How to Make $1000 on YouTube — 3 Ways to Earn Money on YouTube

– So, what are the best ways to make money on YouTube this year? YouTube has made some
major changes this year that have been affecting peoples’ revenue, but the good news is, I’ve got some fresh money-making strategies
and three case studies on how to earn $1,000 plus per
month on YouTube, coming up. (techno music) Hey, what’s up, Sean
here with THiNK Media, bringing the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video. And on this channel, we do a lot of tech and camera reviews, as well as tips and strategy videos, just like this one. So, if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. So, if you’re watching this video, you’ve probably heard
about some of the drama that’s been happening on
YouTube with what is known as the Adpocalypse that
really started in 2017, went through multiple
phases, and then even the recent policy change that has been affecting a lot of smaller
creators, affecting revenue. And then there’s always constant changes with YouTube’s algorithm
and things like that. And so it brings up the
question, “What are the best “ways to earn and make
money on YouTube in 2018?” And recently, we did a deep
dive YouTube master class, going through a lot of
different tips and strategies for YouTube, but part of that training was on three specific ways to earn $1,000 per month on YouTube and
a lot of case studies of creators like you and
like me that are crushing it in creative ways to
really build their income. So let’s jump into the
training right now from that master class, and then I’ll see
you right after the content. Let’s talk about three
creative ways to earn an extra $1,000 per month on YouTube. Three creative ways to earn an extra $1,000 per month on YouTube. And I’m excited to talk about
YouTube ads first, right? So, you’ve probably been here for a while and if you’ve been here for a while, maybe you already have a YouTube channel, you’re already doing some YouTube ads. This might be some repeat a bit, but let’s just go through it. This is how they work. The typical CPM, it could be
different in different areas, different niches, different
places around the world. And CPM means cost per mille. It essentially means that you get $2, this is the average, for
every thousand views you get. It’s important to know
this math, ’cause then if you just think about how much income you’d want to earn if you were only focusing on YouTube ads,
just do the math, right? So, that’s an average, it might be less. Sometimes it could be a lot more, and we actually have a
good example of that. So, if your goal is to earn $1,000, you would need a half a
million views to get $1,000. Now, I really want to hit this hard. You might be here and
you’ve already heard about the policy change for the
monetization program on YouTube. If you haven’t heard
about it, what YouTube did to combat some controversy
with ads showing up on videos that weren’t
really advertiser friendly, they’ve changed the program
to now, to be a part of it you need 4,000 hours of
watch time and you need 1,000 subscribers over the past year. Now, I’ve heard people
saying, I understand this is discouraging
for some, but I’ve heard some people saying outrageous things. Saying, like, “YouTube is dead. “The ship is sinking, oh my gosh. “Now it’s impossible
to succeed on YouTube.” There couldn’t be anything further from the truth, based on this fact. But let’s just do the
math of these numbers. So, let’s assume, and I
understand this is just rough, but let’s assume, because it is kind of an average on YouTube, that the watch time of any video is about three minutes. So, if the average view
equals three minutes, I understand this is not perfect, but it’s just illustrative, I know you’re with me. The average view is three minutes. To get 4,000 hours of watch time, you would need 240,000 minutes. This is to just qualify for
the YouTube AdSense program. So, you would need 80,000 views, got it? So, that’s a lot, but it is manageable, and here’s what your income
would be off of a $2 CPM. $160. And here’s just what I wanna say. I don’t wanna minimize that
$160 is important money, but if you’re willing to give
up on your dreams for $160, well then you probably shouldn’t
be going for this anyways. Because let’s play a bigger game here. Can I just talk straight? Let’s realize that that’s just gonna be a drop in the bucket of
your journey on YouTube. That you can get through
that initial curve and realize that the math
on even what you would earn by the time you got to that place is $160. Just go get a job and make
the money somewhere else. You probably already have a job. And focus on building your influence and monetizing in other ways. Because that’s really just
what it breaks down to, right? That’s what it takes to get
through that initial push. So, ultimately, YouTube ads is my least favorite way to earn money on YouTube. And something that, for years, I just considered as a tip jar. I was like, “I’m just
not gonna focus on it, “’cause it doesn’t add up to that much.” But if you wanna do this, the key strategy would be to get a lot of views. Maybe that’s obvious, but
again, that’s the way. If you’re gonna make
money with YouTube ads, you needs tons and tons of views. The good news is there’s
tons of people crushing it that have small views, but
they’re monetizing in other ways. And that is our goal here, but I promised you some case studies. James, he’s from Ecom Insiders, he’s part of our program called
Video Ranking Academy. Look at this, he got
$1,000, a little bit over, of earnings in a month’s time. And only on 162,000 views. I just wanna illustrate this because he has an extremely high CPM. I said normally a thousand views gets $2. He gets about $15 for
every thousand views. Why? Because of the niche that he’s in. And we don’t have much time
to go very deep into this, but one thing to do with
YouTube ads is if you can really niche your channel
down and go into certain niches that have higher
CPMs, you can start earning some decent
money, but check this out. By the way, I have to say this. And we have a bunch of
case studies in this. These results are not typical. These results take hard work, action. Any of the illustrations in this are here for illustrative purposes. I know you know I’m not promising you that this is what you can make. But it’s not a promise of what
you can earn because also, I don’t know if you’re
gonna take action or not. I don’t know what your circumstances are, where you’re starting, if
you’re even gonna post videos. But, saying that, check
out what James said. “My ad revenue accounts for about 3% “of my income on social media.” Let that sink in. This is one of the biggest things I want you to get on this master class. I want you to stop
thinking, honestly, small. Just about YouTube ads, trying
to get views and subscribers. I want you to think bigger,
about playing a bigger game, building a business around yourself and around your YouTube channel. And you do the math yourself,
James is killing it. And we’ll talk about how later. But just 3% of his income
is coming from ads. And here’s my YouTube
journey back around 2013. As I was going into that
year, here’s YouTube ads. I made about $66 one month. But that same month,
which you can see here, ’cause you get paid out three
months later on affiliate marketing, just so you know
for the continuity of that. Look, 4X higher. So, YouTube ads did about $66,
but when I was just starting, I did $259 with affiliate
marketing that month. So, here’s the thing, if the policy change was happening then, I would’ve been bummed that I didn’t get that $66, but
it doesn’t have to stop you. No one is stopping you. That’s something to keep in mind. You can just crush it, go all in, monetize in different ways. So, the second way I wanna talk about is affiliate marketing, because
it’s literally the best, in my opinion, way to get
started, especially if you don’t have a product yet, you don’t have something else happening yet. Amazon Associates is a great one. There’s Amazon in multiple
different countries that you can sign up for to be a part
of their Associate program. And again, we mentioned this. You sign up, you start
getting custom links, you could put ’em in
your YouTube description and then you can make money. And so, here’s an example of somebody who is a part of our community, Jabin. He’s got a barbecue channel. And so, he’s got this video,
best barbecue accessories, gifts for dad, and he’ll promote it during Father’s Day and stuff. So, he just does a video, there
he is, sitting on his porch. Talks about he loves barbecue, again, he’s building income around his passion, a business around his passion. And he’s got his affiliate
links in the description below. And with affiliate
marketing, Jabin has done, it’s actually way more now, but these are kinda older numbers, $500
Canadian, he’s in Canada. He’s done about $100 on
other affiliate programs. And here’s another cool
thing, it’s just a bonus. When you build up your
channel in a specific niche, you can start getting free product. And, because he loves barbecue, and it’s a barbecue channel, he actually has a meat sponsor, he gets free meat. He got a free grill. They started sending him, it’s
a lot more than that, too, a lot of free product from that. Of course, I know many of you, in fact, I’d love to hear what niche are you in? Post that in the comments,
what your niche is. And Kimbyrleigha is doing
different things on her channel. Here’s a video about nail tutorials. And then of course, in
her YouTube description she links to the nail polish. So, what niche are you in? What is your topic? Kimbyrleigha, now I think
she does techcessories. Jabin’s doing barbecue. George, I see, is in traveling and health. Lynn, women’s clothing. Renee, indie games, Alma
in travel, I love it. And so, lots of different
niches, and here’s the thing. This works in any niche. This is Heather, she has
a homeschool channel. And look at this, three best
books for homeschool moms. And she’s earning money
with affiliate income. And I think she didn’t
even post, or maybe only posted one video in this last month, but it earned something like $50, because she had some videos out there. And so, that’s really cool. So a power tip is there’s
an affiliate program for pretty much everything. Just check, you can just Google it. Google the brand you love
and type in affiliate, or associate, or ambassador program. And so, this is Timothy,
and he’s got a tech channel. He’s got a lot of videos on drones. And so, again, he’s
building his influence, he’s got good subscribers, good views, but his channel’s not huge. So you might think,
“Well, man, if he doesn’t “have a huge channel, he
can’t be making big money.” A-ha, well, let’s check it out. And so, with affiliate marketing, this seems insane to
me, but check this out. This is his DJI affiliate program. $15,000. Not to say, again,
results are not typical, but this is real, right? Think about that, and
that’s just one program. So Timothy is doing Amazon, he’s doing other affiliate programs. But that’s some serious coin, right? From affiliate marketing that, again, not based on YouTube views. You gotta get views if you
ultimately are gonna do it. But not ’cause of YouTube ads. So, post in the comments,
what is one affiliate video idea that you could
do related to your niche? Here’s a couple examples. Product reviews make the most sense. Or, five examples here,
product tutorials, like showing someone how to use it and
then you can link to it. Favorites videos, like, “Hey,
here’s my January favorites.” I’m sure in the beauty lifestyle niche, those really lend
themselves to, “Hey guys, “I’m linking everything
in the description below.” Best of videos, comparison videos. There’s actually literally
probably hundreds, but those are some of the best ones. But I’d love to hear from you,
what is an affiliate video that would be specifically
good for affiliate marketing that you could probably work on? Even Dede says, “My niche is comedy, “so there’s really not
necessarily affiliates.” Potentially, but at the same time, you get to shape your content. And so, if you did a Saturday
show about favorites, if you did, again, if
you wanna earn income, you might need to reverse
engineer the strategies. Does that make sense? At the end of the day, if
you want to create a path to income, then go down the
path that leads to income. And so, we can talk about that
a little bit later in Q&A. But I think there’s a lot
of things you could include. Keep in mind, you always
have a blank slate for what shows, what videos, what episodes you’re doing on your YouTube channel. And so, definitely post some ideas. And don’t just post them,
this is a master class. There’s a reason I want you to take notes. If you want, excuse me, grab
your calendar, grab your phone, and schedule when you’re
gonna shoot this video. Because, again, I don’t
wanna just communicate some information on this thing, I
want you to get some results. I want you to build
your income, and the way you’re gonna do that is
by taking massive action. And so, different types of
affiliate marketing examples. Number three, you could sell something. And by the way, you should sell something. Even if you’re just starting
or you haven’t started yet, I want you thinking
about this from day one. I want you thinking about this right now. In 2018, I want you to
be thinking about this, because, again, same
thing, I love that question that came in, “Well, I
have a comedy channel, “and I do story time.” If you’re gonna build a business model around your YouTube channel, you have to build a business model
around your YouTube channel. Excuse me. “Sean, the profound sentences.” Well, I know it’s not profound. But ultimately, again, if you
want to build a business model around your YouTube channel,
you just got to actually do it. And selling something is a great way. For example, merch. And so I asked in our
private Facebook group, “What are some of the merch
things you guys are doing?” Someone has a journal,
someone’s doing shirts. Jabin, we mentioned him,
he’s doing his own line of barbecue rubs that he
sells locally and seasonally. Tim is an artist, so he is
selling his oil paintings. So T-shirts, accessories, art, creative. We’re talking about how
to build your income by actually creating
and selling something. Gott Love, they’re Las Vegas
vloggers here in our city, and they’ve got this awesome vlog channel. But they created their Gott Love shirts. And by the way, really easy to set up. They just went to, uploaded some artwork,
and now they have merch. So, this doesn’t have
to be some crazy, like, “Create something, my gosh,” like, what are you talking about? It could just be simple things that start building your income a lot
faster than other ways. I wrote a book a few years back
called Youtube For Churches. And, I mean, honestly,
it was just an E-book. It never was actually printed. I wrote it in Microsoft
Word, I had a friend edit it named Rachel, and I don’t
even know if I paid her. Thank you, Rachel. But she helped me proof it and edit it. It had some great content on it. I just Googled how to do it
and I uploaded it to Amazon. And next thing you know,
I’ve got a $6 E-book. And it’s about 100 pages long. And as I had YouTube videos
and content around it, selling a copy a day or so
could lead to $186 a month. And that’s just one thing. You could do E-books, you could do shirts, you could do merch. What is the business that you could build around your channel? Eileen is a good example. She’s full-time, so her
and her husband are doing personal development full-time. But her channel is not huge, it’s not even getting thousands of views,
it’s getting hundreds. But yet, she’s full-time. Why? Because she’s got a
book, The Brave Body Method. It’s like a body confidence,
self acceptance book. She’s got some courses,
some things she’s created. So, again, what is the business model? Even if you don’t have
clarity on this now, this is how I want you thinking. James, we learned about him earlier, his ad revenue is only 3% of his income because he’s doing e-commerce. That’s like, shopify other things. And now this might seem extreme,
but there’s a screenshot of one of his daily
revenue, at like $1,700. That’s not because he’s
using YouTube to try to be famous like Jake Paul or Logan Paul. He’s using YouTube to build his influence, even with a small audience, by the way. His channel’s not big at
all, but yet he’s crushing it because he’s built a business model. So, remember this question: What skills do I need to survive and thrive in the new economy? You might be like,
“Well, this sounds hard.” But keep in mind, you
got this, be confident. Everybody I talked about, at one time, had no idea how to do any of this stuff. Eileen didn’t know how to write a book. I didn’t know how to write a book. James didn’t know how to do e-commerce. Gott Love didn’t know how to make shirts. Everybody started with
zero, and everybody started not having the skills they need. But the point of this
master class is to identify, “Okay, so, I need to study this more. “I should go deeper on this, right? “I should maybe pick one of these paths “and learn more about it.” So, I have a question, you know. Have you started any of
these income strategies yet? Or, maybe, do you have
other income strategies that you’re focusing on that
we haven’t talked about? Definitely post that
in the comment section. But then, here’s a power tip,
is YouTube income stacking. And this is where you can then take these and stack them together. And what I’ve actually learned is that the influencers, the people on YouTube, the entrepreneurs that
are crushing it the most are not just having one
or two streams of income, but they have multiple streams of income. And that’s really how they go side, part-time, full-time on income on YouTube. And so, there’s other
ones we didn’t talk about. Crowdfunding, merch and products. There’s tons, actually, brand deals. When you add those
together, they could begin to add up to something significant. So, the power tip here
is strategically build multiple streams of income this year around your YouTube channel. All right, so I hope that you
found that training valuable. And actually, that was just a small part of a full-length YouTube master
class that we did recently. And if you actually wanna
check out the entire training for free, it’s available
on replay right now at, and we’ll also post a link to it in the
YouTube description below. Question of the day, how are you currently earning money on YouTube,
and what did you think about the strategies
and tips in this video? I would love to hear from you
in the comment section below. So, thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe for more videos just like this. And if you wanna see the full-length tube influence master class training, just click or tap the screen right there. For another video from THiNK Media, just click or tap the screen right there. Until next time, THiNK
Media is bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon.

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