides books the only thing that’s in my car is a
bat and a princess bag. What’s up everybody kickin’ it in San
Jose, Green Room Meetup. We got some heavy hitters right here big boys,
messing with the big boys, time to get money. Just left lunch, we’re heading out to
Marshall’s to get some more money. [Steve] Yo, yo, yo.
[Reezy] Mad crew, squad up. So guys we’re out here at Marshall’s.
The squad is thick we’ve got mad people out here, everyone’s getting deals. These British flag cons $25 each,
this is going to be a $25 bill each, got like 10 pairs. And these
Jack Purcell cons or whatever, these are going for 5 for
$20, these go for $50 each. Here’s a little pro tip I learned
from the Extreme Couponing, chain two carts together
with this child safety belt. The profit train is coming through.
Just checking out at Marshall’s, we got a lot of shoes. This nice
young lady’s helping me out. Shoutout to Marshall’s for having
the best company motto ever. Don’t ever pay full
price aka fool price. Into another Goodwill to meet up with
the rest of the Green Room guys, it seems like I’m playing catch-up,
just making too much money to be the first one out of the store. Quick profit update $350 from
the books at the Goodwill and $550 from Marshall’s, $900 profit
couple hours Reezy Resells. (rapping along with the music) You know how when you’re in a town and
you’re using your phone to get around and you know everywhere you’re going
is the slowest way to get there, that’s what’s happening to me. Another day, another dollar. You want
to see the quickest way to get your seller account banned, try
selling shit like this. It’s totally legit right,
that’s our region. Profit report, Myst Trilogy $2.09, all
the games are sealed except for the first one. And some Riedell
leather skates unused for $30. At another Goodwill, not really finding
much. Just saw this super cool cup, I’m going to pick this up for
myself, who’s your daddy? Reezy. Not really finding anything, just how
it goes man. You’re not going to hit a lick every spot you go. I didn’t do too good at the last
Goodwill. We’re about to go out eat some food. Check out the squad, it’s
Green Room Meetup, breaking profits. Headed to dinner with the Green
Room Meetup and hopefully… I’m really looking forward to picking everyone’s
brains and sharing information. Hopefully, I will be able to give you
guys some behind-the-scenes shots, the big dogs sharing their
knowledge at the table. This is my first time ever meeting up
with other online sellers and going picking together. I really didn’t know
how it was going to work but it seems like everyone knows
something different. It just seems like there’s profit for
everybody, everybody has an niche. People are doing clothes, people are
doing shoes, people doing electronics, I’m killing the books. Remember what I was talking about
earlier about your phone taking you in weird ways? It’s
major key to success, make sure your phone doesn’t
think you’re walking. [guy] Here’s that thing that happened
in the Disney Store and he sold them for… 2 grand or something. He’s crazy… [Reezy] Mad ceramics that dude…
When you got 12 hustlers, you’re going to have a hard
time eating some food. [Steve] …Goodwills and… just not
making a ton of money for some… [Reezy] If you’re using phone to
hustle, you need to stay charged. You’re broadcasting social media,
you need that juice pack son, get that juice pack in your life. Ghost ride the whip. This is what
it looks like when I’m working, retail arbitrage, money is everywhere.
My money is in your town, her town, his town every… Looking like I’m about to head
home and the end of the night we got $40 in bra profits. Shoutout
to Stu Segura for that tip on the Warner’s bras homie, thanks. What’s up guys, the day is pretty much
over. I’m heading home from San Jose Green Room Meetup. I’m
up about $1,300 profit, it was really cool to
meet up with everyone. Shoutout to the Green Room, shoutout to
Raiken Profit, shoutout to Young JP, George, Kevin, a couple others I
forgot your name but trust me I didn’t forget your face. I apologise for that, I will remember
you, I’ll see you in the future. I’m about to do a periscope on the way
home, answer any questions anyone may have about retail arbitrage
or books in general or just shoot the shit about the day.

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  1. Awesome video. I'm just so afraid that eventually those stores are going to stop consumers from making multiple purchases of one item. I hope that doesn't happen because it would really hurt the business.

  2. where do i even start?? lol i just trad FBAscan for prices. but as far as selling
    where are people selling, he saying he has profit before selling the stuff.

  3. I'm just you keep the price tags on the items when you ship them out? Als could you do a vid on how you started your business (the steps to creating a business name and going legit)and how the whole resellers permit works?

  4. Goodwill is starting to be a waste and all the prices have gone up,I see a lot of goodwill sellers on amazon but every once in a while you come across a rinky dink goodwill with prices that make it worth while

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