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  1. @TheSocialMediaNinjas Thank you very much for that feedback. I'll look into the investment before doing more with video. Cheers!

  2. do not sell on amazon they help theives to steel your item . I sold my computer on amazon, the buyer complains to EZ claims and they refund the buyer without asking him to return my computer and now i call buyer to send my computer and he or she do not respond and amazon do not do any thing about it , I talk to my lawyer to send amazon and the buyer a letter and if they do not respond i do not have a choice but to take them to court .so be care full about selling on amazon

  3. Leather Sofa Co lied to me to get my purchase of leather den sofa, chair and ottoman. I was told all the components of the furniture was from the United States–that included the leather. The United States has very strict laws about tanning procedures. I told the salesman, Carl, all my requirements for the furniture. From day one of having the furniture in my house I developed headache, trouble breathing, red itchy eyes, swollen irritated sinuses and throat, nausea and vomiting. The furniture was emitting a horrible odor. Leather Sofa Co told me the leather was "gassing off" and it should dissipate in a couple of months, and all should be normal within 6 months (really?) or to store it for few months. 2nd day after delivery I ended up in an ambulance and the ER. Also had to visit my primary care doctor several times. At very least I was very allergic to tanning chemicals in the leather OR it was toxic. This leather I was told it was a 'close out' & had enough for the furniture.

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